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February 1, 2009 THE LAST STRAW

February 1, 2009

Hi Lesa,

Just wondering how you made out over the weekend. Were you able to find a place to stay temporarily or even longer? Well I was just thinking about you and hoping things worked out for you.


Hi Janet,

No the job and therefore the accommodations did not pan out. We have pawned everything we own and have used this money for a cheap motel. By Tuesday we will literally be out on the street. We can not stay in a shelter because we have Tee. Al is going for orientation on Tuesday and should be starting work by Wednesday. I am wondering why Carol never sent me the money she owes me? I wish Carol would wire me the money this Monday. We are at Lake City Motel, 40 Lakecrest Dr., Dartmouth, N.S. B2X 1V1

I guess you can understand it is urgent that I hear a reply. I have copied her on this email. Would you please get in touch with her for me.


lesa, al and T2.


The only time you send emails now is to send hurtful critical emails or "urgent" emails nicely asking for money.

If you so wanted something from me why did you have to cc me instead of just emailing me directly yourself. Has it really come to that? I mean absolutely nothing to you unless it is to give you something. Because many times in the past I tried very hard to help you. In the last five years I spent many days and night listening to you and caring about what you were going through and in the end you only had mean things to say about me.

Frankly I am very upset that the only communication from you in the last year has been very negative and upsetting. I have purposely been staying out of your life so you will see that I do not want to control you but now what?? We help you out and later you say we did it to try and control you and ruin everything for you?????

You will get your money.....you do not need to worry about that.

The truth is the sale from part of the creative memory items amounts to $400.00.

As to the $400.00, we spent this money on movers and a truck to move your possessions into safe storage. Jim, Brian and Al, each took a weekend to safely pack up and protect your belongings. It was not as bad as you describe, as you were then able to retrieve all your items and set up a nice apartment with Al. Now you have pawned the last of it.

We know you didn't want us to store it.....so save your breath on the big email reply.... we really do not need to hear it.

Regardless, we will send you the money, just send us an email as to how you would like it sent and where we you can pick it up.

This is not the Lesa that I knew for the last 40 years. I understand you have changed for whatever reason you want to call it but you know deep down in your heart that I really do care and do want the best for you. I cannot continue to help emotionally or financially if you keep a negative attitude towards me. Yes sometimes help comes with consequences. That is just life. It has been very difficult to try to find a way to help you but at the same time not get into battles with you.



Then why did you not respond when I asked you nicely?

You have not listened to me since the day some one decided I was not in my right mind. Since then my family has made a nightmare for me. Before that Carol you were on my side. We were a close nit group.

In the last few years I have hardly had a discussion with you. If I have financial problems ask your self why? I did not ask for any of this. This is what happened to me. I have tried to make the best of it ever since. It has gotten so bad that I can not access a bank account, I have my house stolen from me, I can not do anything unless my so called guardians are in control of me. Yes I should just give up and take their $1000 a month disability, go into a mental hospital. They take over my home, my money, my life. Then I will be the bag lady that one my sisters was so worried about.

Life is not fair. This is what it has come down to. You think I owe my family something because they did not allow me to follow my life and interfered so greatly that this is what is has come down to.

You tell me one thing in my life I have done to deserve this treatment. One thing. I dare you. Let me freeze in the street. I have lost everything expect my self respect and people who do believe in me. Of course you will not listen to me. Then you may just understand what has transpired.

Think of one of your children being left out in the cold. How can a family do this to one another? This is the hardest thing of this whole ordeal for me to take. This has caused me so much distress, hurt and anger. Why, why would you think I deserve this? I have to beg you. How do you think this makes me feel? If you would prefer to see me live under a bridge so be it.

If not go to a Transunion office and they will wire the funds to me. All you need is CASH (they do not accept cheques or visa) and the address I gave you 40 Lakecrest Dr. Dartmouth, NS B2X 1V1. And please email me the transaction number in order for me to get it.



I have been listening, however, you have not! The day you take some responsibility for some of this mess you are in things may start to change for you. Getting social assistance doesn't mean you will have to go into a mental hospital. Maybe the government owes you right now. Maybe they can help you get back on your feet without you having to beg your family.

I never said you owed the family anything except for a little bit of respect and still I get negative nasty email back from you. I did not put you into any hospital if you remember correctly. You voluntarily went into that hospital and they tried to help you. There were many special people in there that cared.

Also you were the one who signed those papers that gave away the rights to your money. Why has this become everyone else's fault but not yours? It is time that you start taking care of yourself and stop blaming everyone for trying to help. I refuse to get into a battle with you.

I will talk to Jim and see if he can get to a Transunion office.


February 18, 2009

Hi Lesa,

I was away all last week on vacation so that’s why you haven’t heard back from me. Carol told me that she got in touch with you and sent you the $400.

Have you been able to find a place to stay and what is happening now? Did Al get to orientation and start working this week? Let me know how things are.


Hi Janet,

How was your vacation? Did you go up to Blue Mountain skiing?

We have found a perfect place for us. Just when we had nearly lost all hope we met a great guy. He offered to take us in, feed us, and help find us jobs even though we only could pay him partial rent. We are now living in a beautiful area. You should see the view! Also we have seen deer, pheasants, and all kinds of wild life right out the front window. Like living in a park. We have easy access to the city and there is a small town within walking distance. Al is hoping to find a job in town and has many resumes out. Just a matter of time. I am signing up with temp agencies in order to get my foot in some door. I think it will be easier for me to find work here than in Toronto. I pray anyway. In the meantime Al has been in touch with Social Services (Welfare) some time ago and we are hoping to get an appointment shortly.

You need to promise me that you will not let the Guardian know of our plans. I don't want them to take this money as well. They are in control of everything I own so far so this is not a matter to take lightly.

Rowan, the man we are living with, is a master craftsman (builds fine furniture) an artisan, painter, poet, writer so we have a lot in common. Al and I are helping him renovate his home. A beautiful, huge place with great bones. Our bedroom is gorgeous. Filled with all his furniture and has a 15 foot window! He is letting us decorate because he likes our taste. He also is recently divorced so financially he is in the same spot most of the world is in. We would therefore like to make sure we can pay the balance of what we owe him asap and need money ourselves to get us through. Need money for transportation, clothes, etc. Food would be nice too.

Mom said she was getting in touch with you to send us some money. The easiest, method which will not cost anyone anything would be to do a direct deposit into his account.

Hi Mom

Thanks for your help once again. I know you don't care but we will pay you back once we get everything settled with the house etc...

This place is wonderful. We have been busy renovating and setting up a showroom for Rowan's work. I am going to do some artwork myself and hope to sell some. Still waiting for social assistance and have not heard back from any jobs. Everything takes time but we are making progress here.

Hope you are enjoying your stay and everyone is fine. Let me know. Only five more days and your sister Carol will be there. Say hi to her for me.

Tee is great. He loves it here and is glad to stay settled in one spot for a while. I am forwarding you some pictures of him plus some of our newly renovated bedroom showroom.

How are Blanche and Maurice and everyone else in Barbados? Are you talking to Susan?

bye for now


lesa, al and T2

Hi Lesa

Tee looks so cute! Thanks for the pictures. All Dad and I want is to know you are ok. You know what I believe you will pay us back. It is time your luck has changed. Blanche and Maurice both say Hi. How is the weather there? Is it still very cold? Are you in Dartmouth? Or outside Dartmouth? Take care bye for now.

Love Mom and Dad

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