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July 26, 2008

I really do not want to feel hate.

This story is absurd. This story really must be heard.

I’m not sure where to start?

But I do know I must do it through my art.

  And perhaps once you read this you will see that you should trust in divinity.

There are many lessons here to be told.
There are many reasons I need to be bold.

I am having difficulty to not judge.
I am trying with all my might.
I am trying to fight the good fight.

But I am frightened to see it is you that is doing this to me.

Every time I turn around.

Every time I hear a sound.

I feel I am losing higher ground.

This is the hardest thing for me to bear.

That you really do not care.

But I thank God there are a few…
That truly will look after me and you.

And that is what has kept us from coming undone.

That is what has given us some hope,

That is what has made us cope.

There are people out there who really, truly care.

But there are also many I must say, who live a different way.

I will tell you I’m not sure why,

Perhaps it’s because you happen not to be poor, or black or white, or different, or we are not of your pedigree, or university.

Because you see they truly believe the lies,

that because so far their lives have not been compromised

and what they have been told to aspire to
is the reason that they are so much higher.

And  you may not know,
that even if feel some hate,
I truly do not believe you deserve the fate
that will come your way, 
if you can not believe in another way.

July 28, 2008
Infinite Love is the only truth
  Everything else in an illusion

How often I have thought of this phrase.  How often I thought I knew the truth.  Today I think I finally understand many of the messages that have come my way.

A puzzle to decipher.  One that has led me down many a misguided path. But through it all I have learned that so many things are just illusions.

                             Smoke and mirrors

Like going through a haunted house when you are a kid and seeing yourself through a
                             Glass darkly

Now these saying are truly beginning to make sense to me.

So that’s what this is all about.  This so called magic is nothing but

                             Smoke and mirrors

And only the truth will set you free.

And knowledge is the truth.  Knowledge is the freedom.

Know your God given rights.

August 24, 2008

Yesterday Al, Tee and I witnessed a very unusual occurrence... and no one other than us saw it?

It’s been nearly a month since I have last written in my journal.  What has transpired for us, and for the world in this last month I can’t even begin to know where to start or even where I left off.

Very startling how everything for some strange reason is coming together just like the prophecies. The end of times.  Of these times.  So prophecies are nothing other than history repeating itself again and again and again.  But I have a very optimistic feeling that the greatest prophecy of all is about to unfold. 

We are entering a golden age.

How can I think anything different?

There is no such thing as co-incidence.

What has transpired is way beyond it.

Not that every moment in these end of times has been pleasant.  Far from it a lot of the time but each circumstance has been filled with knowledge, with intrigue and with wonder.

That was the stone I drew.  My life would be filled with wonder.  And it has, and it has.  And I wouldn’t change it for the world because I understand now that this is what I need to go through in order to be free.

Of the illusion.

That has been fed us.

So every dilemma,  every hurt,  every joy,  every profound moment is coming together.   Because these were lessons that perhaps I choose to learn in order to take me to the next level.

Well if it wasn’t for wonder, intrigue and amazement what would this journey be all about?

So I can write about the disappointments, misunderstandings, anger, worry, frustrations that have been dealt us, or I can write about the miracles that are unfolding before our very eyes. Before the eyes that are ready to see and perhaps it isn’t your time right now, but that doesn’t affect me.  It will all happen when it is meant to be.

So I am writing this for me.

Yesterday, as God is my witness and so is Tee (but he can’t tell you about it unless you understand telepathy) but anyway it happened to both Al and I and we realized the importance to document it.  Even if it is just for us.  That miracles really do happen if you are open enough to see.

And yesterday we witnessed a miracle and what was most shocking to us was that everyone was oblivious?

We were sitting outside on our balcony.  Nothing out of the ordinary, a beautiful late afternoon.  We looked up above and the sky was filled with birds;  Mostly seagulls (Jonathans I presume, a lot of Johnathan Livingston seagulls and other species too). 

Hundreds and hundreds of birds, criss crossing in all directions.  Flying in no formation.  Just coming towards us in droves.  It was truly amazing.  Hundreds and hundreds of birds, crossing directions.  Doing their own thing.

Al and I looked up above and were so intrigued.  We asked people on the street to look up, look at all the birds.  They were oblivious.

And that is what was the strangest part of all was. That no one even bothered to look up to acknowledge that anything was happening out of the ordinary.

Well, we have become use to this.

It is like most people are sleep walking.

But I wonder if anyone just looked up they would realize the wonder that is above.

Perhaps there is some strange phenomena that could possibly explain what we had witnessed.  But I will be doubtful to hear one that is scientific.  Because now we have proof.

Al, Tee and I know that God works in strange any mysterious ways.

August 30, 2008
A lull in the storm

I have been debating how much to say.
  The most confusing thing to me right now is what to write.

Once you are awake and know the truth,
 you feel you have a responsibility to make others see.

But how do you do that?
  Without hurting those who have absolutely nothing to do with all these atrocities.

And then there are the others,
 perhaps even your sisters or brothers,
 who are not there for you.
  Who do not care for you.

  Who have fallen for the lies perhaps because so far their lives have not been compromised?

What will it take for them to awake?

I can not wait much longer to get the hell out of here… literally.

Perhaps there are not too many neighborhoods like mine.

Sometimes I am ashamed to have been one of them.

Protected from so many burdens.

That we can no longer see the complicity.

Instead we believe that the luxuries given to a few are really meant for you.

And what will happen to you, when your dreams are far from true.

Will you then hear the cries of those you were taught to despise?

When you find out they were no different from you?

I have not been able to write about the hurt.

Throughout this ordeal and past ordeals.

Always the hardest thing for me to comprehend is how it all came to this.

There are very few people I can talk honestly to.

Thank you God for bringing me Al and Tee and also giving me parents who have taught me what is most important in life.

Tomorrow we are making arrangements to sell all our earthly possessions.  To get rid of all this stuff that binds us here will be liberating.

Hopefully unloading this will not be a huge hassle leading to all kinds of disappointments about human nature (note:  it was).

How people readily go into some big department store.  Buy on credit or spend what ever hard earned cash they have on something new that has contributed to the depletion of so much energy, resources, misery, it is astounding

I watched a mini documentary on this.  “Story of Stuff”
(to view click below)
  Every child of the universe needs to see this.

You want to be green.

Just hear common sense.

Makes me laugh.

The government is now marketing the idea of throwing out your toilets and buying new ones in order to go green.

Lots of shit in this one.  They will even give you a tax benefit. 

Who ever thinks up these wonderful ideas?

Got another threatening letter from the banksters or should say gangster the other week.  I am still livid,

Makes me see red.

This time we were one week late in their eyes.

Even though I was told that this months’ mortgage I would be given a “holiday” on.  Verbally told, so I have no proof of this.

I had to make immediate arrangements.  Anyway I have a copy of the letter.

What the hell is going on here?

You are lied to and then they start legal proceedings and you are liable for this bill.  I can not even tell anyone this story, because it is beyond anyone’s comprehension.

And never mind believing that they just went into my bank account not one month before, and illegally withdrew funds for this illegal procedure. 

My lawyer told me it was not worth fighting them as it would be costly to me. 

So defend this system if you can.

Anyway I sat on it for a week.

Left a message for yet another corrupt bank manger (and I am being kind).

I have been a customer with the Bank of Montreal for over 25 years.  During this time I have paid them hundreds of thousands of dollars, for what?  Nothing!  (I know the answer now  ... to view click below
THE HISTORY OF MONEY: The Money Masters 
and this is how they treat me. 

If they wish to contact me again they must do so in writing because all I have heard from their employees are lies, threats and harassment.  I will use every avenue I can to see this will no longer continue.  I have sought legal counsel and I know my rights.

Sept 9
Hi Mom and Dad,
Just wanted to update you on our latest adventures.

Well it seems T is love sick right now.  He won't eat his dinner (p.s. today is his 1 1/2 birthday).  He has fallen in love with a 150 lb. Rotweiller, Zoey, who moved in last month. We think she has also fallen in love with T.  She sneaks in aware from her owner and comes upstairs through the fire exit and moans for him.  When we open the door she comes bounding in.  Well of course T being a male has all kinds of ideas in his head.  But unfortunately the logistics just don't work.  We are trying to cheer him up.  Maybe we need to get him a high chair.  It is our dilemma this week.  Anyway he won't eat his dinner and is sitting by the door mooning for his new love.  

We are giving him raw meat and raw bones (spoke to a professional naturopath).  His new favourite  but even this is second to love.   T is a lover and would rather starve for it.      

We are hoping to sell the place in the next couple of weeks.  Have been trying to unload all our stuff.  Can't wait till we are free.  Hoping to see you soon.

Let us know what is new with you.

Love ya,
lesa, al and lovesick T2

Lesa you have to write a book called the adventures of T2.
Were fine --pretty quiet. We had dinner at Rogers -Johnny and Lynn  were there to, it was nice to see them.
We are going to Louise's on Tuesday we will spend a few days there and then she will come back here and spend a few days with us.
It is starting to feel like the summer is over.
Have you had very many people looking at the house?
Take care and I hope we will see you soon.
Good luck with the house!!
Love Mom and dad

Hola Lesa:
I am in Merida with my son.  Where are you????
Dulce Ma.

Hola Dulce,
Great to hear from you.  I am still in Canada.  We have the house up for sale and are planning on heading south to Merida once we have taken care of business here.  We are hoping to catch a boat from our east coast and landing in Progresso.  Things usually take longer than anticipated  but we do hope to be there before the snow comes.  We had enough of it last year!

So how long are you in Merida for?  Great to hear that your son lives there as I expect you visit often.  Let me know what you have been up to and how you are doing.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Hola Lesa
Cómo has estado?
I´ve been in Merida for two weeks now and I´m planning to stay here til late October.  I´m helping my son with his tesis to finish the university.  I´m typing the result of his research.

I´ve been ok but it´s  been really hard for me to move on.  I´ve not found the reason to go   I´m here in Merida because my oldest son practically kicked me out of my house where I was just waiting for my husband to come for me.  I hope God has something for me here.  I started with a trip. I begun flying to Mexico City, from there I spent some weeks in the states of Puebla and Veracruz visiting friends and relatives.  I´ve had forgotten how beautiful my country is.

My son´s tesis is about the Maya Ball game and it is really an interesting subject.

I´m also attending a religious group trying to rebuild the communication with God which I lost with my husband´s death.

It´s really good to hear you are rebuilding  your life too.  I hope we have the chance to meet each other really soon here in Merida.

Te mando un abrazo y espero saber de ti pronto.

Dulce Ma
pd I´m sending some pictures from my trip

Hi Guys,
Haven't heard from you in a while.  How was your visit with Louise?  What else have you been up to?  Hope everything is well with everyone.  We are doing fine.  Just waiting for a few things ... either sell the house (if not soon we are going to rent out our place furnished or unfurnished).  We met a guy on Dundas Street who will be doing an auction for us as soon as we know timing.  Still waiting for my income tax refund.  Can you believe that. I have been working on it now for 6 months.  Trying to get your money back is like pulling teeth.  Another bunch of thieves, like the banks.  Anyway everything is under control we are just behind our original date for getting out of here.  We were really hoping to visit you in Montreal so we could celebrate your 50th anniversary together.  We will have to delay the celebrations. 

Have been doing a lot of research for the website and lots of cooking.  No seafood though ... boohoo....  Have been making some soups.  Today Al is making me his special goulash.  The weather has been very weird.  Looks like an early winter.  We don't want to be here for that ... had enough snow and cold last year.

Anyway, let us know what is new with you.
bye for now,
Lesa, Al and T2

Hi Lesa,

I wanted to get in touch with you again about the surprise party we are having for Mom and Dads 50th wedding anniversary. I had mentioned it to you at the beginning of July just before you had all the problems with the house so I wouldn’t be surprised if you had forgotten about it. I just wanted to remind you about it again, we are having it at Louise and Rogers on Sept. 20th.

I was speaking to Mom and she told me that you might be going to Montreal in September so I thought it was a good idea to let you know we are still planning on doing it. Louise is sending out invitations with all the details and if you would like her to send you one so that you have it as a keep sake just send me your address and I will make sure that you get one. If you want any other details let me know and I will send them to you.

Take Care!

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