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January 20 2009

TUT... A Note from the Universe
Just to be extra clear, Lesa, there is absolutely no connection between the global economy and your freedom to think as you please.
Nor is there any connection between the global economy and my ability to shock and delight, suddenly and without warning.
I think that pretty much takes care of everything,
The Universe
And there is nothing under the sun, Lesa, that can stop your thoughts from becoming things. Prepare the way.

January 20, 2009
Hi Lesa,
Sorry I haven’t written back sooner, it’s been a little crazy around here lately. I received another check from Mom and Dad and I will get it into the bank and send it off early next week.

It’s for another $1000 dollars and I think that’s the last of what they can send you. How are you making out? Do I send the money order to the same place as last time? Have you decided to stay in Nova Scotia for awhile?

Hi Janet,
I was just about ready to give up all hope. Thank you for replying. Next week will be too late... We have some obligations that we need to cover as I am sure you can understand. It would be greatly appreciated if you can send this money asap. We need it by Friday the latest. It is a long story... and it has to do with having a little faith. After this we have a few options on the burner and it looks like it will be clear sailing from here on in.

The world has been a little crazy, as you mentioned. What we really need to do is start looking out for each other, and trust me the government is not here to help you. You will understand what I am talking about one of these days.

love always
lesa, al and T2

Hi Lesa,

I will do my best to get it to you by Friday. I wish you would tell me what your plans are, I am really concerned, I know you hate it when I say that, but if it were me and the tables were turned I know you would feel the same way. The money I send won’t get you very far and after that then what, I know you say it has to do with having faith and that’s fair enough, but faith won’t pay the bills and then what. What are these options you are telling me about? I would love to hear that you love it in Nova Scotia and are planning on trying to stay there. I am sure the rents are more affordable there and you always loved it by the ocean. I see you as finding it a peaceful place to settle, and if that’s what you are considering we could all help you get set up there if you wanted our help, not interference only help.

I know too that the government does have help out there for those that need it, you have worked all your life and paid into these funds and you deserve to see some of it back if you need it.

Please let me know what your plans are so that I don’t worry for nothing.

Love Janet

Hi Janet,

We have met some very good people out here who are aware of what has transpired with our story. Nova Scotia is beautiful and people here are very down to earth. I do not hate it when you are concerned but I do not like it when you don't believe what I have been trying to tell you. What has happened to us is not unusual. There are many things that are very unfair in this world and both Al and I have no intention of going along with a system that is very unfair. You only have to open a newspaper to see that it is time to do something about it. No one is to blame but the system. And it's about time we open our eyes to it.

Al has been offered a job by a friend of ours that knows our plight. My book is nearly finished and I have met someone who has an in with the biggest publisher in Canada. My book is very informative. What has happened to us, when you hear the whole story, it beyond unfair. I can go the lawyer route but as you know that will take years. First we have to get back on our feet and then we will be able to fight all the injustices that we have encountered.

We are doing very well and are safe and it is beautiful by the ocean. You should see the birds. This week a bald eagle flew right over us. Tee has made a friend, a cute little black Pomeranian and we have met many people that you would love.

Everything happens for a reason. And you just have to trust me on that one. How is everyone back home?
lesa, al and T2

Hi Lesa,

I’m glad that you like it where you are, it sounds as if you’ve found a little peace and quiet there, that is all that I wish for you, I have faith in you and I have hope, that’s a message I think the whole world is hearing today, have faith and have hope, things change and sometimes things do happen for a reason and I hope that all your dreams do come true for you.

That is good news that Al has been offered a job, it will certainly help to get you on the road to settling there, are you still staying with Al’s family, do I send the money to the same place? Have you looked at any places where you think you might want to move to permanently, I hope so, I can imagine what a beautiful quiet life it would be to live in a place like that, I have always found the ocean calming and peaceful.

Everyone here is fine here, I will say hello to them for you.
Love Janet

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