Monday, January 3, 2011


April 30, 2009

I didn’t get around to updating all the new developments of the past month. Instead most of my day was spent catching up on all the b.s. being played out once again in the media.

This time they are trying to create a pandemic with yet another man made virus, swine flue. Those pigs know no limit in their attempt to instill fear in the general public. I am very curious to know just how many unsuspecting people will fall for it.

Is this the tipping point?

I’m praying to God that now they have gone too far and their obvious conniving and corruption will be revealed. Perhaps they will do themselves in this time? Eventually crying wolf once too often gets to be old news. I will have to be patient and see how this one plays itself out. From what I can gather so far the only panic is coming from the controlled media. Imagine calling Halifax Ground Zero, as the local newscaster stupidly reiterated last evening, because one student was “suspected” of having the flu.

I refuse to waste my day playing their charades. Looks like it will be a beautiful day today and it’s the first time in months where financial issues are not sucking our energy dry. Al’s going to pick up business supplies, groceries and a bottle of wine to celebrate. Al secured us a booth at the Dartmouth Dog Show and we are planning on displaying our line of dog furniture and Al and my digital photography movies. We make quite a team and I enjoy putting all of this together. We have high hopes for these projects and I want to stay upbeat and positive.

This is how you manifest your dreams I have come to believe and this is what evil so desperately tries to manipulate us from doing. They are trying to keep their control and I am no longer going to give them this power. They have taken away too much from us and we have allowed this to happen by being blinded by the facts.

Another project Al and I are working on is getting back into shape. Seeing all the old photographs of me, prior to being institutionalized, has given me another mission. I’m determined now more than ever to look and feel the way I did before I was put on medication. What this medication has done to my body, along with all the other chemicals we are fed through processed foods, and the air that we breathe are other facts that need to be dealt with. I have been wondering why North Americans are getting more and more obese. Now I have many facts and know that staying away from chemicals and taking the time to walk in nature are not only good for your soul but also your figure. It keeps us connected to our higher power.

What to be grateful for today:
No worries

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