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March 28, 2008

I’m sitting in bed with pen and journal once again in hand.  It has been a while.  So much we have learnt in less than a year.  It’s time for me to write again.  It’s time for me to let my feelings out before they explode inside of me.

Where to begin?  Well there is no beginning and there is no end to this book.  So I will once again just write whatever comes to mind and trust in my holy spirit.

Tee is wailing at the front window.  Upset that Al has to leave to go to yet another court appointment in order for the LAW to set up yet another court date, to set up a trail date and so on and so on and so on.

It is absolutely the most ludicrous, costly, emotionally draining, ridiculous system I have ever been privy to.  I think the last time I wrote was when Al was in jail for 16 days because he was “caught” at some flea market selling pirated dvd’s for a friend of his while  trying to earn some cash in order to get some food on the table, literally.  That is how broke we were.  But it is a crime to be poor.

I have come to that conclusion.  And I have lots to back me up on that one.  So much to write about.  So many things we have witnessed, or dug up mainly on the internet.

The story did not end there.  Not long after Al finally arrived home from jail the cops nearly knocked our door down.  They barged into our home in the middle of the night in order to charge him yet again for this ridiculous so called crime. 

Guess they pulled up his records and found out that once before he had worked there.  This was just after the "law" came out for the first time.  The week before it hand not considered a “crime”.  That evening the police officer who told him to go turn himself in also told us she was an angel because she had not pressed charges the first time!

I was visibly upset and I hope she did get my message.  “Look at the stress you are causing and for what!” I told her.  Anyway Al has been to the courthouse on a weekly basis for this also because they won’t drop the charges and they can’t find the file.  I hope this self called angel cop finally saw the light and misplaced them on purpose?  Either that or God is looking after us.  This is much more likely.

So many injustices and so many people oblivious to what is/has always been going on in the world around them.  From what I can see the majority are still unaware.

But thanks to the Devine, the universe, for working in perfect harmony and showing us the way to possibly getting ourselves out of the mess we have allowed to be created.

I am angry today at the complicity of human beings and I know for myself that it’s important for my peace of mind to get these feelings out.  Anger not dealt with properly leads to depression.  How many people are walking around depressed right now?  I would not want to find out the exact statistics.  Mainly because statistics are usually so skewed in order that the results are whatever they want them to be.  So I am going to trust my intuition and say that there are more people walking around with deep suppressed anger than not.  Who haven’t a clue why they feel this way and try to mask it with so many different types of addictions, or lashing out in some in unhealthy way, mostly at themselves.

How we have been duped, brainwashed, manipulated, threatened, coerced, blatantly lied to and lots worse in order that we feed the powers that currently be in their evil plot to take over the world and they are doing a great job of ensuring they get what they want.

It’s time to wake up and I’ll tell you both Al and I are wide awake now.  The plot that we have been unravelling is stranger than any fiction you have ever encountered.  It’s mind blowing to be quite honest and that’s why, in my opinion, it is so diabolical and has worked.  The majority of people would rather shoot the messenger, something that has happened over and over again in one fashion or the other.  People would prefer not to open their minds to the truth.

It’s all there now for us to see.  If you are brave enough to look at it.  If you’re not once it is staring you in the face you are going to be very rudely awakened.

Anyway, I have learnt that I have no control over bringing this message across.  Whenever I have tried to I have been shot down in one form or another and so has Al.  So we have learnt that even though our intentions are totally admirable, that unless the individual is willing to open up their mind there is no way of letting the truth in.  They have been brainwashed to just blindly go along with what society dictates us, and that doing otherwise has become a crime. 

I remember reading somewhere by some author, that imagine if you though black was white and white black.  Well we have encountered this over and over again throughout our quest for knowledge.  So many of the institutions we have looked up to, so many of the systems, people, religions, morals we have been fed have been literally killing us and more importantly our spirits.  We will continue without our bodies but the spirit that will follow us will be damaged and the only way, in my opinion, to finally get over these hurts is by learning the truth. 

Our perhaps greatest messenger, who we have found out was neither jewish and in all probability black, and whose name was definitely not Jesus nor the picture portrayed by various religious institutions, regardless a messenger of some of the most important information we need to understand.  And as he said

          The truth will set you free.

So if you are ready to take the journey it’s going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride but in the end I have no doubt that you will be thankful for the ride.

March 29, 2008

Once again, in bed with Al and Tee beside me, analyzing the horrors of our world.  Michael Tsarion is talking to me right now via the internet.  I think this man is a prophet.

March 31, 2008

Here I am in my bedroom with a glass of wine, cigarette (the so called sins of life) drinking before a respectable cocktail hour and God forbid smoking in my bedroom.   Wow how the world has gone completely mad.  We judge each other on things that are our individual rights yet we allow the government, the justice system, the medical system, for examples, to get away with murder; literally, and we respect these institutions.  They also rob us blind.  But if you haven’t awakened to this yet I guess you are just not ready to.

Al and I are now fully awake to just how devious these systems are.

Al is now visiting his probation officer.  Guilty unless proven innocent, on yet another trumped up ridiculous charge.  He spends on average two days a week having to run around or spinning, I should say, on this ridiculous hamster wheel and this is before he has even been given a trail date. 

I would not have believed it either until I actually witnessed it.  And guess who is paying for this.  You are.  We’re trying to avoid this as much as possible by avoiding paying taxes.  Though paying income tax wouldn’t be possible for us anyway.  Try getting a legitimate job when you have a record or once you have been put away in a mental institution.  Also, once you have been unemployed for a while.

I still can not believe my eyes at the lack of privacy we have.  Now Al has fraud on his record.  Even though the fraud charges are defending the biggest fraudsters in the world; the largest movie moguls.  I guess that David Eisner from Disney missed the lousy $100 his firm didn’t get for some lousy dvd’s.  I read recently that he gets paid something like $24,000 an hour and that doesn’t account for all the other “earnings” he makes.

Like I said before, this world has absolutely gone mad and finding out this has made me feel saner than I have ever had in the past.

You may think I sound frustrated, unhappy and angry at the world but to be totally honest I have never been happier in this lifetime.  It’s very freeing to finally know what I am up against.  I always knew in my heart that we are being brainwashed to look up to nothing but an illusion at best.

Now I finally understand the messages I was given. 

Love is the only truth, everything else is an illusion.  So now I will concentrate on Love.  Love of Al and Tee, my family, humanity and love of the Devine.  Also Art of any kind and this beautiful world which really is the Garden of Eden.  We have just been tricked into thinking otherwise.

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