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July 7, 2008 FOR SALE

July 7th
Hi Aicha,
The open house went well.
We would like to drop by after lunch today to arrange for a 2nd mortgage. We will see you this afternoon.
Have a nice lunch and thank you for your time.

Bring with you the old policy for the fire insurance,,, also bring confirmation that property taxes are up to date... I remember you saying that you paid your tax bill.
Aicha Saludares

July 8th
Hi Aicha,
Just to keep you informed we have two showings today - first one at 4:00
I have documents you requested. Let me know what is convenient time for me to drop by.

Just found out now that the request yesterday was denied, Although I was able to find an extension until Friday from the lawyer, you should really consider asking your family to help you out....  Rental income must be assigned to the Bank. 
Please come by at the branch at 1 pm to discuss your plans on how to bring the mortgage up to date. 
Aicha Saludares

July 9th
Is it necessary to come in today? I have not slept all night and this weather is making me physically ill. Also I feel it is important to be close to my email as I have sent out to every person we know an email asking either if they are interested in buying the house or renting our top floor. Dominic dropped by last night very concerned. He feels that renting the top floor is a good option as we should be able to get $3200 / month furnished. I also am asking if anyone can loan us $10,000 with interest.

I do not know what more we can do. It is imperative that we do not lose this home. We would lose our entire life savings not to mention our dreams.
Please confirm. Thanks

It is to your best interest that you bring the mortgage up to date by Friday, July 11, 2008.  The Solicitor has been more than generous in allowing you to extend your deadline and I have put my reputation on the line and pleaded with them on your behalf.  If payment is not done by Friday July 11, 2008, the lawyer will take action on what is stated to the letter you received.  Rental income for the month of July should have been used to pay the mortgage.  If you are able to bring the mortgage up to date by Friday July 11, 2008...for the month of August, all rental income should be made payable to BMO Bank of Montreal to pay the mortgage, otherwise your tenants will also be affected if mortgage is not brought up to date.
I strongly recommend for you to be reachable via phone.
I look forward to see you on Friday.
Aicha Saludares

To all my family,
Is there any possible way to get together and loan this money for tomorrow (see attached emails). Al, Tee and I will be literally out on the street. We are so close to being free. Our plans to help others (and yes this is what the Web Site is all about ...) will be very shaky.

We only need to sell the house which will happen in no time I have been reassured ... if we do not come up with something our tenants will also suffer. We have also been taking care of a lady who is in a similar predicament. Where will she go now? The only place will be in a shelter.

Also I have no idea how I will repay Mom and Dad the money they have loaned us.

This story is much bigger then any of you realize and we need to get together as family and friends. There are many, many people going through this situation and there will be many, many more. We have talked to mortgage lenders and also have done a lot of research on the web. I strongly urge you to do some investigation and be open to some truths. We have lots of PROOF and will be happy to share this information with you.

It may be difficult to believe but the situation here in Canada is looking very grim. When you only read the newspaper and listen to the television you are not getting even half the truth. We have lots of PROOF about this too. I would also like to protect you guys from it. We don't want to see anyone suffer. Imagine, we were not even a month late in paying. Imagine, even with proof that we will be good for the money in less than a month, anyway I can on, and on.

The only way out of this situation is for good people to come up to the bat. We can let the evil bank (and trust me they are evil ... have PROOF on this too) take everything that is ours or we can get together and win a battle.

Al, and I have helped people all our lives. That is why we are also in this predicament.

I don't know what else to say for now but I do trust that everything will work out eventually. Please let me know as soon as possible. I will be sitting close to my email.
Lesa, Al and T2


Janet you and Mom are the only ones who have replied. The rest of the family may be away. Can you be sure that they get this message? Please drop by for a visit if at all possible. I keep on getting the message (and trust me I get messages ... have proof on this too)

What do you do when you have proof ... you share it.

You can learn it from us or wait and hear for yourself because eventually the truth will get out and then it may be too late to save a lot of people.

Please confirm that you got my message.



Hi Mom,  Please don't worry about us. We will sue. It is going to happen. This is not a scar tactic. They are going to take our house away. It is happening everywhere.

This is extremely important. We must get together as a family as soon as possible. We have a lot of information that you need to listen to even if it is scary. After you get over the fear you will see that there are always options. It is important to protect your money and the faster you can get it out of the bank the better. This is no joke. Buy gold or silver for now. The real stuff not stocks.

We are absolutely certain about all of this and need the rest of the family to wake up. We have proof after proof. Please don't ignore this and pass the message along.

Love always
lesa, al and T2

Hi Lorraine,
We will get a calling card and call you. Have to go to Oakville. I'll try you in the afternoon.
Robert may be interested in this film.
He can find it on Google video ... it is called The Money Masters.
wish I could see you in person

Hi Lesa,
Just letting you know that I got your e-mail, I was in meetings all morning and only was able to get back to you now.
I’m not surprised you haven’t heard back from anyone. I think most people are away on vacation at this time of the year.
Let me know how you are and how things are going.

Hi Janet,
What we need desperately need now is some help. Please listen to the urgency. This affects very many people. The person who referred us this place will lose his credit as well and will stand to lose much more than that.
Please Janet. This is not just about Al and Sue and Tee and I being homeless.
If people are on vacation are they reachable? Can each one come up with $500 or so? Whatever ... please I am begging everyone to understand the urgency here. We are getting a phone here today. I will call you or please come over asap.
Let me know.

Hi Lesa,
I know you must be feeling really desperate right now and I wish there was something that I could do but for right now I don’t think there is anything that will resolve this and change anything. I think getting $500 dollars or so from a few people really at this point isn’t going to change much. I know it’s hard but you sound like you know that you will have to move out of the house eventually, I can’t believe that these things happen so quickly that you will have to move out by the weekend. So do you think that maybe the first thing you should be concentrating on is finding a place to live, that we can all help with and seems to be the most important to me right now. I know it’s hard but people walk away from mortgages and houses everyday, it’s unfortunately a sad fact of life.
Let me know what you are planning to do next. Do you have any money at all to try and get set up in another place?? Or do you or Al and the woman who is living with you have any cash at all for food and things like that?? Let me know. 

I am so disappointed in you. I can't even say, more then you will ever know. Please look at your self.... wake up ... I am more upset, and I will say this with 100% honesty, which I know has been my downfall in your eyes, but not in mine, that I don't care that we will be living on the street. I am upset that I have loved people that have treated me with such little care.

We all have a higher power and our higher power is looking after us here. You may think that because you are somewhat secure now that you will always be ... I have tried to warn you...

I have never cared or worried about material possessions so in all honestly we are all looking at this as adventure.

I am more upset about the lack of compassion that anyone can feel..... And it is so evident ... everywhere I turn that this society is a lost cause.

Janet I thought perhaps you were better than this.... my families reactions are more disappointing to me than any material loss could ever be. And I will be 100% honest with you again ... you are so wrong in the way you feel that you can't even bother to think otherwise ... and I am writing this not in the hope that this will change anything .... Because that is one lost cause ... because over and over again I find that instead of anyone helping each other they would prefer to be a slave to this system. You won't understand this ... I don't care.... because I have to write this ... because I am so upset right now about how little you understand anything and you aren't even willing to acknowledge what is the truth. It's out there for you to find out ... I have been sending messages over and over again. But you would prefer to bury your head and be an inconsiderate human being. That is your right ... that is what free will is about.

You don't have to read this but I have to write it. I need to get this hurt out of my system. I am very, very hurt.... Nothing will change this ... I'll get over it ... I have the best person in the world who looks after me.... we will do great together ... This was a lesson for you and the rest of my family ... not for me. The lesson for me was to give up on lost causes and this I have done.

I will guarantee that you will see this one day. You have failed.... I only pray that you understand soon ... I don't care for me.... I am well looked after... I only have to get over the hurt of my family.

I am sure this hurts your feelings.... well karma ... what you give is what you get back. I know I have lots of good karma....

I cannot help you with this. I work for the church and just enough to pay my own bills and rent let alone help you out.
Perhaps your family or Al's can help you both out. That's what family is for. I know you have been good to his family so time for his family to step up to the plate to help you both out.
To think you had so much going for you and your life has taken such a horrible turn mmmmmmmmm makes me wonder why this should happen to you and where you will end up in all of this.
I wish you well and take care of you as in the end that is all that matters!
Love Anna 

Thanks for your reply. Realize most people do not have enough to pay bills, Al's family as well or else they would help. Just thought maybe you would know someone interested in the house.
Bad things happen to good people. There is a message here for all I guess.

Did you write this Lesa? Who is Al? We haven't touched base in months! I'm sorry to see it is under these circumstances. Poor you. You must be frantic. You know me, if I had 10K I would lend it to you. Money is not important to me, however, because it isn't, I never have any!  I hope you will find a solution as I am sure you must have put all your money as a deposit in that house. Let me know how it goes. Love always

Ola Suzanne,
Yes it's me. One of these days, when things die down we will have lots to catch up on. Al and I just celebrated our 1st anniversary this week ... He is the best person I know and you would love him. Don't worry about me. Everything happens for a reason. And it's going to be a good one. Hope you are doing well?
Love always

Hi hon
I'm doing fine. Very busy growing this office. Now at 150 employees and I will have 200 by year end. It’s a bit overwhelming but you know me I love pressure. I must be a maso. Yes please contact me when this is solved. If you say Al's the best person I believe you and I am happy that this part of your life is going well. If you are with someone you love nothing else really matters.

I don't know any one in search of a home at the moment. If there were going to purchase a house on High Park Ave they would consult with a real estate agent which is the proper way to go in purchasing a house.
Not sure what to say other then if your family are not willing to help you for what ever reason it is hard for others to come forward to do so. We are not talking a few dollars here we are talking about a lot of money. I would never hand over that amount of money to any one with no time frame of payment back. I work so hard for what I have to just loan it out and not know when I will get it back don't think so. Don't know too many that would.
We all have hit cross roads in our lives but one also had to take responsibility for ones actions. I feel so sad that your life has gone down this street and I fear what may happen to you in all of this as we all do. I hope that you never end up on your own when all of this is over. My heart and my soul say this is not a good thing for you at all. You are the only one who will be affected the most from this out come and the most to lose.
I can only pray each day for you will be safe and no harm will come to you in any way. Don’t wish harm on you I only wish you well and to be happy and taken care of for a change rather than you always the one to give and in the end lose out.
Best of luck in all that you do and god keep you safe that is my prayer for you in all of this.
Love Anna

Trust me Anna my life has not gone down that road. Sorry that you think so.

I only wish you well and how you see your life and where it is going is very different then how I see it going. Hope you will have some one there for you when all of this is over.
Best of luck and take care of you.

It's a very sad day for the Irish ... and you can see anything the way you want to ... but you are not seeing the truth ... the person who will help will always be a stranger, never a so called friend, or a so called family member and my life will go the way I want it to be because I am strong enough to take real chances. People who don't take chances will never learn, will never grow and will never wake up. They will always be slaves to whatever institution they belong to.
Best of luck.
lesa, al and T2

I took a chance when I came to Canada with only $240 dollars in my pocket. Worked for a family in Barry who did not treat me well. I left there a month later with $7 dollars in my pocket. I had to stay with a nanny agency. That is the lady that ran the agency until she could find me another family to work for. I know what it is to take chances, to have to work three jobs all part time to pay my rent and eat. Don’t you know how hard that was? In fact at one stage I thought I might have to go back to Ireland to live however, wanting to work and trying to find work paid off. I got work and swore that I would never be in that situation again if I could help it.

If you and Al are in so much need to keep your house why are you both not working?  You have so much time on your hands you could be out there doing any thing to bring in some money to pay for your house. Don’t you think most people are asking the same question why neither of you are working! We are all working to pay our way and let me see. Does not that mean it's different for you both. You don't work, you have no money, and you want whom ever to help you both out. You can't pull the wool over my eyes. I've been around to long to smell trouble and this is if I allowed it to be but I won't.

Like I said wish you well but refuse to fall for the story you spin.


Why do assume we are not working? We are working day and night trying very hard to help people like you and I and Al and Sue and we can go on and on.

None of us have been dealt an easy hand. When someone assumes something without knowing the truth, without inquiring, and listening to gossip it is very damaging and hurtful.

Perhaps you can see??? ... Read carefully what has happened to us. Understand that we have been building a business, trying to build some income and trying to help others. We fell into financial difficulty. Is this a crime?

I sympathize with you and understand where you are coming from. I hear you. The system has failed you and all of us. We are working extremely hard to change this and one day you will see and then maybe we will change it. It takes a lot of people to open their eyes to the truth and it is up to people like us to change this. Or else we can just throw stones.

Hi Lorraine, Ginger
The number is 647 298 0637

I feel so sick with disappointment. I don't know if I can hardly speak. Looks like we will have to give over everything we have worked for to the bank. We also did a lot of work fixing up this place. It is very beautiful. It's a great investment. I'm good for a loan. Have all kinds of proof. But no one seems to have any faith. That is the part that is so hard for me.

The bank wins. This is also hard for me to take.

Al and I have faith that everything will work out ok for us ... if we have to walk away from this place we have done everything humanly possible other than rob a bank to keep it. Both of us care little for material possessions and perhaps this will be the most freeing thing. Bills enslave you. Possessions enslave you.

We have faith in ourselves not the system. So we will sell everything we own and still go to Mexico. My dream has always been to live in a little shack on the beach and we can do it there.

Call me when you can ... I'm not sure though if it will be a good conversation. I feel totally shell shocked and concerned mostly for my parents who have helped us and now I don't know how to repay. We were in the process of selling and making a good profit to boot. Our real estate agent even felt there possibly could be a bidding war and was going to hold off on offers until 10 days after listing. There is a very, very eager buyer coming in tonight to see the place. Plus there has been other interest already. Places here are moving quickly. Everywhere I look I see sold signs. The bank will come in, use there own real estate people, sell at a very low figure (most likely to someone they know and who will get a kick back) and I can even be liable for any other losses they incur. This will most likely happen too. My bank manager informed me of this. She honestly is a nice woman and has lost a lot of sleep over this as well. But it's her job ... which I have also been told is on the line. Imagine she is the Bank Manager and makes $35,000 a year and this is how the bank treats her after all her loyalty and hard work. This also makes me sad. I'm also angry that the government is now stealing our homes too if we are even 1 month late on taxes. The bank manager said if you think banks are nasty government is even worse. These are the institutions we work so hard for. Makes no sense to me.

Anyway I would appreciate a friend right now but don't mind if I shed a few tears. This world is totally screwed up. The middle class will be completely gone soon I am told and only the very rich will get even obscenely richer. I am praying for us all. I'm praying people wake up and band together and don't allow this to happen anymore.Talk to you soon.

Hi Lesa
You have no idea! We are just as disappointed as you. Not because of the money! But because of how it has turned out for you.
Keep in mind that things usually turn out for the best.
I want you to know, we as in everyone in the family, were hoping you would make a go of it. It would not have been a good idea for any of them to invest simply because, if any disaster happened and you were not able to pay them back think of how you would feel. Diane has been very supportive and we were able to help because of her help.
Your sisters are there for you even if you think there not. I hope one day you will see things differently. They love you very much and will always be there for you -but in a different way.
I won't call you on the phone just yet because it will be too emotional. If you want to talk to us you can phone.
We are all praying for you and I know you will come out of this a happier person.
I pray every night that our family will be close again. I want things to be like it use to be and not all this anger.
If you need some money to buy food and the necessities of life let me know.  We will continue helping until you are resettled.
love Mom and Dad

Oh wow Lesa, so sorry. How much is the total mortgage? Why can't they give you time to sell? I want to ask my bank manager about this but I need the numbers. Total mortgage and annual taxes. Also how many paying tenants do you have and what is monthly income now.
Will try to get to a zone where I have reception.
Keep your spirits up.
Love Lorraine

Hi Lorraine...
Thank you so much for helping
Total mortgage is approximately $720,000
Taxes are $5728.00
I will forward sheet from real estate agent which give you details. Let me know any other questions.
Current rent
$1800 for upper + utilities
$1800 main floor + utilities
$900 basement
$800 basement
Parking optional and rental of garage $150.
Currently listed at $869,000. Last house in area same size sold for $920,000
My phone is 647 298 0637

Hi Marvin,
Just wanted to keep you informed and to thank you for the informative phone call.

All I had to do was mention that we were seeking legal counsel and our whole situation has turned around. We are sitting tight at the moment and looking at all options.

Anyway, there are some other legalities that we could use some counsel on but mainly we would sincerely like to meet with you and take you out to lunch to say thank you for saving us.

It is so very rare that a complete stranger goes out of their way to help and when it happens it changes your whole perspective on life.

Please let us know if you are available.

Lesa and Al Lal and T2

Were you able to cancel your listing agreement? We need to meet Call my secretary Carol Klinker at 416 860 1922 to arrange a time
Basman Smith, LLP
111 Richmond Street West
8th Floor
Toronto, ON
M5H 2G4

Do you feel that this is imperative right now? There are funds being transferred to our bank ??? Or so we are told ... I trust in your advice.
Will call your secretary to arrange time

WHERE ARE FUNDS COMING FROM?  You appear very confused. I think you should be listing with an agent that you are comfortable with whoever that may be. You do not seem to be comfortable. The sooner you try to cancel the listing the better are your chances.

Thanks Marvin
Received funds from a friend. We will be looking into real estate agents as we are not totally comfortable with situation. I am tired and confused right now.

We will call your secretary to arrange for a lunch date.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR AWAKENING PHONE CALL. You will never know how uplifting it is for a stranger to help you. I still have faith in the world.

Enjoy your weekend.
Bye for now.
Lesa, Al and t2

Have an agent for you to meet if you can cancel your listing

I have removed the hold in your account.  Let me know if I can be of any assistance.
Aicha Saludares
Branch Manager

Hi Mom,
We have a few angels helping us and it looks extremely promising that this mess will be worked out. Imagine strangers helping us. It gives me a new lease on life. It makes me remember how we were brought up.
I have had the best parents in the world. Never forget this. I tell every one.
I am happy Mom and I don't why people don't believe me when I talk ... because I can only say the truth. Anyway how would like a few visitors for a little?????
Lesa, Al and T2

We're saved. Can wait for you to finally meet Al and t2
Talk to you soon and thank you so much for being a friend
Boy and we have some stories to tell you ...
p.s I forgot to ask you how was Italy!!!!

Hi Lesa I have been praying all day that you would find a solution. Who would the visitors be?

How about Al, T and me
Lesa, Al and T2

Al Tee and you are always welcome! Let me know what you are planning about the house.
Love Mom and Dad

HI Mom

All plans back on ... I am feeling so relieved you wouldn't believe. This will make quite the story for my book.

Any way the wolves are at bay. We have to come up with another $2000 in order to pay for the details (lawyers fees mostly) and we will be looking at minimum $200,000 cash out when all is said and done. This will bring us to Mexico (pay you off ... I know you don't care but we do) and open up our WOW NOW whatever form that may be and that has always been our dream together. I think Sue can help. She is looking into it. We may need a little help next week?

Anyway we are planning on selling everything we do not need and renting this apartment out which will ensure we are debt free until we sell. Once rented and everything sold we will be homeless until everything is settled so we thought we would impose on you for a few weeks. Once all ducks are in order we would like to take a vacation to Montreal and out east (ARE YOU INTERESTED???) .... then it is off to Mexico for our next adventure.

We certainly do not lead boring lives ... lol...
p.s. it was the same angel that sold us this place that bailed us out ... and if you don't believe in angels
Think twice
I will finally sleep well tonight
Lesa, Al and T2

YEAH!!! I am so happy for you Lesa!!
Talk to you soon

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