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Hi Janet,

We are staying with some friends. But the person who owns the home has to return back home early from Florida, due to financial reasons. Like who now a days isn't having problems. Not too many, unfortunately. There will be no room for us once he returns and we are looking for temporary accommodations until we can get settled. That is why it is very important that we get some money by Friday. There are quicker ways of getting the money to us, i.e. wiring funds. It costs some money but it is better than not having a place to stay. If you could wire money or a get money order from Money Mart (have an account with them) and courier it so we will receive by Thursday, it will save us from having to beg, borrow or steal. Believe it or not. I had a hard time cashing the Postal money order. Long story I will tell you one day. Quite funny and not I might add. Al's family are all in Toronto and have a house full.
Bye for now
let me know what you can do?
lesa, al and T2

Hi Lesa,

Will check into wiring it to you by Western Union and let you know. But Lesa I have to ask, then what?  Have you looked into getting money from the government, see the below info that Karen sent to me on your behalf.  She can help you or as she suggested I could do it for you, that is of course if you want, because after this check there’s no more and I can’t bear to think what will happen next....................... You must be exhausted and I can’t help but think you want to have it settled. Let me know if I can help.

Hi Janet,
I can generally say that all provinces do have a form of social assistance that she can apply for. I don't know if they have a residency requirement or will be very detailed about her assets and the situation with the house and rents etc. We can certainly verify any information that they need. I can also try to complete the application if they will let me do so over the phone and by fax but I would need to know where Lesa is and the details of where she is staying etc. There are also shelters. Her best bet at finding out about the local resources is to start with a government agency and they can direct her from there even if it isn't the correct one. Or have her go to the city hall. etc. I can certainly Google some resources but again I would need to know where she is. You could also do this if she will tell you.

That is exactly what they would like me to do is give in. Then what kind of case would I have against them? Janet, I am begging you to please listen to me. Have you checked out any of the information I sent you regarding the organization that Karen works for? It is a racket. I want you to understand that I sincerely do believe that Karen does not know what she is involved in. I have told you this over and over again.

And I sincerely want you to know that I do think that you think you are helping and you do not know what you are getting involved in.

But at the same time Karen has done a lot of shady things. She has not been honest and perhaps this is her job? These are the rules she must follow. Her email is far from being helpful.

I hope you are starting to see the light.

The situation is very complicated. Perhaps it is one that only once you are involved in can you understand unless you investigate for yourself.

I have given you a lot of information. Perhaps more then anyone can easily digest.

The book that I am writing will explain exactly what happened to me, step by step. For some reason I always knew I would need this information.

And my story is far from unique, unfortunately, I have been told.

It is exhausting also trying to defend yourself against this system, especially when you have to fight with your own family. I do not want to fight, I want you to understand. Put yourself in my shoes.

I have all supporting documentation from the time I entered CAMH. I have names and organizations that I have been in touch with.

I do not need Karen's help. Even though I am owed a lot of money by the government, I do not want their help. Look what the Guardian has done for me so far. Doesn't look too good to me.

There is so much I can say, but I would think the only way you will understand it is if you will read a blow by blow account to what has happened to me. I will send you my book and then you can make your mind.

I am example of what happens once your rights are taken away. And Janet to be locked up against your will, to have your bank account and home confiscated, does not sound like the system is looking after me. Can't you see this?

I have always looked after myself.

I am hoping my family can recognize that I have been nothing but be an honest and upright person all my life and having to beg is very difficult for me.

I am hoping my family will finally see the truth to what has occurred.

Forget any blame, just please try and work together. Because what has happened to me can very easily happen to anyone else and does all the time.

Do you really want your sister to live in a shelter? Do you not think perhaps think that would be my worst nightmare? Do you think I want to collect their lousy $1000 a month disability cheque and give up on myself. Because that is what happens to people. Try living on a $1000 a month. Good luck. I would prefer not to be here. If I give up on myself then how will I ever be a happy?

Janet, both Al and I are very talented. We have a lot of skills. But we have been screwed and it is about time that people understand what so many people are against. It is easy to blame others on the circumstances they have been dealt. That is the way the systems works. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

I hope you can understand this and if you want to give up on me that is your right, but I am not.

I refuse to be a victim.

I know you want to help and since you really do, what I need from you is your understanding.

If you want to help me then listen to reason. Because that is all I have been trying to tell you.

Stop listening to the bullshit that my so called guardians are giving you. Please. It is hard enough to go through this. But to have to keep on defending myself when I have done nothing wrong truly gets exhausting.

All I am asking for is a loan and the money Carol said she would send? Isn't it awful that the whole crux of this comes down to money? That is what all this bullshit is about. It is exhausting to feel like your own family thinks you are taking advantage of them and that is honestly what I feel like. Like I have to defend myself because what has been dealt to me.

I am so tired of this.

Please see some reason. How much more proof do you need?

bye for now
lesa, al and T2

Hi Lesa,

I hear you and I am trying very hard to understand and to do the right thing by you. I don’t pretend to know all the ins and outs of how our government systems work , the only thing I know is that I don’t want to see you end up in a shelter either, so that is why I am saying it is your right to collect money from the government that you rightfully deserve, that you have paid into all your life and if it were me I would much rather take their lousy $1000 a month than I would taking it from my parents retirement funds, I know that you desperately want to repay that money back to them but how can you be certain that you will be able to do that. There are no more checks coming after this one. Mom and Dad only gave me the two of them to give to you and that’s what really scares me. What will you do when this last $1000 dollars is gone? I don’t want to argue with you either it’s pointless; we just go round and round in circles. I am trying very hard to understand everything and I am on your side.

I went onto the Western Union website and I can wire the money over to you today. I just need your address again, I must have deleted the one you sent with it on it. I believe how it works is that I give them your address and then they will wire it to the office nearest to you. The only thing that they stress is that you have to have a government issued photo ID. So if you have your passport or your health card with your photo on it that should work. If not let me know and I will have to send a money order again. What was the problem with that last time?

Let me know which way you want me to send it.

One day this will all make sense to you. To go into all the details now would be impossible for me to do. There are a lot of lessons that we all need to learn. My book is nearly finished. I may even be able to get a rough copy out before we have to leave here. The book explains many things and hopefully once you read it you will see just exactly what is going on but I will tell you one thing. The root of evil is money. Unfortunately, in order to survive, this is the threat held over our heads. If you think that you do not want to see Mom and Dad lose their retirement savings, imagine how we feel. If this was not totally necessary, we would not ask. As for repaying them, I have no doubt, that this will not be a problem. We have to start trusting each other. That is all.

Before you leave? I thought you liked it there and that Al had a job and that you wanted to settle there, that is what the money is for. I’m confused?
You didn’t answer if it was OK to wire the money, do you have photo ID, I would hate to send it and you not be able to get it?
Let me know?

OK, I misunderstood, that’s all, why do you always have to jump down my throat. I will send the money today.

I am not jumping down your throat. Please understand that. I am telling you the truth. That's it. Do try and understand why this is so exhausting? It is ok to misunderstand. But please don't get mad at me for trying to get my message across. It helps nothing. Please call a truce. This is getting to be ridiculous and don't get mad at me for pointing out the truth.

OK – Truce called!!

Thank God!!!
And please don't get mad at me for that one... lol

OK – now you’ve made me laugh.

Good, it's important to have a sense of humour through these trials and tribulations.

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