Sunday, January 2, 2011


June 15, 2009

Tee, Al and I are stretched out on a blue Mexican Poncho by the side door of the Gateway Community Church enjoying a beautiful spring day. As with all dreams they do not come out exactly as planned. This is not Merida, Mexico nor are we sitting at Wow Now, our internet café, but it feels like heaven none the less or the Gateway to heaven to be more specific.

The little tiny ironic details of our story never fail to amaze me and as they say, God is in the details.

We’re sitting under a flowering tree where we have spent a good deal of time the last couple of weeks watching the bees gather nectar. No matter what time of day or night it was they have been every present until today. The nectar has all been taken, this part of the job now complete.

I feel that Al, Tee and I are also at the next stage of our journey. Our nectar has been knowledge. We have been very busy these last couple of years learning the truth and now it is time to set if free. Perhaps this will be the last chapter of this book and I have always known that it will have a happy ending.

After all, all God wants is for us to be happy and to love one another.

Right now I am revelling the in the fact that we are once again going to have our own home, and our independence, with a solid foundation and a community where everyone helps one another. A model of the two commandments that we have been given. It was inspiring to hear it from Pastor Paul at the service yesterday. Love thy neighbour, or do on to others and I think you will automatically fulfill the 1st commandment. Honour thy God, in whatever shape, form or fashion you believe in. We are all connected.

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