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April 29, 2009

Today is exactly two years from where this book starts again. It is time for another new beginning and for me to pack up all my care and troubles away … so come to the Cabaret old chum come to the Cabaret.

I just played Al and my new passion, creating digital art videos! In the past couple of weeks we have put together five compilations and we have only just begun. We have plans to take this art medium to a new level. It incorporates everything I love. It ties all my arts together! I now have a vision of writing a book played out with not only in words, but also through pictures, music and movement.

I think this is an original idea and have a very good feeling that it will take off like wild fire. Oh, oh I feel another song coming on.

So if you have followed our story so far you can judge for yourself.

I have been neglecting journaling for the last month and instead I have been manifesting our dreams and what I am dreaming of most right now is having security. I am dreaming that our days of having to worry about having the necessities in life are over.

I’ve seen enough to know this is not what our Creator has ever intended for us. Our security has been taken over by those who perceive themselves to be our gods. Those who think they have a divine right. How wrong they are.

Just one more lie they have fed us.

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