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February 7, 2009

Al is building a fire. Tee is snuggled up in his rocking chair and maybe we will get to see the deer again! I’m waiting for the warmth of the fire to loosen my fingers. I’m feeling in the mood to be creative today, a great sign that I am healing.

I woke up this a.m. feeling very refreshed. Yesterday I couldn’t get myself in gear but the day turned out to be interesting, even if my mood was less than enthusiastic.

I’m beginning to see why we have been led here. How the story will unfold is as much of a guess to me as it will be to you but that is what compels me to continue on . I have no ideas what the director has in store next.

Anyway the plot thickens. Rowan, Al and I have been discussing Rowan’s lifetime dream of building an eco village. How it ties in perfectly to our online dream of building a virtual hotel. We both want a place for people to gather in order to come up with better solutions to sustain this world of worth. We all agree that the systems are crumbling. All it would take are some continuous power outages and the system will fall apart. To become dependent to such an extent on oil and electricity is a disaster waiting to happen. We are living in a house of cards, remove one and it comes tumbling down. I have many theories as to why but I think it is about giving your power away to an illusion instead of trusting in your higher power and yourself.

We enslave ourselves and each other.

Maybe this is what the dawning of Aquarius is about? Time to reinvent a better wheel.

I had to laugh. Rowan was just talking about the importance of using what ever we had. In this case, it was left overs. I said to him guess what the name of our website stand for.

WOW NOW … World of Worth … No Opportunities Wasted.

He howled.

We are being led down a garden path. But first it‘s time to clean out one room at a time. Today Al and I will finish decorating our new bedroom. All that is left to do is put up the baseboards. Al painted them yesterday and Rowan says it will take him no time to put them up.

I have a plan. This room is perfect for a showroom. I’ve been walking around eying some of the furniture and artwork through the dust. We can display and also use some of these pieces for our comforts as well. Our room can be filled with some of the pale wood items, with touches of light greens and blues in the accessories. I love these nature colours. There’s plenty of natural light that comes in from the 17’ tall window. The room will feel very peaceful and restful.

Eventually maybe we can have a showing of Rowan’s work.

I don’t want to get carried away and bight off more than I can chew but I’m starting to see possibilities. We have to keep this ship a float in order to build our dreams and unfortunately that takes cash.

So this weekend will also be used in preparation of finding some way to earn some. We need to first build ourselves a sustainable life in order to reinvent one.

Last night I finally picked up a novel. Something novel to me these past few years. I must learn about the truth first I think. But reading has always been one of my greatest pleasures. I am reading Thoreau and for me at this particular point in my life it happens to be teaching me. When the student is ready the teacher will come. I am looking forward to picking it up again. There are similarities between his thoughts and ours that feel a little awesome to me.

Grateful for:
A new room with a view

Bi-polar person of the day: Thoreau (why am I not surprised to find this out … be sure to read Civil Disobedience)

February 8, 2009

It in nearly three in the afternoon and we woke up not too long ago. The snow is melting from the roof top, a steady drip that’s mesmerizing. Tee is looking out the window and seems to be very content. Who knows what he may see next. Yesterday it was a pheasant. A bird bigger than Tee with beautiful bright coloured feathers, rich reds, yellows and black and a white band around his neck. His tail is at least a foot and a half and he walked with a very arrogant strut. Tee was and is shaking with anticipation.

It’s peaceful and quiet here. Rowan says he will not miss the noise of the occasional traffic that passes by. He finds it noisy but for us compared to city life this place seems silent.

Yesterday I decided maybe I should learn some witch craft. Or early this a.m. after a few bottles of wine I should add. My glass has not been empty since dinner yesterday evening. There is magic happening here. I am amazed at how life can just change on a dime. I wonder where that saying comes from?

I find it very soothing here because we are surrounded by nature. There is a rhythm here. We discussed this last evening also. Conversations jump from one topic to the next. I told Rowan that he should carry around a tape recorder to record all his stories.

Al is building a fire right now. The saw dust he just threw in smells like cedar. All these small details add to my mood which is peaceful today. I have not felt this peaceful it feels in a long time.

Peace Village is a possible name for our dream. Al and I are also dreaming of a peaceful existence. How about a WOW NOW B&B, internet café, and radio station (just in case the net goes down) right here in good old Nova Scotia; our dream for Mexico , only up latitude or two.

February 9, 2009

Back to Work

Monday, time to get back to work and hopefully to get some paying work as well. The guys are still sleeping. I woke up around six and just finished scanning the news on the net. Not much new. Same old economy woes with no viable solutions in sight. They just keep on giving to the rich and taking from the poor. The future looks pretty grim unless people wake up and start doing something about all the waste around them. Whatever happened to common sense? Or as Rowan calls it, un common sense.

Anyway, I’m not dwelling on it since there is nothing I can do about it. Instead, now that we have shelter, I will put my efforts in trying to find a way for us to make some money. When Al gets up we’ll finish his resume and he will start handing them out.

It’s such a shame that I have an income property that is going to waste. I gather our apartment is empty, only filled with the stuff we left behind. So intelligent of these guardians to take over my life and let everything gather dust while they collect their fees. This perhaps should be my first priority. Getting my house back and back in order. If it were rented all out we would at least have a small income but sufficient enough to keep us going while we work everything else out. I need a lawyer and quick. I am praying to my higher power that I will find the proper people to help me with this battle.

We’re looking forward to switching bedrooms. Mainly because of the view. The room has a tall window and last night there was a full moon so bright it illuminated the whole room. It doesn’t take Al and I too much to make us happy. We thanked God yesterday for keeping us safe.

I’m eager to decorate with Rowan’s custom furniture. It frustrates me to see all these pieces go to waste. I wonder why the masses buy cheap particle board furniture that barely lasts a few years instead of shelling out a few more bucks to get items that will last a life time or two? Brain washing advertising, I assume. It’s also my intention to help Rowan sell some of these pieces through the internet. He will give me a commission for anything I sell. There is so much work to do.

Fell asleep early and slept soundly for eight hours so I’m ready to take on the world today.

Rowan said something to me yesterday that made me proud of myself. From what I have told him he said he could see that despite adversity I always land on my feet again and have lived a very comfortable life. I think I know deep down why I have been so fortunate. I’ve always believed in my higher power and didn’t allow nay sayers to get in the way. You have to have faith.

The situation we are in now is a true test for me. But I’m determined to do what I have to make my dreams come true.

Today is going to rock. I am thinking positive thoughts even though the electricity has gone down as I am writing. It won’t last forever. Maybe we’ll just have to change the order of our plans today since I won’t be able to get on the internet.

Grateful for:
Full Moons
New Rooms
And Fire places

Bi-polar Person of the Day: Thomas Paine (Common Sense)

Quote of the day: Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man. ~Thomas Paine, 18 th century intellectual reformer

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