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August 7, 2007

Finally a good nite sleep
Ask and you shall receive

Finally in bed by 10 p.m.  Not that we fell asleep but at least we are resting one way or another.  I fell asleep on Al this time.  I never felt so tired in all my life.

The windows are wide open and all I see are the leaves… it is also important to see the leaves along with the trees, along with the forest.

I am craving nature.   It has been a year since I was up in beautiful Blue Mountain with Lorraine and David.  How different I am since them.

I have grown in leaps and bounds.

I wouldn’t mind sitting out in my little back yard today.  I think I will do some art if I get the opportunity.

Today is the first day of a routine I pray.  I am learning the more I pray and meditate the more the devil stays away.  This is one of the lessons I taught Al yesterday.  I think I taught him a few lessons after all it looks like it is my duty to be a teacher of some kind?

Al and I read our Toltec Wisdom cards yesterday.  Once again they are dead on… truly amazing grace.  Now I think that we are meant to be the keepers of a book of wisdom… a message we received form our Higher Power yesterday, through the cards.  One that is awesome 2 me… but of course WOW NOW will be the book of wisdom, so it does make sense.

Oh, it feels good to know I will not be dragging my ass all day.  Today is an important day for Al and me.

Al told me I was the first to save his soul. Since meeting me he is now into photography and would like to make this his art.  This is what he feels will save him.

One soul at a time.  I have tried to save a few souls in my life but this ended up just killing mine.  It’s a very dangerous thing to do without knowing what you are doing.

You can only help save a soul once your own is free from disease... but really don’t be concerned because our Higher Power will get to it when the time is right.

Al is sleeping soundly in front of me.  He is at peace.  This makes me happy.  Hope I can catch his dreams this time.

Yesterday I felt I had to get some things straightened out between Al and me.  I no longer wanted any misconceptions between us. It is certainly time to get down to business.  Not that we haven’t eaten, breathed and lived WOW NOW since we met.  But now we need to do it in a more organized manner.  How I need routine to keep me on course.

I told Al it was his duty to keep me organized, not to mention being my protector.  He has much more patience than me.  Oh, oh he is snoring.  I’ll take this in the living room.

I’m still feeling drained.  I guess I need my coffee… after all… before Al this was my routine. 

Of course we couldn’t get the internet running yesterday.  These large corporations are often a joke.  I really do wish they would learn to do things the right way from the beginning.  It should be about intelligent design.  I would like to do some research on George Brown’s project.  It was very intriguing to me.

Al and I went for dinner at Shox yesterday.  Our waitress was with child… a little boy…

Well I guess that is enough 4 1 day.  Time to pray... time to give thanks.

I am grateful that “I have a good mother”

August 9, 2007

Al’s Well in La La Land
There is no place like home…
There is no place like home

Al has just gone to get our coffee so I will not have much time to write.  Today is organization day for our home.   We must get this home in order before we can truly produce what we want to.

I am feeling very domesticated today.  Back to the old Lesa, Martha Stewart.

I love sitting out on our balcony and watching the world go by.  So I am giving myself a few moments of peace in order to start the day.  How wonderful, what a wonderful world, especially when the one you love shares it with you. 

I was beat yesterday, but today we woke up at 7 a.m.  I have a feeling things are going to go so much smoother for us now.

Well, I made the big leap of faith and signed the bottom line for the offer of our home.  It was a “no brainer” as our landlord, Dominic mentioned, more than once.  When you get a gift from your Higher Power you must treasure it. 

It’s nice and cool right now but this afternoon it will be sweltering once again… 1oo degrees in the shade.

Can’t wait to set up our home.  It won’t be done in a day.  Still have stuff all over the place and the paint will have to wait until we actually take possession… September 12, 2007

Bi-polar person of the day:  Al Lal
I am grateful for:  Home and Al l that is in it.

August 10, 2007
The dream continues
Every journey continues with the first step, and so on and so on

And so on we go.  We did have a few surprises yesterday.  Once again I did not recognize the signs correctly.  Well, we are not pregnant.  Of course we were both disappointed at first but after considering what a huge mission we have to undertake we realize it was a gift from above that this special event must be delayed in order for us to really enjoy the miracle of it.

There is a little Jag and a little Rain floating in paradise waiting for us.

After all, we were already granted with a few miracles. Not only that, we have many children in our lives that we would love to reconnect with. 
Also, this is not a good time for us to have worries, and to be honest, I did have a few concerns that I am not prepared to bring children into the world right now.  Not to mention that now is a dangerous time for children to be brought into this world.

We must first try and help save this world so they will have a safe haven on earth to live in.  It’s our duty to clean up this joint.  Speaking of which we are making progress.  Sometimes not in the way we suspected but much progress was made yesterday non the less.

Where ever Al goes he bumps into soldiers.  Yesterday, he had five new business cards to add to our every growing army of humanitarian crusaders.  Yes the holy rollers are coming out in droves and all artists to boot.  I would like to also mention that anyone with our vision is welcomed to join the posse.  The only criteria is that you do it from the heart with your art.

We must get to the fine art of living fulfilling, spiritual lives.  Those who don’t may not live to regret it.

We have invited Nancy (Al’s sister) and her boyfriend for dinner on Sunday.  We are hoping Denis will also make it as we feel he would be a good buffer. 

It will be the first meal prepared in our new home. 

Ahhh, just took my first sip of coffee and ate ½ a bagel and soy yogurt.  I want to get back to my healthy living.  I’m having a difficult time relaxing some of the time.  I got a message from Tut today saying some minor physical differences can help in our mission.

Al is laughing like a crazy fool right now, watching Raymond.  I have been having a difficult time not doing anything work related.  Unless it is making love of course.  This I’m certainly not giving up.  It rebuilds my stamina.

I wish I could be more like Al.  I know he worries that my brain will heat up and start smoking from all the thoughts that are pouring out and that they won’t ever get finalized because I keep on jumping on to the next. 

Routine is important.  Rest is important.  Exercise is important.  Healthy eating… yoga… taking care… doing my art is very important.  Al also bought me some pills recommended by the health food store to help keep my mind balanced.

Well time to relax.  Back to bed for an hour.  I feel I need it.

Another thing I am coming to realize is that I am actually getting physically sick when I see or hear anything evil.

Just want to do my job right now to the best of my abilities.  So I need to improve my abilities.

Slow down you move to fast.

August 11, 2008

Make love not War
  Absolutely what is it good for???

We are making so much progress.  It hasn’t been a piece of cake, I might add but I see every part of our mission growing.

Al and I have been blissfully left alone most of this week. Not even a note from Tut this a.m. I do miss hearing from him.

How the symbols for my alphabet are growing and making more sense to me.  But this is just the beginning of a new language.  Can’t wait to get the kids on board. 

Communication is so necessary and often so unnecessary.  Actions speak louder than words. 

I learnt something very interesting yesterday.  Just how easy it is for our brains to be tricked into believing mistruths.  Now that I know I am not with child I can eat anything I want.  Just the day before I was throwing up or feeling ill with most foods.

How very strange, something we need to research.  There is a lot we need to find out.

Yesterday Al and I discussed having a search engine in WOW NOW, in order to make it easier to get answers to all these question the human race may have.  Of course this is a huge undertaking but Al came up with a great idea.  He is going to solicit soldiers at the university.  We hear Sheridan has some top notch talent.  If they are good enough for Disney… just Imagine

We have been coming up with all kinds of ideas on how to support our mission.  Also how two fund it.

Progress also is being made here at home.  The final load being delivered today.  By tomorrow we will have the place looking like a dream.

Speaking of which I had a beautiful one last night.

Progress also is being made with our relationship.  All it took was a little tweaking.  Al realized too many beers can make him grumpy and puts a little of the devil in him so he decided to only have beer on special occasions.  I am a very happy, creative drunk… I don’t want to lose my joy de vie.

However too much of a good thing is not healthy so starting Monday we are back to my old ways of measuring our intake on many counts.  This use to keep me in check in so many areas of my life.  It definitely helps keeping checks and balances on yourself.

It will make us much stronger in the long run.  I have been running on empty lately.  So has Al. 

This is where I find my peace:  Intimate love.  It feeds my precious desires.

August 13, 2007
Me and Mr Jones
Two Arts are better than 1

I am going to practice my WOW NOW new alphabet slowly, until it becomes like 2nd nature.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  I hope it is self explanatory.

Another gift from our High Power.  I see the beauty in the simplicity.  Use basic symbols.

Wouldn’t this help in so many areas?  First off, it is relatively easy to learn.  I can see this helping so many children who think different from the so called norm. This could help kids with short term memory, dyslexia, mental retardation, autism, a.d.d., a.d.h.d., downe syndrome, and so on and so on and so on.

Were there always so many children with mental problems or are we just hearing more about it now?  Something is very wrong and I can feel it in my bones.  My 6th sense.  And I have a stinking suspicion once again it has to do with the pharmaceutical companies.

Those greedy son’s of bitches who will kill mind, body and spirit in order to make $$$$$$$

I am going to investigate.  I will definitely add who ever is making these decisions to my 144 evil people list.

I have been finding a few names.  Some will surprise you.  This list is just the beginning and I must be careful that I am getting the right signs from my Higher Power.

The list of 144,000 soldiers who are here to save the world is a much easier one to share.

So starting today I am back to Brigette Jones and am going to track my intake and outtake and my moods.  For someone with bi-polar disorder it is important to keep on top of things because it doesn’t take too much and we become less than we could be.

From what I have researched, I am seeing some great minds that often are blown.  So part of my research will be to find out just what happens to these brilliant minds.

Is it proper diet, nutrition, the right amount of exercise, learning to relax?  I know this is an important one for me.  One huge conclusion I have come to is that those pharmaceutical companies are one of the most dangerous evils for us.  I will never ever take another pill that is synthetic to control my moods.  This I have seen first  hand at CAMH and Jean Tweeds.  This is devastating to people with addictions and afflictions.

One of the worse drugs  is methadone.  Both Al and I have seen some very strong soldiers come under the spell of methadone.  Pure evil.  Do you know that it was invented by the Germans during WWII to keep their soldiers hooked and at their beck and call!

Anyway let’s just pray that someone out there is looking into the matter.  Without a lot of support from fellow humanitarians WOW NOW will never take off the ground.  We are searching desperately to find those interested in our cause.

Tomorrow Al is going to Ryerson to see if he can solicit some young, unscathed minds who can help us with our technical issues.  We are a bunch of old farts when it comes to this.

Also, I have been investigating some Mary Magdalene stories and there are some connections that are a little mind blowing too me.   One little interesting tid bit I will let you in on is that the V symbol = feminine.  How often that symbol comes up.  The O also?  Today I am going to play around with it.

We, me and my Mr. Jones (a.k.a. Al) have been doing some serious bonding of late.  We truly feel our Higher Powers are giving us this opportunity so we will be totally prepared to work together as 50%/50% partners in all areas.

We have had no distractions this whole week.


Our home is becoming so beautiful it makes me cry tears of joy.  Our relationship is growing stronger every day. 

Well guess it is time to sign off because Al owes me some loving.

Bi-polar person of the day:  Virginia Wolf
Grateful for “Mr. Jones” (my little devil)

August 14, 2007

We must be in Heaven

The only 1 who can tell u when it is time to go is your higher power
Doctor’s r not gods

8 hours of sleep – AL A  LU Ya
Now our mission is totally under way.  We have our I.T. department.  Crucial to any business is their systems.  And you are not going to believe where Al found him.  The bus stop.

Yes once again God winks at us.  We know we are ready to go.  We are thrilled.

Al didn’t get on the bus and the kid just missed the bus, and they of course discussed WOW NOW.  Al would never let any opportunity go to waste.  The kid was intrigued.  The first thing he said is “you’re not doing this for money, right !!! 

We are sold on this kid.  Al says he is a 20 year old with a soul of a 41 year old soul dear.

Yes, this is what I will call us.  We are soul dears.

The kid emailed us right away saying he was excited.  And of course his girlfriend is an Artist.  And the kid is out to get us more soul dears.  So we will probably have this built in a day.

Exaggerations of course, but I have a feeling our website is going to take off like wildfire!

So there was no stopping us yesterday.  Al and I have had the best day of our lives so far and do you know what I have this

Strange Suspicion
John Lennon (a true soul dear)

That it is even going to get better.  Yesterday we had a great day.  We were supposed to get our pedicures and manicures done but ended up not making it because we bumped into friends, Paula and Ron.  We met them about a month ago at Axis and got along like a house on fire.

We had a great evening with them.  So I am hoping they will become a fixture around here.  We will have a house full soon enough.  We are over the moon.

We got back in such a giddy mood.  I laughed so hard I peed my pants.  At least I would have if I had them on.  When I walked into the house my pants just slipped down.  Al looks at me and laughs so loud, that I can’t stop.  Anyway you had to be there.  It was hilarious.  As Al says, doesn’t take me too long to get my pants off.

So how is that for a great day.

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