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February 15, 2009

I’m sitting on a Mission rocker, blankets wrapped around my legs (it’s freezing in here) pillow on my lap and enjoying the view outside. I’m also looking inwards.

Its still winter.

The week has been filled with partial accomplishments but nothing concrete yet. It has been a week and a half since we first came here and I’m feeling quite proud of all that we have accomplished. Progress is being made.

Al is now painting the upstairs bedroom. He stripped the wall paper and will also paint this room white. There is a great view from the upstairs windows. This house is really about the views. I do like it.

Rowan just finished verathaning the mission bed frame that he built for his daughter. I like the style. Has a clean modern look and is elegant. We can use it until she comes to pick it up. I’m looking forward to sleeping in a bed.

Al and I have taken lots of pictures of Rowan’s work and will use them for advertising purposes.

We woke up this morning feeling refreshed and full of plans. Al and I were bantering back and forth this a.m. over coffee and cigarettes and coming up with so many ideas about what we could do to continue on our real mission, namely helping this world. We still dream of having a web site and bringing artists together. When we will be able to start on this one I don’t have a clue. There have been so many roadblocks. We were making great progress when we first met and know that it is easy to find the artists but trying to survive financially has been the crux of our problems.

Now though we do know a lot more about the puzzle we originally were given, the pieces are all coming together. There are so many puzzles around here. The walls are filled with these huge intricate ones. Rowan told me that these puzzles were the only activity that his ex wife was passionate about.

Al still does not have an appointment with social services. We decided that only Al should apply as we are leery as to whether or not the Guardian will end up becoming a hindrance with this as well. The last thing we want is to have police coming to this door as well. The fear these people have created is absolutely disgusting. I try not to get too upset with these institutions. Just drains my energy.

We are now left with only change in our pocket. But we had more then I thought, $32.57. At least Al will have bus fare and a few dollars for incidentals. We have been eating Rowan’s food and he has driven Al around. We know he also is in a tight spot financially.

I’ve been dreaming of a world with out government or money. All either has led to for the vast majority is either eugenics or slavery. The vast majority of us pay for this and the excesses of far, far too few.

The dawning of Aquarius began yesterday while we stood under a star filled sky in the bitter cold. I am looking forward to a new age.

Grateful for: The dawning of Aquarius

February 17, 2009


There are signs of spring today! I see the snow melting before my eyes. I am starting to see more and more potential around here.

Al just went to the store with our last $11.00 as we have run out of cigarettes. We have learnt too that it a good idea for us to spend our last dollars because, as always has been the case, this is when our finances turn around. Always in the nick of time. Al said he was thinking exactly the same thing.

We don’t want to take a loan from Rowan. He knows we are poor because there are now more holes in our socks then his underwear, he says. We are still waiting for Al to get an appointment with social services.

But I’m confident that the tides are turning. I have a feeling that our major financial struggles will be over soon. That we will always be provided for and that our personal financial struggles for the most part will be behind us soon.

I’ve also learnt humility through this process and it humbles me to know that we are all here to help save this world. Ideas have been falling like rain.

First though, time to get this house in order, and that’s what we are working on today. The guys have been busy preparing the upstairs bedroom. Just the trim to do now. Looks like we may have another border. An 18 year old male, who is studying nearby to be a police officer dropped by to take a look at the room. He just needs an ok from him mother in order for him to take it. This will help Rowan with his financial situation.

I no longer want money to hold me ransom. It’s just an illusion to begin with. Also, I think I am learning how the laws of the universe work. The laws of attraction, power of intention, karma, to name a few. If we put out an intention it will eventually come to us. That’s the secret. Only fear makes it difficult for us to do. When I have no fear things seem to come my way much easier.

I have read from more than one source that we are living on this particular planet, at this particular time in order to remember just how powerful we are. I am feeling unstoppable now. We will do what we set out to do eventually. I don’t have any fear right now. I only feel a slightly smug knowingness that I knew this all along. I just have to remember.

What to be grateful for: Remembering

February 19, 2009

It’s starting to storm again. I am tired of all this snow and being cooped up at times. Four more weeks until spring.

Tee is looking out the window, crying, because Al has left. He is delivering his completed applications along with some more resumes. I wonder if this is a wasted effort but one we must do in order to pretend to the world, or the powers that be, that he is responsibly looking for work. As if working at Pizza Hut or Superstore for slave wages means he is responsible. Anyway this is the charade we must play for now until the right opportunities present themselves.

It’s been a very productive few days. The house is beginning to take shape. The second bedroom is now complete. Rowan did not hear from the kid but we may have an even more interesting room mate. And what are the chances of this, she is also a Celtic witch. Lots of witches out here I guess? I like her. She also has a dog and a very busy job.

Al and I have been helping Rowan out as much as possible. I’m looking after trying to get a border as well as updating his furniture portfolio. We have our own responsibilities to look after too.

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