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September 29, 2007
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Well this journal entry is going to be a hell of a long me.  Trying to explain everything is not going to be easy but something I am told I should do for me as well as you.  Now is the time for me to try and link all this together somehow and one of the things I will do is start linking some of the info I have found over the internet 2 u 2 (from here on in.  There is no way I can explain everything in 1 day.

There is just
                   “too much information”

A song, actually the 1st song Al dedicated to me.  It may have something to do with being bi-polar?  I know this plays a role for me
“Somewhere… there’s a place for us”

There must be a place for us.  Too many figures in history that have been given this gift.  I think it has something to do with insight and perhaps some times
          “too much information”
can drive us all insane.

Well where to start… perhaps I should recall what happened in Napanee but to be honest with you it is just too disappointing to me. 

Basically it showed me that no matter what a good person you can be, our society has just come undone and we no longer think 1st about our neighbor but are so worried that our neighbor will not do un to us as we should do un too others.  No…this is not making
                   Common Sense?

I had an excellent link for you about common sense, but I lost it… it describes what I think has happened to society in a nutshell.  Just google common sense and perhaps you will find some?

Well to make a long story short we went back to Napanee to look after things?  Where our responsibility lies is very questionable to me?  Humans perhaps take on too much control and often we do not leave things where they should be… in the hands of

Or our higher power.

During our stay a day before we were to leave, the girls threw a party.  The plans had been okayed by Bobby and Ginger but of course as we all know things never go according to “our” plans. 

Nikki invited only her boyfriend.  They are all great kids.  I am very proud to be their Aunt and Al immediately fell in love with them and also all their friends are great too. Both Al and I are feeling hopeful that the next generation will learn from our mistakes.

Well some of them anyway.  Unfortunately some of the boys still feel like they have to prove that boys will be boys and two of them decided to take a joy ride on the ATV. They were not sober at the time (something parents can not accept even though they know this is very normal, as we were also young once… so I certainly am not going to judge one or the other.  It’s not my place.)

The boys took the keys that the girls had hidden and decided to race and ended up hitting a tree.  One boy hurt his knee and the other had a slight concussion.

Al tried to talk these kids into going to the hospital but all he could do was talk, as neither one of us has a license to drive. 

The situation was certainly not life threatening.  However, there was major damage to the ATV and of course Katie knew their would be hell to pay even though the accident wasn’t her fault.  She was quite distraught.  Basically, all we could do was pray that everything would work out ok.

Also, as I’m sure you can imagine, Bobby and Ginger were upset when they heard the news especially because of the booze.  So it was natural for him to say that the kids weren’t going to get away with this without learning some lessons.  Isn’t this what growing up is about?  Nobody is perfect.

But the part that really bothers me is that, we were later to find out, the parents of the boys are threatening to sue all of us.  This absolutely makes no common sense to me???  Is this humanity.  All we can do is pray that they will see that this isn’t the right way to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR.

Both Al and I trust in our higher conscious and not our justice system that leads to so many un justices because of all the crazy rules that have been put in place by a bunch of fools.  Once again the all mighty buck rears its ugly face.

So now we have been back in town for over a week and I have not written anything in this journal.  Have been too busy trying to understand just where we stand.  I have learnt so many things and the puzzle is getting a little clearer.  My higher power is sending me so much information and it is my duty to share some of this with you.

But I am getting signals that this is enough for me to say today.

Which by the way is my parents 49th anniversary and also the fateful anniversary of the day I spent in Mexico learning from the book of wisdom that I have been entrusted with by my higher power to relay.  But these stories will have to wait for another day.  Because

                   “too much information”

may just drive us all insane.  So now I must do my other part and that is my art because we have been told that art will save our souls.

Here is a good site to start your journey.  Not easy to digest but one I just stumbled while editing this book and is about the truth and the whole truth nothing but the truth.  We can vouch for the information and have proof for the words spoken herein.


Bipolar Person of the Day:  Thomas Paine ... google him for some common sense also

Grateful 4 – the book of Wisdom… coming our way

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