Sunday, January 2, 2011

Al’s Baptism Speech

I’ve been asked to answer two questions:

#1 “Why do you want to be baptized?”

#2 “What has happened that has made you want to follow God?”

My answer to the second question, I hope will answer the first.

As long as I can remember I have always felt that God has been close to me. Even though for long periods of time, I have not spoken to Him.

My Mother, Enid Benjamin, brought up all her children with the Baptist Church. I grew up with Sunday school and bible study and of course was Baptized, but at an age where I was not ready to be reborn. I was not ready to be awakened. I was not ready to understand the Christ Consciousness (the self).

I listened too much to the chitter chatter in my brain, which led me to materialistic values. As I grew older my life became very empty and unfulfilling. So much so that I basically had to walk away from it all. And I mean all of it. Possessions, friends and family.

I became a nomad for years. I did much soul searching during this time. But basically I was lost. Until one day I met Mike Hamilton. He was studying theology at the time. We had a conversation and he was the first man who knew me like an open book. He told me to stop carrying around this burden of guilt. The guilt I felt was because in order to walk away from the system I also had to walk away from my family.

He told me that God had forgiven me a long time ago. He told me God had a plan for me, and it was up to me to ask what the plan was and for me to accept it. He handed me the Book of John and me to read it. While I was readying the book of John I prayed and asked to be put into service. What I also prayed for was to have a relationship, but one not based on materialistic values … and I also wanted a dog. But if that wasn’t in the cards, I would be ok with it. I just really wanted to be of service.

Less than two weeks later, across the street from where I was staying I met Lesa Theriault. She was writing a book about her spiritual journey. We had so much in common.

Little did I know that we would become inseparable and also that we were to be given our most precious gift, a dog, our Mr. Tee.

Since this time we have both been walking with God through synchronicity, signs and messages. We now truly believe everything has already been planned for us. Our job is to follow and have faith. We have to stop wanting and just be.

We have been learning to live our lives through the Christ Consciousness not what our minds have been tricked into believing through media and misconstrued values.

We know this journey on earth has been a gift to us. One in which we are meant to learn. We have learnt many truths in our two year journey together, and while it has not always been easy to swallow, it has set our minds free.

Jesus gave us the messages. It’s about love, not fear. It’s about learning the truth and the truth will set you free.

We now find ourselves at the Gateway, and everywhere we turn we feel the true spirit of love and doing on to others. We know we are exactly where we were meant to be, back to a caring community.

I feel like the Prodigal son, returning back to the Father. I have been shown his grace, compassion, forgiveness, love, peace of mind, through living by the Christ Consciousness.

This is the reason I want to be baptized. I am now awake. I am learning how to be in the world but not of it.

It hasn’t always been easy but then again it never was meant to be. Through trials and tribulations which are still going on, we have grown leaps and bounds.

Albert Lal

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