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June 16th

Hi Lesa,

Well I heard from Mom and she told me it looks like you and Al have gotten the little apartment that you sent her pictures of. It looks really nice and bright and brand new, I guess you will be relieved to finally be settled in somewhere.

Also what I wanted to tell you is that I heard from Karen at the public guardian’s office and she told me that there is some money that she could give you access to help you relocate, she can forward it to a bank account if you have one. I told her that I would pass on the information to you and you could decide. I am sure it would come in very handy even if it paid the rent and bills for a few months it’s better than nothing. I asked her if she could send to me a financial statement to forward on to you so that you could see how much money they have collected in rent (she did mention that some of the money they collected in the last month or two they kept for you) and what they paid to the bank and what they have collected from your income tax return, it wasn’t as much as I think you were hoping for but I think the problem was that you didn’t have receipts for all the donations you made so some of your claim was not accepted and some was. Also the lawyers at the public guardian office are still pursuing a legal case against the bank to try and get you your deposit back that you put towards the house. Karen said it will be a long battle and you might not win but there is nothing to lose because it won’t cost you anything only if you do win a portion goes to pay the lawyers’ fees which are cheaper than if you used your own lawyer.

Anyways let me know what you think and once you are settled I will forward on to you the financial statement.

Well take care and talk to you soon.


(Note: No such funds were ever forthcoming despite requesting them to be - June, 2010)

Hi Lesa

I hope your still there!

I have some good news for you and I hope you think it is good news. Janet will send you more information. Karen has contacted Janet and told her they have some funds for you (Karen will send a financial report to Janet which Janet will send to you when you have a address). You have to open a bank account in order to get the funds. Karen told Janet there is no reason why you can't have a bank account. Remember your income tax check well Karen has it I don't know how much it is but it is yours plus some other money. Janet will explain more. You could use that $200 to open an account. Just think you could buy a camera. If Karen gives you so much a month it won't interfere with welfare.

I looked up the weather it looks pretty good.

Also I had an e-mail from Carl I confirmed that we would give you financial backing.

Please open that account you are wasting money that you could use every time you go to the money mart.

Love you bye for now

Mom and Dad

Good Morning guys,

Well we are staying at the Church for a few more days. They made arrangements with the family who will be staying to come later in the week so we don't have to camp out for too long. Still waiting to hear about our move in date. This will give us more time to organize which is great. We have been collecting a bunch of stuff for the apartment and looks like we have everything we need. You should see the nice dining table and chairs ... retro looking. Once we repaint and cover the seats it will be better than anything you can find brand new.

The information from Karen is very confusing. With all these privacy laws the lack of privacy is astounding to me? Once again Janet is being told information that is incorrect. The income tax was done by Liberty. Paid $500 to get it done and the girl working with us was as careful and efficient as you can be. We definitely had every receipt needed or she would not have claimed. Anyway just another example of how badly they have mismanaged the whole incident. We will deal with them once we are settled. Have been in contact with a few people to see what the best way to handle this is. So please do not worry yourself. This will get taken care of and they will have to rectify the damage they have done to me financially. To take any funds from them will put our social security and my schooling in jeopardy not to mention what it may do to a lawsuit. It is important that they do not have access to any more personal information as obviously they can not be trusted with it. I have no idea why Karen refuses to email me personally and why she always involves Janet? Janet does not need this stress either.

As for a bank account ... perhaps the problem was with the Bank of Montreal? So we are opening one at a local credit union close to us. First we will go to Money Mart and cash the cheque so we will be able to open it with cash and there will be no delay. Cheques sometimes take a week to clear. It would be great to have a bank account that we can trust. The Guardian is not to know about this as I am sure you can understand why.

We are working on this today and also scrounging us some more camping gear. It feels like summer today! Great day to go camping.

What are you up to? Will try and email you tomorrow to let you know how everything is going. So far everything is going so smoothly we don't want any more disruptions from my so called "Guardians". They caused us enough grief to last a lifetime or two.

bye for now

love ya

lesa, al and T2

p.s. it's Al's birthday tomorrow.


Lesa I think you are very wrong about the Guardian! If there is money there for you and you don't want it then transfer it to us. We don't mind helping you but do you think it is fair of you to let money sit there when you need it.

We will leave it the way it is until you have your financial report, then maybe if it is in black and white you will see more clearly! If I remember clearly it was Dad that paid the accountant to do your tax.

The guardian has no jurisdiction in Nova Scotia so you do not have to be afraid of them finding you. Because they don't want you.

Bye for now


Hi Lesa

How was your weekend? Are you camping out? I see on the weather it is raining. Did you go for the interview for digital imaging? If so how did you make out? Do you know when you will be in the apartment? Everything is fine here. Dad is putting beedboard in the bathroom. That should make a nice change.

Bye for now

Love Mom

Hi Mom and Dad,

Going either tonight or tomorrow to sign our new lease! Still don't know when the other tenant is moving out but it will be July 1 the latest. We are looking so forward to having our own home again and being with Tee. Though he has made a great buddy at the Chewed Slipper. Playing non stop with an 80 lb. Bouvier. He likes the big girls... lol.

The people from the Gateway didn't want to see us camping in the rain so we are still there. They took Al and I out for his birthday and we went to Helena’s ... a great seafood restaurant. Also made him a homemade card and home made red wine (no preservatives all natural).

We have been getting fresh vegetables and fish from the locals ... what a difference. Now we are looking for a freezer so we can buy fresh and eat well all winter. Will save us money and health.

All our new friends at the Gateway are amazed at all the God Winks that have happened since we landed at their door steps.

Great news with Social Services ... they may even fund our business for up to 18 months plus pay for schooling. They are checking this out for us. What a difference from Ontario. Here they want you to get on your feet and do what you want to do. Boy are we glad to be out of Toronto.

Beedboard will look great ... remember my bathroom in Oakville that Roger built. Are you painting too?

bye for now


lesa, al and T2

will keep you posted on our further adventures



Happy belated birthday AL! What is the exact date? The people you are staying with sure are nice. Glad you’re not out in the rain. We will paint the rest of the bathroom white. The wall paper will stay the same for now. Yes I remember your bathroom. It was one of my favourite bathrooms.

Take care bye for now

Love Mom and dad

Hi Mom and Dad,

Al's birthday was June 18th and we also got another perfect present. We are still amazed. Now if this is not a God Wink or what. Yesterday we picked up some frames for $2 a piece to display our digital art work for our business at a liquidation center that was going out of business. When we were just about to leave the man helping us had put a box on the counter that contained a Sony digital camera. You know how we needed a camera. I asked how much he wanted for it and he said you can have it, it didn't work for him. Well you can't beat that price. And the amazing part of this also was that just that day we were talking to Mike, the computer expert at the community center who told us how many cameras were thrown away because people did not know how to operate and it is too costly to have someone look at them. When we opened the box we saw there were no batteries in the camera. Went to the dollar store put in the batteries and volia works like a charm and is a perfect camera for what we need. Now we are really in business!

Now we have a camera for Sunday. Al really wanted to get his picture taken because he is getting baptized again by Pastor Paul from the Gateway. There are doing it at a park right across from Sydney Crosby's house (the hockey player) lol ... and he wants to make sure his mother gets a picture of this. She'll love it.

Having a picnic also with the whole Gateway Community after the baptism.

And we get the keys Sunday night.... How much more perfect can life get.

Hope you are having a good week too.

Let us know

bye for now


lesa, al and T2


Yahoo! Things are turning around for you and Al. Isn't that something about the camera. Congratulations Al! Is that what you say when someone gets baptized? It is a holiday today St John the Baptist and the weather is great. Dad is still working in the bathroom it is really looking nice. I don't think I told you that Donna and Don will be here for three weeks. They arrive on the first of July, on the third we will drive to Toronto and stay there for the week end then we will go to Blue Mountain for 4 days. Sister Carol and Jim, Christine and Jay and Devon will be in Collingwood for a week staying in Collingwood. Christine and Jay will come back with us and stay for two days. I am looking forward to that. I will be glad to have Donna and Don here.

I think it is a good idea to frame your digital Art. I framed the one of the bumble bee in the flower it is in a black frame it looks really nice.

I guess you will be very glad to be in the apt. Will you have enough furniture?

Bye for now

love Mom and Dad

Hi Mom and Dad,

The bathroom looks gorgeous. I love the wallpaper with the wainscoting. And Al's loves that you choose his photograph of the bee and the spinning world.

Everything is arranged for Sunday to move in after the picnic and Al's dip ... congratulations is perfect. We have everything we need for the apartment and we want to keep it as simple as possible. Want to concentrate fully on our work.

You must be excited to have the crew down from B.C. Sounds like a blast.

We should be on line in our place Monday. If we don't hear from you have a great time with the family and give our love to all.

bye for now

lesa, al and T2


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