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May 16, 2008 MORE TO LEARN

May 16, 2008

Believe in your self

That is the message I have been given this week.  There is always more to learn.  I am sitting on Synchronicity, my elegant burnt orange art deco settee, in our beautiful dining room, listening to Al play the guitar.

Unbelievable, he picked it up a little over a week ago for the first time and without any instructions, no music scores, which wouldn’t help because he does not know how to read music, and he already has written a score in his head, and it is beautiful.

When we are in Mexico he will be able to serenade me.  I have always dreamt of being serenaded by a man.  And dreams really do come true.  As long as you believe.

This was Al’s experiment and it turns out to be perfectly true.

Today is Victoria Day.  Give me a break.  We are still “honouring” some old queen’s birthday.   Another lesson learnt this week.  Do not give up your power to anyone.  Human’s suck up other people’s power!

I can’t help but think that this has a lot to do with the mess we find ourselves in.

May 25, 2008

I am sitting in bed, listening to hundreds of birds chirping, over looking a gorgeous view of tin roofs and trees in blossom.  The sky is soft, white grey clouds.  I hear traffic in the background.

Al is lying on his back, snoring slightly.  Tee and Susan are walking somewhere on High Park Blvd.  A train whistles in the background.

I am trying to keep myself all together.

This beautiful view is what keeps me from giving up on the world.  The people that are true give me hope.

I am feeling so confused.  Everything is happening so quickly, Feelings, anger, disillusionment, laughter, joy, love, and disappointment.  But I have no fear this is what I must go through.

Honest feelings.  We have been taught that we are not allowed to feel.  Anger, joy, sorrow, excitement, anticipation, hope, sorrow, disgust, pity…

We are told over and over again not to feel.  We are taught to fear any emotion.  Don’t say this, don’t say that.  You may hurt someone’s feelings.  Just pretend.  Put on a happy face.

Here comes the rain.  Tee and Sue just made it in time.

I just ate ¼ pancake filled with pecans and loaded with butter.  More sins.  I am satisfied.

Al is strumming his guitar, his new found love, along with Tee.

We are happy.

May 27, 2008

What a week this has been.  So many stories to tell.  Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I felt totally drained but went to bed early and I am feeling rested today.

I should get back to my old routine of writing every morning because the world becomes more and more complicated every day and just keeping up with world events, not to mention what is going on in our lives, is a mission in it self.

Everyday we do a little bit more, one step at a time, in order to go forward and start doing what we truly feel we are meant to do.  Build our website.

We know there is no way to possibly build one here in Canada for a multitude of reasons.  This country is too controlled by outside influences, by the system, by the elite.  We can feel the bubble ready to burst at any moment.  The faster we can put up the for sale sign the better.  First though we have to deal with Al’s ridiculous court cases.  How people are so blind to what is going on under their noses is now difficult for me to understand but really it wasn’t that long ago that I was pretty blind myself.

Now that I have awakened everything looks obvious to me.

Our little family is growing.  Now Tee has a Nona Sue.  She has been living with us for the last week.  Lots of intrigue going on in her life.  Everyone seems to have a story to tell and Sue has a few.

Al met her son while in jail and through Sal’s addiction problems we have come to know Sue.  She is planning on taking this journey to Mexico with us.  When we get to Mexico we will write a book or two about her life experiences as well.

Tee is so sweet.  The first night Sue stayed with us she was very fearful of what Sal may do.  Crack cocaine is a very evil drug and you can lose your soul to it.  Lots to tell on that story at some later time.

Anyway, Tee slept with Sue all night.  Any noise he heard outside and he was off like a flash barking loud and clear, warning whoever was out there not to mess with him.  Kept us up all night but how you can not help loving him for it.  He is one brave soul dear.

Today Al is going to work on the bathroom.  The entrance came out beautiful.  I must get pictures of before and after for my scrapbook.  What a little imagination and using what little we have can do!

It’s a lot more fun this way too.  When you can just go out and buy everything you want for some reason half of the joy is taken away.  For me anyway.  I look forward to finding a fixer upper in Mexico and using our talents to build our dream.

Bi-polar dog of the day – Tee

May 28, 2008
Money, Money, Money

A beautiful sunny day.  I love spring.  Only one thing is nagging me this a.m. and of course it has to do with finances.  Yesterday Al and I went to Home Depot, picked up supplies to spruce up the bathroom, and had to put them back because our bank card was rejected?  I have tried since to get into my account on the internet and have been denied access?

How I hate these financial institutions.  They have been put in place to bleed you dry.  And once they have they have no conscious and will throw you on the street without a second look. What kind of crazy system is this?  Meanwhile the evil owners get richer and richer.  Anyway, if you have not caught on to this yet I don’t think it will be too long before you do.

Until recently I didn’t have so much as a bounced cheque but now that we are in a position where we need a little break in order to get our house in order we live with the fear that someone will come and repossess the house.  Be it a bill collector, the bank, or our government.  Our bank manager told us to be very careful when it comes to paying taxes.  The government will repossess your home if you are a few months late on paying your property taxes.  Doesn’t matter how long you have been paying these crooks or how much you have paid.  What kind of system is this?  When your own government raises taxes continually and little old ladies get kicked out on the street because they can no longer afford this ever increasing battle.

Anyway, I look at everything as an education now and refuse to allow these scoundrels to get the better of me.  All of these situations we are enduring lead us to more information for the website.  We need solutions.  Lots of solutions and we need to hear these stories.  They have been ignored for way too long.

Anyway, I will not allow this to ruin this beautiful day.  We have every faith that everything happens for a reason.  Didn’t put a damper on our day yesterday. 

Sue is in much better spirits.   Looks like her son is trying to get over his addiction problems and Sue realizes that the only way he will be able to do this is for her to stop picking him  up.  I read her Toltec Wisdom cards yesterday and once again they fit perfectly with her situation and confirmed that she is on the right track.

Cooked a spaghetti dinner which we all enjoyed.  Had a few glasses of wine and went to bed at a decent time.

May 30, 2008

They killed JFK, RFK, MLK & JC
Listening to Alex Jones, sitting in my bedroom.   The birds are chirping outside.  Sue and Tee have gone for another long walk and once again Al has to go to Brampton to court.  I wonder if they will find the papers of the details of his so called crime.

How ironic.  We have known for years the true murderers of our true prophets yet we play this crazy charade.  The true criminals are running our world and we are prosecuting everyone else.

Thank God for the internet.  Finally the truth is getting out.  And of course they are doing everything possible to try and throttle this.  I know I hated Bell for more reasons than bad service.

I am keeping a close eye on these new stories.  Don’t get too much info from the actual articles but I do get a lot from the bloggers.

I am looking forward to finally getting (which has been hijacked as you can see... ironic the site I paid for is now all about money) off the ground and have so many ideas now on creating a real news site.

Have to go to the bank today.   All that worry for nothing.  The bank decided to cancel my card and internet access for “my protection” without telling me.  Guess High Park is a high risk area?  Lots of fraud going on.  But it still boggles my mind how the bank has a nerve to say that it is for my protection.  Does this mean if someone steals from my bank account that they aren’t liable?  Anyway you look at it they are certainly not protecting me.  Felt sorry for the customer service agent or manager, whose call was monitored and had to give this ridiculous reply.  She sounded frazzled.  I know very well how these call centers work.

Hopefully, the rest of my documents will come in the mail today.  Still waiting on the government of course.  We are meeting the tax accountant today and I hope to finally get my taxes off. 

The bill collectors are hounding us and we want to proceed with our plans to flip this place.  There is still a lot of work to do.  The dream is really starting to take shape.

May 28, 2008

Smoking Lesa

Once again yesterday was an eventful day.  We learn more and more everyday.  Hopefully things are reaching their peak.  I can not believe what is happening in this country.  I have always been a proud Canadian but now I am a very embarrassed one.  Everywhere I look I see how constricting our systems have become.

After getting our banking and income tax straightened out Al and I went for a drink at our local watering hole, Shox.  We were shocked to find out that we are not allowed to smoke outside.  Once again an irony arose.

When we first got there, one of our favourite waitresses, Judy was cleaning the soot filled tables.  She told us she has to wipe them off every few hours, because of the pollution in the air.  We had a conversation about all the crap we are breathing in and I mentioned to her how now I get physically sick, throwing up, when I am out in traffic for too long.  It also really bothers her. 

There was another customer who overheard our conversation and asked us if we noticed that the gasoline now had a strange smell?  Something else I am planning on investigating.  I have heard of what chem trails are doing to us and now it looks like there is even more evil going on behind our backs. 

Anyway, we had a lively conversation with this guy.  Finally we met someone in our city that was pretty awake about what is going on in our world.  We shared some information with him and asked him to spread the word.  This made me hopeful that maybe the awakening is becoming more prevalent. 

That was the good news.  When we ordered another drink, Judy comes out and tells us she just had a conversation with her boss.   She was upset because she had just been informed that she had to tell her customers that they were no longer able to smoke on the outside patio that had been built the previous year, specifically for this purpose because of new smoking by laws.  This was a very costly endeavour for the owner.

Some young cop had come in and fined him because someone was smoking on the patio and told him they would be surveying the establishment to ensure this horrendous crime was not committed again.  Well I was smoking when I heard this.  Judy also mentioned how much business they lost because of these new by laws and now they were going to lose more, obviously.  One of the main reasons we frequented there was because we would sit comfortably and have a drink and a cigarette.  So meanwhile we are breathing in so much crap from who knows how many man made chemicals that are floating in the air and second hand smoke, which I thoroughly investigated, has absolutely no proof of being harmful from what I can gather, is considered to be such a crime.  How many people who work in the service area are being affected by these insane laws?

Right now I am smoking to my hearts content.  Native cigarettes (another big illegal thing) because I hope they don’t have all the crap added by the protected tobacco and alcohol industry.  Makes me sick.  It may sound like a little thing but once again I see how divide and conquer is the rule of the day.

p.s. this smoking tactic was used by the Nazi's.  See link below.

June 2, 2008
Achy, Breaky Heart

Al is singing, painting the trim in the bathroom a rich copper colour.  My heart is feeling a little achy, breaky this a.m.

One thing about knowing the truth, that for the most part I am able to distance myself from, is that occasionally it does make me feel heart sick.

Guess I did a little too much blogging this weekend and a little too much investigating.  It looks more and more imminent that these evil forces may just start another war.  Not that they have not already created one, in our minds at the very least, in Iraq, Afghanistan and every other war you can think of.  But the one that is most troublesome right now is Iran.  If that happens it is WWIII.

It boggles my mind how everyone in North America, well not everyone, but most, are totally unaware of what is staring us in our face.  What a great job of brainwashing the idiot box and most forms of media have done to our generation.

But the truth is now out there for anyone to see if you dare open your eyes.

Tee just got back with Susan and gave me some big kisses and is staring out the window in search of squirrels.

Al has his weekly visit to one of his probation officers today.  Carol sounds like a nice lady, but what a bunch of bullshit this is.  Really what is the point?  He will go there and discuss decorating with her and meanwhile our health care system is in chaos and your tax dollars are being spent keeping us enslaved to these ridiculous systems.

We had a great meal yesterday.  I made lobster linguini with fresh salad.  Drank a lot of wine trying to get over the horrors in the news.  Right now these are the things that keep me sane.  It is important for me now to have some semblance of normality.  Because the world out there is crazier then the most ridiculous fiction I have ever read.

Meanwhile in our little world there is a lot of drama happening.  Susan is planning a plan B if her family finds out she is here and making arrangements to high tail it out of here and go to Mexico before us.  First though she has to get her investment back from her so called friends.  She lent them money to put a down payment on a house and how she is in dire need of this money and they are making excuses as to why they can not pay her back.  The value of the house has most likely doubled since they purchased it together.  They did very well because of her kindness and now when it is time to repay her she will most likely have to go to a lawyer to get it back.

Why is it that good people get screwed so often?  Al and I had a little discussion about this last night.

Should we just not help each other out?  Something is very wrong with our society when we are driven to think this way.

Anyway I think I will get a little brainwashing today and watch the boob tube.  Occasionally my mind needs a break.

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