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June 4, 2008

Down with Bureaucracy

Drives me crazy.  Everywhere I turn I see another system that needs a complete overhaul.  How is it that we have created such a mumbo jumbo or red tape, frustration and bad customer service?  It is draining.

There is still more paper work I need to get done in order to file my taxes.  Yesterday I spent I don’t know how many hours trying to get the rest of the pieces of the puzzle together.

My first call was to those crooks, Creative Memories, whose offices are in St. Cloud, MN.  Before I called them I tried to go through their internet site.  I knew from prior experience talking to someone there would be a frustrating experience.

Of course, I couldn’t get into the damn thing.  So after searching for a number to call, which was a feat in itself, I finally reach a customer service rep and explain to her that I need a form T2200 for income tax purposes.  My accountant explained to me that in order to claim expenses the government requires this.  "We don’t do this", she says, "you have to go on the website and print out all your invoices".  I ask her how to get into the site and she rudely gives me the URL.

When I go to it, it is the same site I previously tried to get into, which by the way was the least informative confusing page I have yet to see and I have seen some bad ones.

So I call again this time frustrated.  I can’t get into your site.  Can you mail me the info?  We can’t do this she rudely says.  After all the money I spent on your company (it turned out it is a pyramid selling scheme and I was to find out after purchasing all these bits that I couldn’t even give away – anyway another long story – but I got shafted by them).  So I ask her what kind of customer service is this. 

This was just a start to the frustrating day of dealing with government offices.  I can’t even write about it.  I am so frustrated.  Not one thing got accomplished but giving me a headache.  I swear to God by the end of these phone calls my heart was ready to jump into my throat.  I was ready to pull my hair out.  How much stress we have in our lives in order to get robbed.  It seems to me that the red tape gets thicker and thicker and people get ruder and ruder and who is benefiting from all of this?  A few greedy bastards that’s who and meanwhile the rest of us are drowning in red tape (which we are paying for I might also add).  And everyone is ready to smash everyone’s head in.

Don’t even get me started on our monopolized telecommunications companies.  Made the mistake of reading the newspaper this a.m. and I am drained already.

Anyway Al and I are off to Mississauga today to try and gather some more papers.  I can not wait until all this frustration is behind us.  We are planning on going to some outside cafe after wards because I am sure we will need a drink after this.  Just getting there will be a frustration in itself with Mississauga’s ever so inefficient transportation system.  I think it is time for me to get back into my yoga and meditation.  All this stress and frustration can not be very healthy.  And just imagine at one time I was the most calm person you ever met.

June 5, 2008
Is Obama the Anti Christ???

Wow so much write about.  It’s like the world is spinning out of control now and most are oblivious to it.  How draining it is.

As I strongly suspected making that treck out to Mississauga was frustrating.  Al and I left High Park and did not arrive to our 1st destination until three hours later.  Ridiculous, it is a 20 minute drive but by taking public transportation it takes six times as long. No wonder I was depressed when I had to do this on a daily basis. Sitting, if you are lucky, on crowded buses, staring at signs
I always wonder who sits around making all these rules.  Fines, fines everywhere there are fines, do this, don’t do that or you’ll pay the fine.

Also, who were the geniuses who designed these suburbs?  Suberia is more like it.  What happened to quaint little small towns?  Anyway, the oil and automobile barons are certainly getting richer by the moment.  So I suspect who ever designed these monstra cities worked for them.  It always seems to come down to that or some other kind of greed.  And we have been taught that this is what we should aspire to.  So many lies we need to wake up to.

Both Al and I got back home around 6:30 drained just from watching the world around us.  Most people we saw during the commute had such a vacant look about them.  Troubled souls, one way or the other.  People sleeping, or lost in some mind numbing task, computer games, suduko, reading some bush shit tabloid and looking really crisp as Al would say.  Crisp = not quite all there. 

That is a little  frightening to me.  So many people who look like they are going over the deep end.  We notice this more and more every day.   People so doped up that they are oblivious to the world around them that is spinning… spinning… out of control.

Perhaps these are the lucky ones because what is going on right now is not a pretty picture.

I have become obsessed with finding out what is going on out there.  There is no shortage of news.  This week the Bilderberg Conference is taking place so we are eagerly awaiting news from Alex Jones and that sweet old man, Jim Tucker, who has been following this event now for 35 years.  What a dear soul dear.  Today I suspect we will hear more about what the evils are plotting.

And this is just one piece of the whole puzzle.  Armageddon is around the corner.  It is looking more and more likely.

Obama just “won” (or I should say succeeded as this is part of the plan) the Republican nomination.  We have been watching this race closely and I have been on and off the fence about him.  Al one day a few months ago said “Maybe this guy is the anti-christ?”  And things certainly do seem too co-incidental to shrug this off. 

Now I am more off the fence then on.  Today I saw his first speech to some group of Israelite businessmen reassuring them how if he wins he is totally on their side.  There goes Iran.  Here comes WWWIII if Bush doesn’t get the “honour” of pushing the button first.

What is the purpose of all of this?  That is what I really would like to know.  If I suspect the universe has a reason for this but how is the show going to go down?

We are very, very optimistic how it will end.  There are just too many signs not to think otherwise.  We are coming to some climax.  I can feel it in my bones.

June 7, 2008
The Heat is On

I am trying to keep cool today.  The humidity the last few days is very uncomfortable.  I don’t feel like moving too quickly and am trying not to feel aggravated.

One thing I will not miss when we move from here is the weather extremes.  It will be nice to have balance.  Also when I am by the ocean I don’t get the same aches and pains.  These aches and pains though I am becoming more suspicious is because of our poor air and food quality which I am sure has nothing to do with carbon dioxide and  more to do with the poisons we are being fed.  Also literally fed and I am getting very fed up.  Google Codex Alimentarus (very important)!

One of the most difficult things to understand right now though is how so few people understand what is going on.  It is extremely frustrating and worrisome when your own family and friends remain oblivious despite numerous attempts of trying to open their eyes.

As it stands right now I have practically no communication with either “friends” or family with the exception of my Mother.

And I have finally learnt to keep my mouth shut with her because I don’t want her to threaten to jump off the balcony again.

Brother what is it going to take for people to wake up?

Even watching the mainstream news right now, despite how much truth is being suppressed, should be enough to become at least suspicious of the world around you.

Last night, before Al conked out he said to me his soul was feeling very sick.  It is hard not to want vengeance, to feel vilified, vindicated, and victorious. Not to feel angry at what has been dealt us is unhealthy I am sure.

Perhaps I shouldn’t bring up what happened in the past with my family and friends but it is difficult for me to understand what has transpired.  How did it come to this?  From being a close knit group to barely talking. This time last year I was treated like a total fuck up that couldn’t be trusted and now I find out I was right about so many things.  Al knew immediately and we have stuck by each others side ever since.

Where would I be if I hadn’t met Al?  This is something I don’t even think about because I know without a shadow of a doubt everything that happens is what is meant to be.

Sue has done a 100% turn around she looks ten years younger and is filled with hope.  Her son Sal is definitely on the road to recovery.

She gets news everyday from her nephew, Walter, that Sal also has made a complete 360 degree turn.  So no matter how dire things may look sometimes all it takes is one little push in the right direction for everything to change.
          “It could happen to you
                   It could happen to me”

It happened to me when I met Al.  It will be a year soon.  A year of discovery and becoming educated to the truth.  We both look forward to doing something for humanity now that we have had this education.  Ideas come to us like rain.  I suspect we are now in preparation stage.  Patience is something I am trying to learn.  In order to make progress, planning is paramount. We have to be like jaguars and be ready to pounce when the perfect opportunity presents itself.

Ok enough for today.  Now is time for me to do my Art.

This is what keeps me cool.

June 10, 2008

I am going to harp about it.  Also that asshole, Harper.  This use to be a great country.  We at least enjoyed some freedoms and prosperity. How quickly we have slid or perhaps been sold is more like it.  How much further do we have to slide in order for the masses to wake up?

I read an article on the net the other day that made total sense to me.  Just the day before I mentioned to Al that I had a strong suspicion that we are even in a worse state in some ways then the United States and now I understand why. For most part Canadians are a kind and gentle people and therefore easily duped especially because there are not that many of us.  We live in one of the most prosperous, natural resource wise, countries in the world, so we are the perfect guinea pigs!

Read about Bill C51.  Check it out for yourself.  Imagine our wonderful government is trying to push through legislation banning natural products!!! And trying to tell us that it’s for our benefit and safety??? If you can defend this one then you are totally, duped.  So go get your chip right now because you are a mind controlled slave.

We are all slaves here.  Slaving away to our systems and killing ourselves in the process.  We are even slaves to the weather.  Yes, confirmation again.  Both Al and I have suspected that this weather is beyond co-incidence and this morning listening to Alex Jones, interviewing another Canadian, Benjamin Fulford, we get confirmation that some of the extreme weather is created by H.A.A.R.P. technology and my breathing problems are most likely attributed to chem trails or some other wonderful poison being pumped into our air.

Today finally this terrible heat and humidity has lifted so I have some energy.  Even thinking has been a chore these last few days.  But it has been a good few days because I have been feeling even more hope.

Our group is growing.

Franklin came over on Sunday and helped Al with a few odd jobs and cooked us a delicious dinner.  Salmon and lobster in a brandy, Creole cream sauce with a delicious salad and bruchetta.  We live very well.  God looks after us, we have no doubt.

Al met Franklin when he was staying at the Scott Mission.  Franklin has a book of his own on his life story.  How our society looks down on people, because very often due to circumstances beyond their control they find themselves in dire circumstances.  Franklin was a very successful entrepreneur and also was on the golfing senior’s tour bef0re he had an accident that changed his life.  What we often do to these people is look down at them.  His own daughter wants little to do with him because he is now down and out.  

Anyway, I am getting off topic.  Going off on my own tangent right now only frustrates me.  Too many other important issues to cover first.  I don’t want to overwhelm myself.

Yes we all have quite a few stories to tell.  Al and I laugh and laugh some of the time on how ridiculous it all seems.

June 12, 2008

Please stand by

I am sitting in bed waiting to hear what is coming up now regarding copyright laws.  This one is very personal to me seeing the effect personally makes me much more aware of what damage these insane laws do to our society.  Just listening to Alex Jones saying “Imagine we are paying for these laws” that are made to protect only the elite. Al and I have paid enough for this bush shit.  Canadian politicians yet again kissing the asses of big brother. 

We are in the middle of the Matrix.

The charges against Al for selling some copy righted dvd’s finally were dropped last week and the only reason they were is because the crown could not locate the files after 12 months.  What efficiency. He still has to go see his probation officer once a month for the next year as he is a convicted criminal for the same crime. What purpose does this serve?

This is just a small example of how …

I am just listening to the copyright act now.  We are doomed here in Canada.  Wow.

Thank God we put off our plans to build our web site here and have learnt how to decipher the news.

And I am praying for Justice for Al!!!

Life is never boring for us.

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