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January 1, 2008 A NEW YEAR

Happy New Year everyone!
Our trip here went very smooth. I little different as Bill was usually here to say hello.
Blanche had a nice dinner ready for us.
New Years Eve we went to Eve's and watched the fire works from a neighbour’s roof!
We had to clean out Bills apt. that was an awful job he must have been sick for a while as he had done nothing in the apt. and with his disorder part of it was he did not throw out anything. Dad had to identify his body yesterday and it was very upsetting for him.
Tomorrow we will have a get together at the apt he lived at with all his friends to say good bye.
His body will be sent to London and he will be buried with his parents.
Eve has been a great help and poor her as she is still dealing with her fathers death and has a house full of people.
Things should get back to normal now--- WE walked the beach this morning and Dad did his usual swim with Maurice and I had to walk back with there shoes etc.
Judy where are you when I need you LOL
Judy thanks for the nice e-mail Maurice and Blanche send there love and everyone has been asking where are you!
I told them next year. We had our first BBQ last night as Sonny wanted his hamburger and since he is 93 I thought we better not wait!
Carol I hope you had a good trip
Amanda I hope you are having fun
Love you all


Hey Lesa,

Happy New Year to you and Al and T-Poo too!!!

So how are things going? Did you spend a nice quiet Christmas Day and how was your New Years Eve??

We had a nice visit with Mom and Dad and Roger &; Louise. Alan and I skied 3 out of the 6 days that we were in Montreal, it was fun. We had New Years Eve dinner at John and Lynn’s and then headed home on New Years Day. It was a real crappy drive home, it took 8 hours and it was a blizzard the whole way back, but we made it home safe and sound. I got back to work yesterday and I am glad today is Friday, I feel that I haven’t stopped going since before Christmas. I am looking forward to a nice quiet weekend at home.

Well write back and let me know how things are. As soon as Carol and Jim get back from Florida we should try and all get together.

Love Janet
p.s. I have some left over turkey and stuffing in my freezer with your name on it. I didn’t forget to save you some!!  

Hi Janet,
Happy New Years too.   We had a wonderful holiday season.  Haven't been happier in my whole life!  It was quiet ... no stress ... no presents!   I recommend this to everyone.  I did make some "art" photos for Al's family.   Was great to get back into it.  Ohh we also got Tee the cutest hoddie jacket.  Wait till you see him in it.  It is just adorable.

Too bad about that snow storm.  I can remember the hell it was driving back in those storms.   Haven't been to Montreal in such a long time.   One of these days we hope to get out for a visit.  I think Roger and Al will hit it off well. 

Poor Mom and Dad.  Another death to deal with.  Now Bill is up there too.  Glad they are in Barbados.  It is a beautiful place to recuperate.  

We're looking forward to our turkey dinner, since we didn't have one this year.  Al's family tradition is sea food.

Let me know when you want to get together.  When is Amanda coming home?

Bye for now
lesa, al and T2  

Hi Mom and Dad,

Hope you are having a great relaxing time in Barbados.  It's the best place I know to recover. 

Anyway I am sorry to once again have to get you in the middle of a situation.

We are having a few people over today to celebrate New Years Eve.  Denis is coming over and bringing us some money to tide us over until we can get a cheque cashed tomorrow and I am also expecting money in the next while so with your help we are doing fine and know the situation is temporary.

Diane feels we should sell the house.   Should not put your name as co owners on the house, because she thinks you will be responsible.  If this is a worry we can always do it some other way.  

Diane feels we are a burden to her and I would like to alleviate this burden.  

I am going to say no more and trust that you will understand why Diane should not be involved in our financial situations.  This has been a problem with her for a long time now.  

Anyway enough of that.  I want to hear all the dirt on Barbados.  

Love you guys,
and send my regards to everyone
ciao from WOW NOW

Yesterday I sent you $1000.00 and today I have sent you $500.00. Let me know if this works for you as this is what I am planning to do for the next few months.

It is apparent that we cannot have a conversation unless I am in complete agreement with whatever you say and whatever your plans are. My suggestion that you think of selling your house is just my suggestion. The reason is that I don’t want to see you penniless. If you can’t make your payments the bank will foreclose and you will loose your investment. I think you are taking a huge risk. Why not have a bit of security if you can and at such time that you have secure income think of re-investing.

It is also my opinion that you can take ownership of being bi-polar and if you are willing to do this, know that there are consequences of not taking medication such as impaired judgment, grandiose ideas or whatever else way you want to describe the symptoms. Or you can say, screw that, screw us, I am not impaired in anyway and I take full responsibility for my actions and decisions. If you say you are the latter then I don’t know of anyone that is going to take the responsibility away from you should you continue with at the very least making financial decisions before any of your plans come true.


Hi Mom and Dad,

I have been sitting on this email for over a week now.  I think it is self explanatory. 

This abuse by Diane has got to stop.  It is damaging to everyone concerned and has been going on for much too long.  It is damaging also to her.  It is time I get over this once and for all. 

I am sending you some information on bipolar.  I have known this information in my heart ... but it is difficult to understand me, sometimes I get too emotional, especially where my family is concerned. This riff has hurt me deeply.

Believe me I am not being grandiose.  We all get messages ... we can listen to them or choose to ignore them.   I have journal upon journal, proof after proof.   I have Al as my witness.   Everything Al and I have gone through is for a purpose. 

Everything all of us go through is for a purpose.  Both Al and I have witnessed a lot of injustices in this world.  God winks happen for a reason.   We know our mission (we both want to help save the world) and will not deviate from the plan.  God directs us every step of the way now (well nearly we still have to figure it out first).  Took a while but we got the message loud and clear ... lol.   We stopped praying and Al ends up in jail for many reasons .. some of them lessons for us and many of them lessons to share with the world.

Diane's attitude breeds more injustices (to me mainly) and something I can no longer ignore ...  something now I must be adamant about ... if not then I am ignoring the messages God sends me.   I know this sounds convoluted.  It is up to all of us to get the facts and then make our opinions and then do what our conscious tells us is right rather then what society tries to teach us. 

The Bible can tell you a lot.  You may have to read between the lines and ignore what has been put there by man, but the answers are all there, so we have been finding out.   Our website is going to be pretty interesting!!!!

Trust me, I was the last person to believe in the Bible but God sent me Al, and between the two of us, and by doing a lot of praying, we understand.  It has nothing to do with organized religion.  Far from it actually. 

There are a lot of spiritual people in Barbados. Please talk to them.  These next few years a lot of things will happen. There hasn't been a prophecy yet that hasn't come true and there have been lots of prophecies.  

We can make it easier on ourselves.  The outcome will be the outcome and if we look closely you see there is nothing to worry about. In fact a lot to be celebrating eventually.  Fear is our greatest enemy.   So I am hoping that you guys let go of any fears or worries you may have and just believe.  Have faith.  Pray... ask God for direction.  It works every time once you get the hang of it.  I have seen it over and over again. Al and I just know.  No doubts.

If we understand the messages we also understand that the most difficult ones to bear are also the messages that guide us the most.   Both Al and I can give you example after example.

It is your choice.  You can ignore this and believe I am crazy (please see links) or believe what God (your higher power  ... whatever you feel most comfortable with) and Jesus are/were trying hard to tell all of us hard headed people.  

I am asking for your help now despite knowing how difficult a time this is for you  ... this is hard for me to do.  We can also sometimes not do what is right because of our kindness.  In the long run this does not benefit anyone.  I know ... I have done this enough times in my life.  God keeps on sending me this message.  

It just comes down to this ... if we don't follow what we know to be true... if we don't follow the truth ... in the long run those that don't, suffer needlessly.   We all have free will.  

If you have any doubts on what is going on in our family ... just follow the email trail (you don't have all of them but enough to get the drift).  Any questions or doubts just ask me.   I always have told you the truth as I know it.  I will continue to tell you the truth as I know it. 
Our family (once a very close family) has lost its way where I am concerned.  I have faith.  God tells me not to worry ... it will work out.  Not sure why but I am compelled to send this message. 

Money is not in this equation.  What is in this equation is the ability to be able to help your brother or sister in times of need. And by brother and sister I mean humanity also.  I have seen too much where little or no help ... other than advise and lots of that  (and usually wrong advise) is given ... or judging without knowing facts or even inquiring. 

This is far from what you have taught us.  Diane is sending out such damaging messages (where I am concerned).  I have got to do something about this for my own sake.

Al and I will continue doing what we know is right. We have faith... no doubts at all.   We haven't had all these messages for nothing.  We pray every night that we can all come together on this.  If I say nothing ... like I have done sometimes (humanity too) too often ... I am not sure where it will lead me.    

Anyway I have faith.  So please, please take this as a good message. Something that can help everyone concerned.   What I would like right now is for someone to get vocal about what has been going on.   Setting someone straight, even if it is a daughter ,sometimes needs to be done.  

I have tried being nice (very damaging to me to go along ... medication, psychiatry, was the most damaging thing I could have agreed with .. lots of facts to base this observation on) and I have also tried to be honest  (sometimes even more damaging) .

If you can't do this I will understand.   I'm looking for some help.  Every time I have in the past it seems to come down to finances (money the root of all evil) and trust me finances are the last thing I am worried about.  Hey we grew up in Laval West remember.  I don't remember being unhappy besides that we have gotten the message loud and clear not to worry about this.  There are many people who believe in this cause.

I love you guys ... I think you are the best parents in the world  ...  we all have been blessed with so much thanks to God...  but I hope someone straightens out this family.  I've tried unsuccessfully.  I don't know where else to go. This may be my last plead for help from my family, I don't know.  Sorry to put it on you guys.... 

Anyway regardless, we are well and happy. Both Al and I have never been so happy in all our lives.  I can't ask for anything more.  Wait till you see the pictures of Tee in his new jacket and one beautiful thing after another just keeps on happening.

Just think about this first.   I'm not sure how to approach it.  I'm hoping maybe you will have some answers for all of us.

Lesa, Al and T2

Good morning to you all:- As some of you know, for the past month, I had suffered from a very painful heel, it started a week before I left home and didn't have any time to do anything about it. I was given a name of a Podiatrist here in Barbados and made an appointment. Yesterday afternoon, Dixie and I took a taxi to the Foot Clinic. The young chap was very knowledgeable about world politics and he let us know he did not like Bush (who does). Anyway it was a busy time, traffic wise, so Niccold (that was his name) decided to take a few short cuts. Let me say, I was so happy to have Dixie with me, because I have a suspicious nature. He must have read our minds, because he assured us, that if we stayed on the main highway” you would be late for your appointment. Too many darn vehicles on this Island. We saw sights that we wouldn't have dreamed and glad that we did. We knew that there are a lot of "have nots" on the Island, and this excursion really brought it home to us. But each and every "little" house was painted a bright color and you could see a few flowers either in their windows or in their minute yards. Children were out playing, some on their bikes. That made us wonder why more kids aren't killed, because these back roads were even narrower than the main roads. Anyway Niccold Callender got us there in one piece and promised to return for us.

I received three cortisone shots in different places in my heel. Ouch!!! It was worth it. Dr. Karen Padmore is a lovely young woman of 37, she said she trained in Pennsylvania to be a Podiatrist. Anyway, if I do what she suggests I will be back on the beach in no time. I can feel a difference already. She stressed that we should not neglect our feet, we take our poor "tootsies" for granted don't we.

Niccold was late coming back for us because of the traffic, by a half hour. We took a different route coming back; let me say I was so glad that my dear friend was with me. Again, we saw how most people live in Barbados. The sun was starting to set, all the homes had sort of a glow over them from the setting sun, it all looked so peaceful (if you didn't mind the blare of horns from different vehicles).. If any of you decide to come to Barbados, and you need a taxi , then call Niccold Callender, cell # 1-246-821-8507 or 1-246-429-6922  Because he was late coming back for us, he reduced our rate by a lot. Such a nice young man. A credit to Barbados.

Our love to you all, have a great day, Love Mom, (Blanche)(Gramma)

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