Sunday, January 2, 2011


July 14, 2009

Well I’m not sure if I could feel more content than I do at this very moment. I’m living in the moment and enjoying all the little pleasures we are meant to enjoy. There’s a cool breeze flowing at the side of the Gateway. Tee and I are sheltered from the heat. Al, Dave and Larry are painting. From the look of thinks they will be done in no time.

We’ve been living in our little love nest for two weeks and life has been going as smooth as honey. It just started raining, a little sun shower. I guess in life a little rain must fall. Just checked with the guys and it looks like it will take another coat as the paint wasn’t mixed properly for the 3rd time. A minor inconvenience but these big box stores have to go. All our so called conveniences always seem to lead to inconveniences and put Mom and Pop out of business. What happened to corner hardware stores.? We need to start supporting local businesses.

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