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July 30, 2007 MOVING DAY

July 30, 2007

Moving Day

Sorry if my writing seems a little intoxicated.  Partly because I have had hardly any sleep for such a long time.  Both Al and I have had quite the adventures of a life time.  Probably enough to last a few.  It is 8 a.m.  I just woke up and I am sitting on my beautiful, cushy rust coloured sofa, looking at one of my favourite paintings in our very own bedroom!  We have arrived.

What a relief it feels for me to be able to walk around naked when I want to.  I suspect this may be only half of what Al feels because it has been only 2 years since I lost my freedom, compared to the four years that Al has.  So I am letting him sleep right now, because he certainly deserves the rest.  Me, I’m going through a manic phase… very good right now… as I need all the energy I can muster to start our WOW NOW.

Al insists, in fact, that WOW NOW be my first priority (after him of course; because without him I have no thing.) He is the CEO and my VIP that will help get this project off the ground and running like you are not going to believe.

We have it from good sources.
I know where this book is coming from, so failure is not an option.  The results may be devastating to the Human Race.  I must honestly say that this does feel like a huge responsibility to bear (brilliant… another beautiful story to share) and one that both Al and I can’t compare. 

Found out from Fred the mover that we must have asked for it somewhere.

Al is the keeper of the details.  I think we have been together now for 24 days?  I am sure he will correct me if I am wrong, because he knows every single little detail in this book must be perfect… there must not be one iota of mistruth in here because we understand the danger of losing our credibility.  For some strange reason humans have such a difficult job in believing in our higher power and this is what we are meant to prove.  But the kicker is now we also have to prove to you to believe in Shela (the feminine side).

So WOW NOW must run by our mission of No Opportunity Wasted, and anyone who would like to join the cause is also expected to rule their lives by this virtue.

Virtue, honour, what ever happened to those words.  This story will be very difficult to stomach at some points.  When you really get to understand the horrible toxic shame that has been put upon us.

Yes, this story is meant to be sweet and caring.  After this, if you still feel shame about anything it means you have been too far gone to come around again.

So many answers to our mysterious questions have unfolded in the last little over three weeks.  Answers we are meant to unfold to you through Art, through many people… who are committing their passion to HELP SAVE THE WORLD

This is not a mission to take lightly at all because our world is in such dire need of saving.

Other stories will unfold that are not for the faint of heart.
But most importantly to Al and I, is that this story is a love story, because Intimate Love is the only truth and everything else is an illusion. 

Through your own art (and art comes from many faces, places and types),  you will be given the answers on how to save your own life, and if you don’t eventually take heed, well after all it is your life not ours, and the only lives Al and I know that we can save are each others.  We have done this so now we will truly, truly begin the next phase where we will seek out the best men and women to contribute their art and stories to help this messy, messy human race.

Oh the dreams we have for this web sight grow every passing hour that Al and I have been together.

Answers are coming to us faster and faster now.  There is definitely no time to waste (this is an important point to get across) God and Shela are sick with worry for us.  After all they are our original mother and father, and if there is one thing that parents have the right to do is worry.

So now that Al and I are no longer on vacation it’s time 4 me 2 get back to my daily journal.  This was always my habit or perhaps I should call it routine, before and it helped me greatly.  It is important for me to have a routine.  I get comfort in knowing I’m home… where my heart is... The place we keep out intimate love.

I am so happy right now to be sitting here, looking out my bedroom window, seeing all the trees that look like a forest because what’s wrong with seeing both?  Some of the sayings that have been passed down through the years do not make any sense to me what so ever?

Anyway, I will leave these for my little black books.  
I will now recount the events of yesterday.  Once again what happened, the day before, and the day before and so on will wait until my higher powers feel it is right.  I have definitely learnt to honour my higher powers, because when I haven’t I’ve regretted it in the past.

Al has been gone for ten minutes and I miss him already but it is ok, because I am now home where my heart is and also importantly too, where my Art is!!!

So many things happened yesterday.

Moving Day

We got up relatively early, considering once again it was in the wee small hours of the morning before we fell asleep.  Al and I had our third fight.  One thing we do know is to never, ever go to bed feeling angry with each other.  So we also had some making up to do.  Poor Al, I do give him a hard time sometimes and put lots and lots and lots of expectations on him.  But I also know that is how he loves to operate.  Anyway, I did see a little of the devil in him and I am stubborn, so I will not let him get away with it.  Did too much of that in my past.  And what is the definition of doing the same thing over and over again… insanity… and this type of insanity is so much worse then any problems I have ever had with being bi-polar… trust me on this.

Anyway, everything was more than forgiven in the a.m. and we felt bliss knowing we were truly getting our independence back… onwards Christian soldiers...  mission day 1 has arrived.

I must thank my parents from up above in sending me their son, # 1 soldear (in mine eyes anyway… and after all this is my story) because I got a man who cleans!  Yes woo men of the world rejoice, some of them actually like to do housework.  Ohh, I am so in love.

Now is the time to clean up our pasts.  So many memories in all those green garbage bags and boxes. 

We must now think outside the box.  Throw out the garbage and keep all those dear, dear memories safe 4 ever.  I lost them once.  I am not prepared to lose them again.

What to be grateful for today – Shela and God

Bi-polar person of the day – Smoking Lesa

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