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January 20, 2009 ICE BREAKERS

January 20, 2009

The Universe to me
Explaining puzzling or difficult things isn't necessary, Lesa, in order to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that love is always present, that life is eternal, and that I'm still hanging ten, whoooo-hoooo'ing, and conspiring on everyone's behalf.
Your gangsta of love -

The Universe

Today, January 20, 2009 is Obama’s inaugration.

There are still more stories to tell and I have come to realize there is no beginning or no end.

Perhaps it is fitting my book should end here today. Because now I absolutely am sure I know the truth and the truth has set me me free. If you believe Obama, one man will save this world, you have missed the point of my story. By doing this we give away our power. Only WE are cabable of saving this world. It is time for us to grow up.

Yesterday, Al and I slept nearly the entire day away. It was a peaceful sleep. I went to bed knowing we had been saved. Everything has fallen into place. We only got up to have a delicious meal with Shane, thin slices of pork tenderloin, sautered with butter applies and onions, served with rice, raisons and walnuts. Shane loves to cook. Food, something we share, the one art that involves all of our senses. It is an important part of life and something I have always cherished. I love my food that’s for sure. Yesterday, I did not worry where my next meal would come from. God will look after me and all it takes is to have faith.

We also looked at his and Vanessa’s pictures from their recent outings. They were amazing. They are art. I am craving to get back to this art as well. I have so many things to look forward to.

We are all gods and godesses and I can confirm the message David Icke has come here to share with the world. At the beginning of this entry I have attached a url that will direct you to one of his many, many videos that can be found on google video.

We are all unique. We should recognize and celebrate this uniqueness in others. If we are to do this and not push our beliefs on others we will have paradise on earth. It is that easy. Keep your own power and allow others to keep theirs. Every problem I have encountered throughtout my life has been a direct consequence of not cooperating to this rule. I believe this is one of the first commandments that we are meant to keep.

I am sipping a cup of coffee. The first good cup I have had since coming here. It tastes delicious. It will get me started. This was always my routine. I am back to my old routine.

I just spoke to Shane and told him I am on a roll. He asked me what I am going to do with my book once it is finished. I told him I would send it off to a few people to get their feedback and then I will send it off to our friend who has offered to send if off to his publisher friend. But first I will get this part of the story off to our new neighours.

To finish the story from the evening before:

We had a wonderfull afternoon and evening. It went until the wee small hours. We met so many people and many children. I have a feeling that the world will realize soon that we are all family and family are the people we choose. We are all connected one way or another.

And that was the odd thing that evening. Dwayne looked so much like John Lennon. That is why both Al and I felt we knew him. Perhaps we did at another point in our journey, in another past life? There are still more mysteries for us to uncover. We are not the only people who have told Dwayne that he looks like John. Dwayne is a carpenter. He builds homes. Our love. We got along like a house on fire.

And a beautiful home he has built. And a beautiful family he has. His girlfriend Mandy and I talked most of the evening. We told each other many secrets. We were intimate with each other and told the truth and the truth will set us free.

We told them about our circumstances and how at the end of the week we will be absolutely desolute. And she said, oh oh I have a feeling you will be sleeping on our couch. And Dawyne has offered Al a job. Perhaps he will also be a carpenter. And now I have dreams once again that are bigger than I could imagine.

Now I have faith that this book will send out a message to the world. Now I can picture myself finishing this book and working together with our neighbours. We were brought here for some very good reasons, that I have no doubt.

The evening was filled with music, wine, cigarettes, children, dogs, dancing, good food, teen agers, laughter, a few fears, lots of energy, and of course schronicity. Can you believe that Mandy is very familiar with Chester, which is next door to Peggy’s Cove. She knows the Olivers. My friends that brought me here for some odd reason. Whether this one develops or not does not matter because now I understand more how schronicity works. We are in control of our destiny and we are led there by God, who shows us the path. All we have to do is BELIEVE in our selves.

The eclectricity went out that evening. But it didn't matter to us. Dawyne has his own generator, so the party still went on. Tee and Jake were definitely ice breakers. The did not stop humping each other until the end of the evening when they finally gave up and just fell asleep beside each other. They learnt quickly how to be the best of friends.

I got into the newphie screetch and the cuban rum. Al and I danced together, and sang with Dawyne and Mandy. We had no inhibitions. Dawyne and Al made up their own songs, which were funny and sweet. I have not been to such a good party in many years. It reminded me of growing up. I hope my family will understand just what has occurred here. But it is not my job to save them. Only they can do this by letting go of their fears. Because after all that is what has gone astray. And I know now that every little thing is going to be all right for me. Because I now am clearer about the messages I have been given. The puzzle is coming together.

When we finally left, not sure what time it was, the roads were one sheet of ice. Al and I laughed a lot while we were in the ditch, getting soaken wet. It took ½ an hour to walk ½ a block. But we did not care. There may be some icy patches but the road finally looks clear from here on in.

And now I know how to end this part of the book. So strange once again, because earlier this week, I mentioned to Al that this book should end with the story of my all night and a.m. adventure, that I took, when I finally escaped the mental institution. During that evening I was directed in many ways. It was a spirtual journey no doubt. It is a long story, one I think meant for another book, when it will be easier for people to believe. That is perhaps why I was never given the time to write down what actually transpired.

But I will tell you that evening I met a strange group of people, perhaps they were alien? That is the only conclusion I have come up with. That evening I felt like I was being interviewed by them because I was being selected for some mission? Now I understand my mission. We are all here to help save the world.

It was the night before I was to meet Al. I will recount my journal entry from that day, one I just stumbled on, believe, it or not, this morning. It read:

I got a good tip from a cop the other night when I was off on my all night and a.m. adventure. I was directed there, very mysteriously, th

Once again my pen has run out. My special light up pen, from my specialist person in the whole world. I will save it.

And now to finish what I intended to write:

I ended up at 52nd division. I did not want the party to end and asked the owner of Einstein’s where to go next. He gave me an address. I followed the signs, literally, there were arrows painted on the street that pointed me in the direction I was to follow. I was also told to walk bare feet for some strange reason.  And where this led was to downtown Toronto’s jail. I had no idea what I was there for and pretended I was looking for a missing person. I had a very odd conversation with the cop on duty. And I have wondered about this conversation quite often. What did it mean? Now I understand what it meant. He said to me

“You see this place. You have built it.”

I will end this here.

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