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May 4, 2009

Hi Lesa

How are you? Did you have a nice weekend? Janet has heard from Karen and she told her that the bank has put the house up for sale. Karen has removed anything of value from the apt. You will have to get in touch with her about this. My question is do you want us to get the things that are left out of your apt. and keep them for you. I am sure there are things there that you want like your pictures and scrapbooks.

Also she said they are going to court to get some kind of a settlement for you. I know you don't want anything to do with Karen but it might be in your best interest to get in touch with her.
Let me know what you want us to do.
Love Mom

Hi guys,

We had a nice peaceful weekend. Enjoying Beaver Bank. Have been doing a lot of exploring. Now that it is spring we don't want to move. There are three lakes within walking distance. Borrowed Gary's camera and got some nice pictures. Al also made your foccacio bread. Turned out delicious and we plan to make our  bread more often.

Guess it is a good thing we had some peace while we could.

Just about fell off my chair when I read your email. Though I shouldn't be surprised. Legally the bank has no right to sell my house but there has been nothing legally done since I stepped my foot in CAMH and the Public so call Guardian has been involved. I would love to know what they have done with all the rent money and my income tax refund. Obviously they have not been paying the mortgage. There should have been more than enough to have covered all expenses and then some. Now it is obvious that this whole incident is about fraud.

I am also not surprised that anything of value has been removed from my home.

Karen is fully aware that she can contact me via email. I have requested that she do so numerous times as I want all correspondence in writing. She continues to play games and not tell the truth. I trust her as much as I trust the bank.

They have left me with no other option but to contact the RCMP and whoever else I have to expose this and have this matter investigated. As you know we were planning on getting funds together to get a lawyer to fight but if the house is for sale I do not have the time.

Once again I'm sad that you are put in the middle of this. What we would really like, on top of getting our personal papers, pictures, etc. in a safe place, is that anyone who has information regarding this fraud please contact us directly and not go through you. Too many misunderstandings have come about and no one knows the facts of what is going on and is listening to lies. Being forced into this situation is something we have been dealt with and it would be much easier for us if we know what is going on first hand.

Anyway they have caused enough havoc in our lives and we have learnt it is important to keep focused and concentrate on our business. Also this keeps us positive. Wait till you see our new DVD. I think it will make you smile. Mailing it tomorrow.

You don't know how much easier it is to have your support.

Please keep us posted and we will do the same.

bye for now
lesa, al and T2


Beaverbank sounds like a good place for you I know how you like nature. I think it is a good idea to stay there for a while.

Beaverbank was on the news this morning and it was about a man in Beaverbank I forget his name. This man makes orthodics for dogs. Wouldn't this be a good place to show your DVD’s? You should look into it.

Ok we will get your things from the apt. I will make a list of everything we take out. You should get a list of things from Karen that she has taken out she said she has taken important papers etc. for safe keeping.

They are continuing with the law suit against the bank hoping to get a settlement for you. They know the bank did something wrong.

I will send you checks for the next two months let me know whose name I should make it out to.
Take care of yourself and stay happy.

Love mom

May 7th

Hi Lorraine,

Nice to be back in touch and am glad to hear you are all happy and doing well. I would have emailed you earlier but it has been one hell of a ride. How we have kept our sanity and are still happy to boot with all that has gone on I think you will find surprising. Anyway you asked ... what brought us here so I will give you a little mini version of my book which by the way is over 900 pages long. I have it typed just needs editing and a good and happy ending.

I think the last time we were in touch was because the bank was foreclosing on my property because I was a couple of weeks late on the mortgage. Well I have since found out that there is far more to the story then I could have ever dreamt up. I still don't know all the details and have been doing a lot of research but the scam that has happened to me is quite the story.

Remember the last time I went to the psychiatric hospital because I knew the diagnosis of bi-polar was incorrect and the medications I were on were doing a lot of damage to me ... not only weight gain, (which by the way I am finally losing) and one of the doctor's wouldn't let me leave until I signed some ridiculous form. Anyway to make a long story short this form has caused me to lose all my financial rights. Everything has been stolen from me. My house, the little savings I had, and all monies owing me, including a $10,000 income tax refund. I can't even open up a bank account. I know it is hard to believe and that's a big hurdle especially when you have been put in a mental institution and held against your will. Which I think is all part of the scam. Who is going to believe you? Not to mention how are you ever going to get proper legal representation when you have no money. Something I have unfortunately found out. But I have proof of everything. I've kept all documentation, not to mention my journals, emails etc.

Anyway, Al and I said enough was enough when the Public GUARDIAN (these people are crooks along with the bank) sent over three police officers with tasers and a psychiatric nurse, and stormed into the house with flashlights, looking under beds, cupboards for this very I guess very dangerous person, ME. Well thank God I was not home. We have since heard that they call them the Wellness Committee. The two times I went into the mental institution I was held against my will and have lost so many freedoms because of it. I will never set foot back in one and I highly recommend that no one ever does.

I am trying to make this light but there are some very wrong things happening which came to light when I talked to people that have been involved with these institutions. Anyway it was time to leave Dodge and we sold whatever we could and have found ourselves here building a new life.

I am mailing you a DVD of what we have been working on over the last three months. I think you will enjoy them because you guys are in them and I think we all look pretty good (Al says like movie star actually, even Puffin). Al has been promoting my work. Has it displayed at a business here and we are taking part in two dog shows. One is this weekend, Mother's Day. Our first, so have been very busy preparing for it. Of course we are poorer then church mice. My parents have been helping out (haven't been talking to my sisters which is another long story). But we are very hopeful that we can make a great new start here and deal with the injustices once we are on our feet.

Plan to mail this out to you after the show and would love to hear what you think. Just remember we are novices and this is only the beginning but Al really has a talent for detail and sales and I of course have always been a crazy artist. Not to mention we had to sell all our camera equipment and are working with bare minimum computer programs, etc. And dial up. I hate dial up.

Anyway this is just to give you an idea of what the book is about. Can't let out the whole the plot or you wouldn't read it.

Keep in touch. I have missed talking to you.

Give my love to Robert and Puffin. One of these days I hope you all get to meet Al and Tee, who is now two.

Hi Lesa,

I got your DVD last week but only looked at it this weekend as I was away. You do really nice work. I just love it….of course my favourite is the Normandy Countryside, wasn’t that just the greatest trip?! Thanks so much for the memories. The music you chose to go with it is so fitting; as it is with the rest of the albums. Robert loves the way you made some of your pictures look like paintings, he wants to print one and hang it on the wall.

I love the picture of Robert and Puffin lying on the couch in the dog and people album, I don’t think I have ever seen that picture.

Tee is sooooooo cute.

How do you know this craftsman, Hands 2 Wood? Quite unique animal furniture…..great stuff!

Anyway I have to run right now, just wanted to say hi and thanks for the memories! So glad to hear you are doing well considering all that you have had to go through recently.

Take care, and please keep in touch.

May 15, 2009

Hi Mom and Dad,

Well it looks like the Guardians have struck again. I am at my wits end to know what to do. We have just found out Al's benefits have been stopped. I knew this would happen. I know how they operate. Enough is enough. They found out that Al was living with me and he is no longer eligible.

We have absolutely no money and we have been trying and trying to make a go at anything possible. But when you have this hanging over your head it is near to impossible to make a go of anything. We are not giving up but we need this Guardianship removed and the only possible way is with help.

I did not ask for this. My responsibility was taken away from me when I was illegally forced into signing a document in order to leave the hospital that had no right to hold me. Of course there is no way to fight this when you have no money. It is very difficult to live your life when you are not free to even so much as have a bank account and when any money coming to you is confiscating by my so called Guardians. If I were to have a legitimate business the money would be taken by them as well. I just want you to know what we are up against.

I hate to beg and borrow and that is what I am made to do.

Why is the bank foreclosing when the Guardian had more then enough money to cover the mortgage? Karen is telling you she is fighting this but ask her who is paying the legal expenses? What is going on here? We walked away from everything to start a new life. We have two business ventures that are very promising. We have walked enough miles to trim 20 lbs off of each of us. Have been put in situations where we are nearly living on the street. We have done nothing in our lives to deserve this. We are treated worse than criminals when we are the victims.

I never asked to be put in this mess. We need a lawyer and we need some money to survive. We have no idea where to turn to now. The Guardians have certainly caused me enough grief.

We need someone to listen and understand what has transpired here. We have no idea where to go now?

I am sorry to tell you this but it's the truth and until it is dealt with it will always be held over all of our heads.

We're having trouble with the internet out here. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible. If you can't contact us by email the phone number is 902-865-9302.

We are alive and desperate in Beaverbank.

p.s. Tee got his hair cut ... he looks pitiful and we didn't make it to the dog show because Rowan's truck broke down.

It wasn't a good week. Hope you are well.

lesa, al and T2

May 16, 2009

Hi lesa

Yes your message got through! I am sorry we weren’t here to get it. Louise is here and we all went to Maurice and Blanche's for dinner.

Well I see the shit has hit the fan again! LoL

What can I tell you? We have a call into Karen to see what we can do to help. Now that the bank owns the house there is no reason why you can not get benefits and she can help with that. Why are you not in contact with her? She is the only one that can help. She is limited as to what she can tell us as you have a right to your privacy! We have no rights at all when it comes to you! I hate that. Anyway Janet is waiting for a call from her but it is a long weekend and it might take a while.

I wish I had the money for a lawyer but we don't. Dad has skin cancer on his face and the treatments are very expensive. We will help all we can I already gave you $1200 this month I don't know what else to do!

I want to talk to Karen and I want to know if there is anything we can do to help you get your rights back.

Now that you have no money it does not make sense for them to have control! What is there for them to look after??? As far as I am concerned they did not do a very good job if you signed papers giving them that control.

WHERE WERE THEY! That makes me so angry all this mess could have been avoided. Well I better go before my blood pressure hits the roof.

Please do me a favour and get in touch with Janet and Karen and do what you have to do to get out of this mess I know none of this is fair but I am afraid if you don't play along with them you will get no where.

Dad and I can pay your rent and give you extra money from time to time. I know your benefits won't be that much but we can supplement them.

I just don't know what to do.

Worried and upset in Laval West!

May 16, 2009

Hi Mom,

Please do not be worried be angry. It certainly is not your fault you have been put in the middle of this. You and Dad have been the only ones to help us out. You don't know how bad I feel that you are in the only ones we can turn to besides Al's Mom who we are in touch with often but all she can do is pray. This probably is one of the best things to do right now ... lol.

If I didn't have you, Al and Tee I don't know how I would cope. I know we can and WILL do something about this injustice. There has not been a soul I have told what has happened to me who can believe what has transpired and the unfairness of it all. Gary (aka Rowan) can't believe anyone would think I am mentally unstable and if we need someone to vouch for how hard working and financially responsible and capable we are he will vouch for us. He wants us to know that we have some security here even if we can not come up with the rent because he has faith in our abilities.

Privacy ... what a crock of shit. Where was my privacy when the bank knew before I did that my finances were under the Guardian's control? How about my tenants getting a letter before me, telling them to send the rent cheques to the Guardian. These are the guys that I am fighting and I also need to fight CAMH.

I have no idea if Karen knows what she is involved with. But she has lied and she can contact me by email. Please have Janet call me and I will work this out with her. We can not afford a stamp, never mind long distance.

How could this mess have been avoided? I was forced into signing a form; I was confined against my will in the hospital and made to sign this form, with absolutely no information as to what it meant. It was a one page form that said next to nothing. I have done my research and there were many, many things that happened to me that were not done properly. CAMH was not allowed to keep me there to begin with.

I went in to get off of medications that were dangerous to my health and well being and to be re-diagnosed. The question is why did they do this? It doesn't make sense. I was keeping a journal at the time and the only thing I can figure out was that horrible meeting with the physiatrist with Diane started the ball rolling.

I hate to say it but interference and worry about my money and the way I conduct my life has caused a lot of damage for me. This damage needs to be looked into because it is not going to go away on its own. I don't want you to have to give us any more money. This is not right and causing us a lot of grief and worry.

We used to have an extremely close family and I would like to have that back. I would like it if we looked after each other instead of pointing fingers and putting blame on each other and locking me up. I would like my family's FAITH and support. Not their money.

We should talk about trying to put a lien on the house for the money you have invested. The bank should not get this money.

We would like to make some money through our business in order to survive this and look after what has been dealt us. I am going to try and send you our promotional dvd for the business. I think I now how now???? Maybe if we are given a chance to make some money through our work we won't have to resort to beg, borrowing or stealing. Maybe we can open up communications with the rest of the family and work together.

Anyway, just remember God doesn't give us any more problems then we can handle. We will handle this but it may take some working together instead of working against one another and knowing who the bad guys are.

Say hi to everyone for me and let me know what's going on as soon as possible.

bye for now

lesa, al and T2

Hi Mom & Dad,

Eureka I have finally been able to get on the internet. Don't know how long it will last though. Have been having big problems since high speed was installed. Hope you had a great weekend with Louise.

Anyway we have tried to have as relaxed a weekend as possible but to be honest when even Welfare gives you the boot it's hard not to feel very rejected. We have been looking over everything we are up against and we have something we would like to ask you. Begging once again, my knees are getting sore. Lol.

Anyway to be honest living here is not all rosy. We have made the best of it and Rowan was kind enough to let us stay even though he knew of all our financial troubles. But it is difficult under the best of circumstances and Rowan has his own personal issues. Anyway one day he got worried I guess that we would not be able to pay him and blew up at us. He is very temperamental. To make a long story short he nearly kicked us out and was the one who called Social Services to report that I was living here. Maybe because he though he could get us more money? But having to depend on someone you have just recently met is extremely stressful especially when they have anger management problems.

Now we are in this predicament and we doubt we will get any money soon. Al will go directly to Social Services tomorrow and hopefully we will know the score but we are far from hopeful that anything will be settled soon. It never works that way we have found out.

We can not see how we can stay here if we can't pay our rent and we have to depend on Rowan to even cash a cheque for us. We are literally stuck here with no supplies. We have the food bank on Wednesday but they only give you enough food to last a couple of weeks.

We have learnt to do without but now we are feeling a little desperate.

This is our dilemma. We are flat broke. We can not even afford to take a bus. The money you gave us went to pay for the balance of the rent we owed Rowan, and some necessities, and of course a lot went for the dog show, buying DVD’s, material for cushions, etc. I have not even been able to afford even shampoo in the longest time. We have made the best of it and had thought that everything was fine with welfare and finally we would be semi on our feet and able to get these businesses off the ground and now this happens. We were so hopeful and still are. If we got this far in Beaverbank just imagine how well we would do in a bigger area.

This Guardian situation is about to drive me crazy and wouldn't they just love that. And there is no way we can fight this with everything over our heads ... we just need a safe haven for a little while. And there is no place like home. We also miss being near family and friends.

So here is a proposition for you. First we feel horrible that we have to keep on borrowing money from you and hate the thought of borrowing more which will go for rent. How about instead of sending us money we visit for a while? Just until social services is worked out. If we are eligible here we are also eligible in Quebec. And our business(es) start to generate some income. We can market the dog furniture, etc. there and also we think and have been told our DVD’s will go over big with weddings especially.

We promise to be the best house guests you ever had. When Al is not out hustling some business for us he is quite the handyman. You should see all the work he has done around here (another story) and of course all the work he did on the apartments which are just going to the bank. We are also very entertaining and have lost of taboo tales to tell you. You guys can relax and leave the cooking, gardening, etc. up to us. Now I'm getting carried away lol.

But we can take long walks together and have some stress free time.

You would also get to see your favourite grandchild, T2. His haircut is starting to look very good on him.

And you wouldn't have to send us any rent money. So if this sounds ok to you, the thing we hate to ask is if we can cash the LAST rent cheque and I will look for a ride share out to Montreal. At this time of year we should be able to find someone going out that way and usually they just charge expenses. This would also give us a few bucks for emergencies. If by some miracle tomorrow we find out that our social services are reinstated we won't need to cash your cheque so here is praying for that.

I better go before this thing goes down on me again. I am worried that we won't have access again so if you don't want us or if there is a problem to cash the cheque please email asap and if I don't reply call 902-865-9302. If I don't hear from you I will assume that you can't wait to see our sorry faces and proceed with the above.

bye for now
lesa, al and T2
P.S the crepes were great. This time Al made them into a Mexican Lasagne. He will make it for you.

Hi Lesa

We just got home from Louise's and I didn't see this e-mail right away. Since it looks like you will get welfare I hope you will be able to stay there. Coming here would not be very easy for you. Have you forgotten how French it is?? You have to be bilingual to start any kind of business here. Not to mention we would be fighting like cats and dogs. I could not stand that.

By all means cash that check but use it for food and rent. It is made out for July 1st. Will Rowan cash it early for you and I will send another for July.

I still think Nova Scotia is a good place to live.

Thanks you guys are life savers once again. We will see what happens about welfare and let you know. Everything was extremely vague but I am hoping for the best. I think it's about time the tides have changed for us.

Our business can be run from anywhere in the world ... we have all we need with computer, software and talent. So language isn't an issue. I know Janet seemed to be concerned about this as well. Just posted a bunch of ads on some free sites. There are a lot of these all over the world and the great thing about this business is all they have to do is mail us their pictures! But from a park bench it would be a little hard to operate.

Mom we have hardly ever fought in all our lives. I don't know why we would start now. Or are you talking about you and Dad fighting ... that sometimes get on my nerves ... lol?

Anyway as I said to Janet there have been a lot of opinions that haven't been based on facts that have been damaging to me and I have been hurt. But I still hope we can all be the close knit family we once were. And I hope I can visit you guys occasionally. Really we are not that bad ... lol.
bye for now
your favourite daughter, son in law and grandchild
lesa, al and T2

Hi lesa
Yes let me know how welfare turns out. Will you stay with Rowan or look for your own place? You did mention that you might move to Halifax. When you are settled and know where your life is going it would be great to see you. I do miss you a lot.
love Mom

Hi it's me again

I was just reading your e-mail over again and I just want you to know that I know one day we will be a close family again we just have to have faith in each other.
Love Mom

May 19, 2009

Hi Mom and Dad,

Now we are very confused but a little more hopeful. Al just spoke to Social Services and he is assigning us a new case worker. Ours retired and maybe just maybe the benefits were stopped because of some paper work mix up? He didn't mention anything about the Guardian so the less the Guardian knows the better. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this just goes through.

Spoke to Janet and asked her to have Karen send me information by email.

How was your weekend?

Also looks like internet problems are over too! Maybe things are looking up finally. I won't hold my breath though.

Bye for now
lesa, al and T2

Hi Janet,
Nice talking to you even if it was a little much to handle in one conversation. At least now there is some conversation going on and you can get a clearer picture of what is really going on and not just someone's opinion but some facts. If you hear from Karen tell her that any correspondence to me is to be sent through email. She can send me information anytime this way.

Hi Lesa,

I’m glad we were able to talk. I will ask Karen to send you any information via e-mail so that you have it in writing. I think you mentioned that you have an appointment today with social services; I hope that goes well for you and that they are able to help. Let me know how you make out.


Thanks Mom!

Looks like crossing your fingers may have worked. Thanks for keeping the faith too. From our meeting with our new temporary case worker it looks like it was just a case of incomplete paperwork and they are extremely short staffed right now. Asked her how long it would take and she said well you know the government. We will have to start all over again now that it is a new file and go back for orientation June 5th. Al has spent weeks getting oriented. Oh well it is good for leads and the people are very nice.

We will remain positive ... positive thoughts bring positive actions.

What are you guys up to this weekend? The weather here is perfect now. Was 30 yesterday but where we are we always get a nice breeze so we kept our cool.

Celebrated by buying some toilet paper and toothpaste. Plus we could not believe how much the food bank gave us this time. Al helped with some computer problems they were having and it seemed to pay off. We have tons of flour and I am going to bake a rhubarb cobbler. Got lots of rhubarb in the garden.

So all is well in Beaverbank. How is good old Laval West?

bye for now
lesa, al and T2

That is good news. I hope you could buy some shampoo! Our rhubarb is up too. I made a mixture of strawberries and rhubarb it was very good. Dad has it on everything. We finally got our garden planted yesterday it was very hot here too. Why don't you guys plant a few things, zucchini and tomatoes and beans are great!
We’re not up to much this weekend. Next weekend we will go to Jeans for a few days she is having a cataract operation and needs some help.
Take care bye for now.
Love Mom and Dad

May 28th

Good Morning Mom and Dad

How was your week? We have been busy getting ready to plant a garden. Beautiful weather.. planting tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, onions, different herbs, etc. It will be great to have everything fresh. Made most of your recipes. Just waiting for the strawberries to come up. What have you been up to? Also love being back on high speed and getting caught up on all the news we has missed. Everything is working fine now... knock on wood.

I saw an interesting article about cancer and how it is actually a fungus. Read that skin cancer can be cured with a simple solution of baking soda and iodine? Was wondering if you knew anything about this? I can do some more checking for you if you would like.

How long are you at Jean's for? Send her my love. Would love to see her again. It has been ages.

Hoping to get a website set up soon and will be posting some of our videos on different sites. I will send you a link so you can check them out.

bye for now
lesa, al and T2

Hi lesa

Good morning,

You have been busy planting a garden. There is nothing like a tomato picked off the vine and still warm from the sun. We haven't been up to very much, as you know we had Louise here for a week. Had some housework to do. We also put some flowers in pots around the yard. I want it looking nice when Donna and Don come. We will leave for Jeans tomorrow and should be home Wed. or Thursday. It will be nice to spend some time with her did you know that she is 79, but still going strong.

It might be a good idea to get more information on skin cancer I wonder if that treatment would prevent it from coming back as he has had the big treatment twice and it is very expensive. I guess the Sun in Barbados doesn't help. And you know Dad he can forget to put his lotion on.

Well I better find some clothes to bring to Jean├Ęs. The weather is crappy and cool so it is hard to know what to bring.

I am very glad that you are in touch with friends and family! Good for you.

Bye for now Love Mom and Dad

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