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December 27, 2008 Josephine

December 27, 2008

Dreams do come true… After Al

Al and I are sitting in our chilly motel room. The heating system blew yesterday evening. We are watching the daily news. It’s enough to give you chills up and down your spine. So many atrocities. From Mombay, Pakistan the USA, the global economy and one that particularly sickens me, Israel and the Gaza Strip. What is happening to the Palestinians is pure out and out genocide. It is hard to watch. No wonder beer and wine sales are going to the roof. And most people in North America are seeing only half truths. When you really know what is going on it is even more sickening. And both Al and I can’t wait to find out the whole truth. I’m sure once we’re settle we’ll be up for hours. Once you know the truth it is addictive and you want to find out more and more. We do anyway. But that is part of our job. If our website is going to carry these controversial subjects we feel it’s important that we keep up on our research and the real news. Everything is moving so quickly now. But we definitely needed a rest from it and we have gotten a long one.

I slept another at least ten hours last night. We are treating this trip as an overdue vacation. Another gift from above. And it looks like more gifts are coming our way!

We have found the ideal place. Met with Shane and his girlfriend, Vanessa yesterday and it looks like we have found everything on our wish list. Now we have to pray to God that they like us. And from our initial meeting I think they do. We certainly have a lot in common and we found out this in less than an hour. So I have a strong feeling we will be very simpatico. It looks like this situation may have been tailor made for all of us.

We took a cab ride over to Dartmouth around 12:30 p.m. yesterday and drove by the ocean and over the bridge. We passed by different shopping areas where we can pick up our provisions. There are no stores within easy walking distance. The house is in a very remote wooded area with a beautiful river going through it. When I heard the address, Salmon River Road, I was envisioning a spot just like it. Perfect for hiking and taking pictures. Lots of peace and quiet and in the middle of nature. Something we have all been craving. Lots of chipmunks for Tee too.

Just got a phone call from Mike confirming we are in. Not that I really had any doubts but having it confirmed now makes it really real. So today I will envision us in our new large office, bed sitting room. Even though it is lower level there are lots of windows and the light streaming in yesterday was beautiful. There is lots of room for Al and I to spread all our projects around on the giant u shaped desk. Very high tech too. It’s even a better set up than what we had at our home.

Al just said it will be good to do some cooking. Shane loves to cook too plus he loves his wine. He is not into partying and likes to lead a quiet life. Just like us. He is also into photography and web design. He is a successful Web designer. Wow Now??? but I don’t want to jump the gun here just yet. And also importantly he does not want to work for the man and has his own business at 31. He works from home and has all the freedom he wants. His is not a slave to the system.

Another synchronicity, Vanessa lived in Toronto for six years and worked right across the street from me when I worked for Belair. A small world we both agreed. She took a buy out package, actually asked for one, because she couldn’t stand working for the bank.

Shane also does not watch television because of all the bull shit. So the media room is used for movies and computer games and it looks like there are enough movies and games to keep Al and I occupied on our down hours. Not to mention a well equipped gym and laundry room. Both Al and I are determined to get ourselves back in shape before the next three months are over. And right now we don’t have a clean pair of socks. So doing laundry will be a treat. There is also a large deck and back yard for Tee to run around in and chase squirrels. And the place comes with a part time two year old, Calum, who is supposed to be a sweetheart. I was just yearning to have a toddler around.

He lives with his dad two days a week.

There is even a big soaker Jacuzzi tub. Maybe Al and I can take some salt baths together when the place is empty and get a little romance back into our lives. With all the turmoil happening lately we have not thought much of romance and I am yearning for this also. As Al said, it will be nice to have some normalcy back in our lives. We will also have our own privacy. Shane was originally using the office as his living quarters but with the baby it’s more convenient for him to live upstairs. He will move his computer, which is the Apple of my eye, a top of the line Apple, perfect for web designing and digital art and photography, upstairs. So other than the kitchen, which is nice to share, we will all have our own privacy. I could not have dreamt it up more perfect myself.

What to feel grateful for today.

1) Dreams coming true

2) Our new living accommodations

3) Peace and Quiet

4) Nature and clean air

5) Normalcy

December 28, 2008

Moving Day

Our last morning at the Chebucto Inn, Halifax, N.S. Today is moving day. We are learning the ropes so it should be relatively easy. Picked up some provisions yesterday so we will have enough staples to keep us going until we next make it to a store. It in a way feels like planning for a trip to the wilderness but with all the comforts of home and more.

Thank you God. And I can’t wait to do some laundry. We are worried we will start to smell and when you are living with other people this usually doesn’t make a good impression. We even broke down and bought deodorant. We have stayed away from this stuff since we heard some of the chemicals in it cause Alzheimer’s. We need all our faculties right now. We have a lot of work to do. A motto of ours taken from Prime Minister Cretian. I am still on the fence about him but I will have to give him my undying respect for not going along with the good old USA and getting involved in the Iraqi fiasco. Another atrocity happening in our world, one that the media is still trying to portray as being a noble cause. Like really, who believes this one?

I pray this is the last day that we will only have this bush shit to listen to.

When I was doing the grocery shopping yesterday, while Al and Tee were outside in the snow in front of the Super Store, not far from here, they struck up a conversation with an older woman, Josephine, who we now feel is a kindred spirit. Tee is an ice breaker that’s for sure and we often strike up conversations with strangers because of him. He is just so adorable, if I must say so myself. Anyway, Josephine noticed Tee shivering and asked Al why he didn’t go into the entrance way. We never know where we are allowed to take him. Every place seems to have their own rules. Al and Josephine strike up a conversation and in a matter of a few minutes he learns that Josephine is also writing a book. And the book is also about our corrupt society. She is concentrating more on the lawyers or liars as she calls them. And she has lived a life encountering a lot of injustice and I wonder how many of us haven’t and she wants, just like me to get her story out there.

Not for profit or gain but for the sake of justice.

Our conversation was intriguing. We had many things in common, including family issues, pharmaceutical injuries, journaling, poetry, love of books, research, etc. etc. etc. We exchanged numbers and are planning on keeping in touch. I think we have just met another soul dear and I just love it when they turn out to be older woman, who look so unassuming, but will fight tooth and nail in order to see some justice in this world.

And from this small conversation we learnt Josephine has quite a story to tell and maybe we can ban together some how and help each other out. She has a wealth of information for me regarding my legal issues and I think we can give her advice or even eventually a platform to have her voice heard.

That’s the main purpose of WOW NOW. A place to share your voice.

Just spoke to Shane. Everything is fine. I think Mike and he got a little cold feet yesterday and were wondering if we are really for real. Just having total strangers walk into your home that will be sharing your lives should call for a little discretion. Both Al and I have learnt the hard way not everyone is who they appear to be. But I have every faith that these arrangements are going to work out even better than planned. Because after all, we are not doing the planning and just following the directions.

What to be grateful for today

1) Unassuming older woman

2) Our ice breaker, Tee

3) Having a safe haven

4) The truth

5) Directions

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