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Janury 30, 2009 SOS

January 30, 2009

I am trying very hard to send my SOS out to the world. I feel like we have no more time. Al, Tee and I are at Lake City Motel in Dartmouth, N.S. I am feeling like this is our last chance to be saved. If this message is not heard where will we go from here? It’s a question I don’t like to answer.

We are destitute. Homeless and will be left to the elements. Its winter and sleeping on a park bench with all our luggage does not seem like a good option.

Yesterday we left the Chebucto Inn in great despair. I had not slept in two days, awake with fear of what brought us to here. This is the story I have been trying to tell but no one can seem to hear it other than Al.

Al called Tess, a taxi cab driver we had encountered a few days before to pick us up again. We were going back to the same neighbourhood we just left hoping against hope that our new friends would take us in.

It didn’t pan out.

We just spent $50 of our last $100 on the cab fare and we had absolutely no place to go. Al’s head was shaking. A sure sign he is under a lot of stress. Every since the Public Guardians entered my life and before that I should add. And this is the story of two people who wanted to do something worth while for the world and have been driven to the streets.

During the cab ride I was ready to cry and I blurted out to Tess “we have been robbed and are down to our last $50 and stranded here. Is there a shelter that will take us in?”

Tess turned out to be an angel and Good Samaritan. She immediately handed the fare back and went to work for us with a vengeance.

She drove us from one social assistance place to another, to no avail. No one was willing to take in a man, woman and a dog. She ended up giving us money. Enough for a motel night.

It was not surprising to me. I now know how the system works. It has been built to lead us to despair and once again I have proof of how these systems do so. Lots and lots of it and so do many other people we have encountered on our journey have been abused by this beast, the system.

By the end of reading this book, I am praying that you will understand the messages and our SOS to the world will eventually be answered.

We have not come this far for nothing. I must keep the faith, without hope we only have despair.

January 31, 2009

Attention: Manager Lake City Motel

Dear Sir,

We are currently in Room 21. An unfortunate circumstance has happened to us. We have been robbed of our entire funds, home, etc. We are travelling from Toronto and now find ourselves in a position without immediate access to money. We do have a diamond ring, value $4000 and a camera that we purchased for $5000, also a relatively new Dell computer, with large flat panel screen.

My husband has work lined up at Labour Ready this Tuesday. We are wondering if you rent by the month and if so, if it is at an affordable rate and you would allow us to stay here for the month on a payment plan. You can hold the ring as collateral.

A second option perhaps could be if you would consider bartering for the months rent. Both of us are skilled in home renovation, My husband is a very meticulous painter and can do odd jobs, cleaning, snow removal, etc.

I am an artist. My skills include interior design, digital art, etc. I also have excellent computer skills and worked in Human Resources for 20 years.

If you would require any of these skills perhaps we could work out a deal in exchange for a room for the month?

We would like to meet with you to discuss these options.

As our circumstances at the moment are very urgent (we will have no shelter tonight) we would greatly appreciate if we can make arrangements for the meantime, and discuss the options at your convenience.

Lesa and Albert Lal

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