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July 16, 2007 THE KEY

July 16, 2007

I am sitting at Shox and shox is just absolutely perfect for where we should be.

Al and I once again are having a beer and dreaming of our future and our future is growing by leaps and bounds.


It was bound to happen.  Enough praying and IMAGINING and every single little and not so little prayer is being answered.  Perhaps that is the key.  Now I know why sometimes I can not be trusted with the key.

But today I started a new LEASE on life!!!  We signed it.  We have the key.

July 24, 2007

I can’t remember the last time I wrote?  However, I must tell you that this story is not for the faint of heart.  Because what is to unfold is the greatest love story ever told (to me anyway) and it is my story.

I am still searching for a title to this book. 

I am also debating whether to take the Writing Coaches offer I stumbled on not too long ago?  But I hate to admit it.  I think this book is genius, after all it is coming to me through my Higher Power, and I am just the mouth piece, or in this case the pen and paper.  Also, as I have said before, no One Person in the whole wild world has a direct line with God.  You have to call collect.

Well, I once again just do not know where to start.

Dinner coming …
   Maybe tomorrow.

July 24, 2007

Once again, I am sitting on the john waiting for some good ideas to come in.  Al is next to me shaving.  It was his idea that I join him.  Guess we are just joined at the hip and that is quite ok with me.

It’s a wonderful world, Louis Armstrong you are so right… for some of us it takes us longer to see the light.

I finally understand what soldiers are all about.  It was something I had difficulty seeing up until now. Why would these young men and women be willing to offer up their lives?  I understand fully now that by not doing so we do not have a life.

But I really, really feel that we:

Have to Stand Up for our Rights
Invent a better mouse trap

July 24, 2007

Today is an awesome day.  We went to the next level in our relationship.  We grew up to realize that we are not always perfect in our eyes… only the eyes of God.

I have no idea what happened the night before?  Everything seemed so perfectly fine.  Guess it was just a little too much wine. 

Once again, I hate to admit it, I was wrong.  How could I even doubt Al or be mean to him for even one second.  After all he is perfect for me… he is my one and only… so I guess I may have missed the trees for the forest… because Al brought me the light in order to see into the next level and I suspect what happened last evening were the results of us both graduating to another level.

One I feel extremely proud to be part of.

Today we had the day of our life.  The day where it starts off pissy and you are both comfortable enough to let each other know exactly how you feel. Now there is no turning back your feelings.  Because now we truly do know what each other is feeling.

So what started off as a pissy day turned out to be quite amazing.

July 25, 2007

I miss my morning pages.

July 26, 2007

Yes, I have missed my morning pages.  They really have made life a lot more clear for me.  Anyone reading my journal and  and would like to write down their views and thoughts... and I have heard some radical ones; along with ones that just break your heart… can contact WOW NOW if they want.

This is what WOW NOW is about.  Have I ever mentioned yet why Al and I have been driven together?  Honestly, this story is almost a little embarrassing to write… for a few reasons.  Now I am with someone and this person points out all my quirks, and I just thought I was an ordinary girl.  It looks like from all proof so far Al and I are no ordinary couple.  As if there is such a thing now a days.  But as our new adopted godchild,  Margaux (who we met along with her Dad because they are sharing a room next door to us at Beverly’s B&B while are vacationing in Toronto.  They come from one of my favourite cities, gay Paris)

said yesterday…
still trying to get that language thing
and Marguax has been helping me learn to speak French
and invent a new language that could be understood by all and does not contain all these silly rules.  

I met another brilliant girl at the library and asked her mother if she would be interested in participating. Her mother said yes and she took to it like a duck to water.

Now I can’t wait to get Courtney to participate.  She loves languages after all.

And another synchronicity, Margo’s grandmother is someone who dropped her career as a lawyer in order to study how to invent a new language.  We will have lots of work to do...  But

Just imagine
If everyone of us spoke
The same language

Oh la la… I just thought of a name of this language.  I think we should call it the language of Love.  I hope my partners will agree.  Because the faster we create this language the faster we can all communicate and this could enable us to talk and understand each other.

Al and I, have some huge big plans.  Lately we have been mostly concentrating on each other.  And now that we are totally addicted to each other, that faze of our life is over and it is time to start a new chapter.

I have learnt so many things in the last three weeks!

I have learnt so much in the last three years!

So this is the final page to this absolutely most manufeek period of my life.  Now I am really ready to begin to tell the truth… after all this time I must admit what God or my Higher Power has been trying to tell me…  No more hiding my feelings because I now have a new addiction:


What to be thankful for Today:  Margaux (a new found child in my family)

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