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August 18, 2007 AN INVITATION

August 18, 2007

Today we are having our 1st dinner party!!!

Father Christian

It is going to be a holly day,
Al & Lesa

We are very well rested.  Al insisted I slow down my brain and get some sleep… for him too.

I have not been fair to him.  I lost sight of what his needs are also.  I am beginning to understand a lot more what it means to be bi-polar.

We take things to extremes and can end up burning ourselves out at both ends of the candles.

We are like
          “Candles in the wind”.

Yes extremely dangerous 4 our missions.   Too many mighty soul dears have lost their way because of the spotlights.  This list is too numerous to count.  We must learn through his story. 

Our office is set!

I feel like I am in Costa Rica.  We have every convenience at our finger tips. 

We are so excited to have Eugene and Sasha on board. 

We are going to
          “Soar like an eagle”

I am so happy we had our day of rest yesterday.  We must be healthy soul dears.  Just as important happy soul deals.

There are no rules around here other than


Bi-polar person of the day – Phil Spector (what happened to him???)
          “Suspicious minds”???

Grateful for Costa Rica.

August 20, 2007

The aftershock
In every life a little rain must fall
We are only human after all

Too bad for all the flies on the wall.  Hey, maybe there is some truth to this statement.  Our kitchen is infiltrated with flies.  Perhaps they are really spies for the devil?

I know I am going to sound nuts, but hey, I’m used to it.  This fly business is certainly odd.  At this point in my life I so truly believe in God and miracles.  Guess a few nasty flies should not scare me.

We had a very successful dinner party…

August 22, 2007

Things never go according to plan… so is planning a waste of time???

God, Sela grant me the serenity to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

Well it has been quite the few days.
          “Mama told me there would be days like these”.

Where to start?  My mind is currently filled with so many things.  Mostly good, some troubling.

Our party was a great success.   All true (?) soul dears on board... well 90% of them I am quite certain?

Anyway I feel like I have gained some new members to my family.  Denis was already a given and Nancy and I hit it off like a house on fire.

Father Christian was very emotional about our mission and he has given us 100% faith in our spirituality!

I don’t know why sometimes I let a few rotten apples spoil the whole bunch?  Anyway we were up until the wee small hours of the morning.  The energy was contagious.

I also feel in love with Sasha and Eugene.

Poor Gary had to deal with some distressing situations with his wife, who is staying at the hospital right now, miraculously cured, though in great pain.  Another huge true story about our medical profession and the lies that are causing so much grief and suffering, that I have no time to get into.  Anyway, I have a feeling Gary and his wife are both powerful souls (he is privy to a great deal of information concerning our government and all their rules) and the devil is trying to get their goat right now.

And Gary was not the only one.  I am beginning to see a pattern I do not care for.   We must learn what to do about it quickly.  Al and I even had some issues that evening which did not make sense whatsoever.  We were in the moon.  Anyway Al and I have learnt to pray and usually a little love making goes a long way.  We are becoming even more simpatico.

Denis and his girl friend did not come out of this so unscathed.

I woke up after the party with such the feeling of dread.  I could not explain it to Al properly.   It was especially eerie to have all those flies infesting our kitchen?

Not long after we woke up, Nancy called upset.  Denis was in jail due to a domestic tussle.  We could feel the negative vibes the last time we were with Denis and knew his girl friend(???) was doing some evil shit to his mind.  Guess Denis was getting prepared to leave her and she was not happy about the situation so she took the low road and goaded him into pulling her hair and she continued from there, and then called 911.

Denis, has never been in this type of trouble in his whole life and is a very gentle soul.

Anyway, Nancy first, then Al and I joined her to go and try and save Denis from our evil (dis) justice system.  Thanks to our higher powers there were some angels to help us along the way and we ended up getting Denis out that day.

What a fucking zoo that place is.  It totally drained us.  So much unfairness.  Out of all the so called convicts Denis was in the holding cell with, 13 of the 17 were guys in there for domestic abuse???  One who was badgered for hours because the poor fellow was charged with yielding a deadly weapon, threatening his wife with an umbrella and a slipper.  NO SHIT.

It really broke my heart.  But there was a tie also for the poor oriental woman who was arrested for working in a massage parlour.  Both Denis and I could not believe that this woman had a guilty bone in her body and most likely was just trying to feed her family. 

It was so draining to watch this young female prosecutor bitch putting on such a show and causing so many families so much grief.  There was an old woman, who was a mother to one of Denis’s cellmates, who was also in for spousal abuse.  This old woman had a heart condition and could barely stand up.  She was badgered unbelievably by some young female persecutor.  It was horrendous and so very, very sad.    If I believed in violence, which I don’t, I would have shot this prosecutor two times.  Her only goal was to prove her case no matter what it caused our human race.

There was also a mentally deranged man, who I gather must have gotten into some trouble?  because he was on a FORM 1… something I have experience with.  And the poor dear was not even allowed to go back to the Seaton House which is a mental institution prison?  Go figure?

To make a long day even longer, Nancy’s car got towed away because she was parked in a no parking space,  and then on top of that she lost a contact lens.

Anyway I bailed Denis out and we went with Nancy and rescued her car.  What a lot of bull shit to go through for nothing in both cases.

Now we are happy to have Denis living here (one of the conditions of bond).  You wouldn’t believe all the conditions and bullshit our so called justice system puts on those who are GUILTY until proven INNOCENT. 

Bi-polar person of the day – Robin Williams
What to be grateful for – Laughter … lol lol lol lol lol.

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