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June 17, 2008 STARSEEDS

June 17, 2008
We are Starseeds
   We are Golden
And we are going to get ourselves back to the Garden.  I’m probably breaking some copyright laws… good.

This last week, what a difference.  More and more people are waking up.  I see more and more signs everyday.  I also see more and more evil everyday.  So we now know they are running scared and will do themselves in.  This is the law of karma.  The real law.  Not some fictitious MAN MADE ones that were only made up to support the elite.

So much has happened again in the last week both personally and around the globe.  But I see glimmers that all the craziness will soon be over.

We are all trying hard not to let the tension get to us.  Not always easy but it helps to check out some of the more “alien” websites.  And I do mean aliens.  And yes they are here. 

When I started my journal last year I knew I was going down some rabbit hole but where it was leading is truly incredible.  Amazing how many synchronicities tie together and I have a feeling the future is going to be even more wonder filled.

Our society is in a mess and I have a strong suspicion that is why we are here. To tell our stories and to hear others.  Our website will be about solutions.  Perhaps we are only meant to start it after the evil is weeded out and the time for healing begins?  There is a lot of  healing to do for everyone and a lot of relearning.

I’m tired today.  Yesterday was very stressful.  Had to deal with another corporate robber baron.  This time Ontario Hydro.  I looked up who owns our energy.  It all ties in.  We are not even one month late and I received a disconnect notice if they didn’t receive payment within seven days.  The amount we are paying for the ridiculous utility bills is/has put us in the poor house.  It is a losing battle and that is another reason we are selling and leaving this criminally enslaved country.

What I really can not  understand is how someone can do the dirty work for these people.  If we tried to block them from coming into our house, we were informed, they would also bring the bailiff along.   Plus charge us $170 if they turned the switch back on. 

I wish we were not dependent on this evil but unfortunately we are at this point in time.  But not much longer.  Just wait and see.  A new day is dawning.

Sue went to her bank and paid our bill and the bank teller told her not to fool around with these people because they meant business.

Guess bank tellers have many stories to tell.  They must see a lot.

Anyway my parents have come to the rescue again and we should be able to survive another month.

Just have to make it to Mexico and we will finally be free.

Financial enslavement is what has been used on us all.

We need to free ourselves.

June 19, 2008
Yesterday we celebrated Al’s birthday. Or should I say his rebirth day.  This has been quite the year for him and I.  How we have awakened. Everyday we get new information or confirmation, I should say, of what we have known all a long.

This information is in our D.N.A.  We figured that part out a while ago.  But being human, we sometimes doubt ourselves.  Everything is happening for a reason. 

With each struggle we go through we learn something.  We also realize that these struggles do not have to upset us.   They are there for us to relearn what is wrong with our systems.

It’s difficult for me to talk to people who have not awakened yet.  I want to scream out the truth but I have seen the outcome of that one too many times.  So I take that as a signal that this is not my responsibility.  We are only responsible for our own thoughts and actions.  Each soul  has their own specific duties or should I say Art, creativity.  I strongly feel this is a message we are meant to spread.

I feel my DNA exploding this week.  I feel a nervous energy inside.  I will be very happy to finally feel peace and love and live joy fully once again.  This is how we are meant to feel.

We had another nasty collection notice in the mail the other day.  This time from the gas company.  Checked out who owns the company and of course the major stock holders are once again the same group of evil banksters and this one happened to be the Deutch Bank. The very same evil I worked for when I was in the insurance industry.

How ironic, I thought, imagine all the years I was underpaid, over worked, all the hours I worked for nothing since I was not entitled to overtime because they called me management, and these guys are robbing us blind with their fucking oil and poisoning us too.  They have the nerve to threaten me with cutting off our gas if payment is not wired to them within two days. They has us over a barrel, literally, an oil barrel, so what else could I do for now but pay their outrageous bill.

The girl at the bank (I will not waste more money on them wiring the money… they probably own the wire company as well) could not believe my bill.  Nearly $700.  I told her this was putting me in the poor house and next year we will all surely be there, because we have been told that the predicted increase for this and electricity is expected to go up 30%.

We have checked out costs in Mexico and our utility expenses for the whole year will be 1/10th of what they are here.  Go figure it out.  I can’t?

This world is totally upside down. 

On to the next battle.

June 21, 2008
Summer solstice

I remember this day last year very clearly.  It was the day I knew I had finally seen the light.  A beautiful day spent in Kensington Market filled with music and the sky for once was clear.

One year later and I am sitting on my balcony contemplating all that has happened.  Even Tee feels nervous today.  For some reason he is shaking.  We are at the pinnacle of something for sure.  Finding out the REAL news and all the horrors that are terrorizing Mother Earth certainly makes the blood pressure go up a few points.  One catastrophe after another.  Are we at the end of times just like so many predicted? 

Now I am waiting for the rapture.

Exactly how and when it will arrive I don’t know.  I can only say things can not get much worse.  This must be enough for people to start waking up.  I pray to my angels anyway.

For some reason we feel safe here and know that when the time is right we will make our move.

Yesterday, I finally got our registration documents for WOW NOW after much red tape, confusion and cost, not only to my pocket book, but my health as well because of all the very stressful bull shit. Anyway, even the people who worked at the government office had to laugh when Al asked the girl if they still took cash. “We take it all” she says.  “You got that right” we both said.

They can have my money, I think.  But it’s a crime when all this cash goes to funding wars or imprisoning us one way or the other.

But the biggest laugh Al and I had yesterday was when we read the document and under “Purpose of Business” it read:


Forgot that I had written this.  But it made me feel pretty proud that I was brave enough to tell the truth.

Al woke me up in the middle of the night and confirmed to me once again that we are on this journey together. I am very proud of Al and Tee.  All of us are out to save the world in whatever way we can. But I will tell you after watching the news this a.m. both Al and I feel like we haven’t done a very good job so far.  And we laughed about this too.

Our day will come.  So far today we will continue with one small step at a time.  I will go get out bottles of courage.  Al’s beer, my wine and this will help us keep our sanity for another day.

We have seen the light.

June 23, 2008

Wake up Now… Wow… Now

Al’s new song for our website is taking shape.  The house is taking shape.  Al is painting the bathroom and Sue has been in the yard the past two days.  What a difference. I finally even dusted and did the laundry.  So much happening in the world that I sometimes ignore my own. Your surroundings are important.  So many people are also unaware or asleep about this too. Some of the messes people live in just don’t make sense to me.  So much clutter to clear out.

Both Al and I can’t stop searching for the truth. I feel sorrow for those not brave enough to hear.  It will be more difficult for them as situations reveal themselves more and more.  This is the most important time in humanity and most people are sleeping through it. It’s not easy to hear some of the truth.  That’s for sure.  But it’ still is the truth and once you get past it and you open your mind to the possibilities all I can is WOW.

Our world of worth will never be the same and it is up to you to create your own reality.

We lost a great comedian yesterday.  George Carlin.  But he will be immortal.  One of the comedians who was not afraid of telling the truth even if it did get him into some hot water.  And what a way he had of telling it.  When sometimes the truth seems too hard to bear, for me anyway, we play his videos often.  Comic relief.

I wonder why so many of the great artists are Canadian?  Perhaps it’s because we have so many trees.  I’m missing nature.  Because of the crap they are putting into our air I have been avoiding it.  But I’m going to change this.  I have been hearing more and more about how important sunshine, trees, water is to our peace of mind, creativity, well being and health.  They will not win and steal these joys from me also.

There are ways of detoxing all the negatives.  Al and I have been doing our aloe cleanse and I am feeling the difference already.

There are many solutions to all of our problems but it has to be a collective effort or nothing will change.

And as Alex says,

“There is a short time frame in order to awaken the general public.”  So I am praying that the denial will end soon and we can start on the healing process.  Because I have heard that there are many more surprises for us and not all of them will be pretty.

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