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July 20, 2009

I’m sitting on our front stoop which overlooks Lower Sackville. Why we arrived here at this point in time is still a mystery to me. But what would life be without mysteries and wonder. I now know that I do not need or want all the answers. All I want and need is to be set free to go after them.

We’ve been fed so many lies and it is inconceivable to me to understand why? I realize so many words have been misconstrued to point us in another direction.

We do have free will after all is said and done. This has been our greatest gift. Seek and you will find. So much is true. So much is a lie. So I sit here contemplating the guilt that I have been fed that made me believe in the lies. And I know, without a shadow of a doubt that at times I bought into the doubt and I bought into the lies. When the truth was as clear as the nose on my face and we will all have to face it. We aren’t guilty. We have just been fed a lot of lies.

I’m watching two birds flying in total tandem. I’m sure they are not thinking of guilt. That life should be about toil and trouble. That we should not fly. That we are only human. What a pack of misconstrued values.

Al and I have enjoyed our predicaments and what is happening at this point and time in our history. I’m very proud to be a part of the rebels. This story has just begun.

I have neither inclination, nor resources to fight a system that has been convoluted from the onslaught. All I know is that my message to the world is the only hope we have is to walk away from the system and work together to build a new and better one. It has served no purpose but to enslave us and perhaps that was the purpose after all.

If you were never enslaved how would you know the joy of being set free? Perhaps this is what we were meant to see?

The story will go on because there has never been a beginning or an end. We are all part of the alpha and the omega. Enjoy the moment. We are all a spark from God.

We were all meant to fly.

July 24th
Hi Jordan,
We have been looking for any recent interviews you may have done. Your work in this field is incomparable and we wish to thank you for all the truth you have supplied us.
God speed.
Lesa, Al and T2

Lesa, Jordan Maxwell. Thank you for writing. I do not speak in public anywhere at any time any longer. Whatever is out there of my work, is it, there will be no more. I am truly sorry for what little I have done, but it's too late for that. I have paid a dear price for speaking out in public. I chose not to subject my person, my name and my work to the slander and ridicule that I have been subjected to by my fellow

countryman. I live with threats and vile e-mails all day long. So I have to believe that the once great American Republic of freedom, is now too far gone to be saved.

But thank you for the mail.

Jordan Maxwell

Dear Jordan,
Please never think that there are not multitudes of people who are not so brainwashed to know that what you have done will save the world. We have no doubt that your information will be instrumental in getting this world back on track. You have "chartered" a course ... in the true sense of the word.  We sign off here with great respect ... no matter what the future may be.
Lesa, Al and T2

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