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September 15, 2008

The markets are collapsing
And for many reasons I am glad.
Maybe this sounds unkind but it has had to happen for some time.
And most of you are unaware
of what is going on out there.
And so many do not care.
This is how they have plotted this agenda to be.
So many years, so many tears, so may lies, so many lives.
I have come to understand that all the ills in the world
have been devised by the evil that resides in this world.
If we had been left to our own devises what a glorious place this would be.
If we just left it up to humanity.
But eons ago we were duped
We looked up to those who came with untruth.
And they were treated like the gods.
Those who gave their soul for a little prosperity.

They pretended to be our friends
But how they are us in the end.
And this old story continues through out history.
Until we learn it is up to you and me
to live in true divinity.
We’ve always had it inside… 
but haven’t trusted… 
or perhaps had too much pride?
To understand that our true creator has given us everything we need,
Has let us do whatever we please,
In order for us to grow,
To know, that we must trust in our higher power
And never in some dollar,
Or what ever other power… 
that has only been given to us as a weak substance
Of what our true divinity is meant to be.
And now it is all unraveling
and the message is finally traveling.
It will lead to more despair
and while I try not to care
about all the hardships that will cause despair, 
it will be a lesson for everyone.
Many others have learned this before
Money really is the hoar.
It was never meant to be.
  It causes too much discrepancy.
It’s the greatest illusion of all.
I pray we see this in the end,
That money was far, far from your friend.
I heard a little antidote,
From a race from outer space,
And yes there are others,
who I believe are our sisters and brothers
Who look at us with some disgrace,
Because of what currency has done to the whole human race.
It has allowed so few to live in prosperity
While the vast majority
Have lived lives where their welfare was compromised.
And it was because of this whore
that we have always been led to war.
Though many will try to defend that it was freedom in the end
that was the cause…
They never looked at the laws of true reality.
How can you say what is good for me?
You come in and invade my property
and are pretending to help me.
And in the end because of your ego you forgo your humanity.
All because of a belief of what was taught to you as your prosperity.
So now I understand that this illusion so many are protecting has always been infecting 
every population,
every nation,
and relation
So when I heard that no one other world,
Can even comprehend how we have believed in this lie
That in order to live on this earth we must pay
In order to prove our worth
It is a slap in the face
It is a disgrace to mother earth and our human race
She has provided us with every need
So beautiful… so bountiful …so wonderful.
All the oceans, all the flowers
So much beauty
Abundance in every form
Food from all the trees.
Shelter for all our needs.
Medicinal, just look around
You will find it in the ground
Not a cure that is pharmaceutical
But because of the dollar power
We are led to believe that man will fill these needs.
And every where I look
When we leave it up to us it leads to so much in just us
So now I have come to see
That those who lust for prosperity
Have sold their souls to the whores
whose only true device is to cause wars.
Between every aspect of what mother earth is really worth.
Peace will never be found
Unless we understand our sin
Of putting a graven image before our true maker.

And believe it or not
This was the first commandment.
Do not put graven images before me (and you).
We are all a part of divinity.
Our higher power resides in each and everyone…
This is why we are


Hey Lesa,

How have you been? i haven't talked to you in so long! I hope u have been doing good, cuz i sure haven’t. My parents are in so much debt they are going to lose the house, I’m on disability now, and I’m trying to help them as much as I can. My mom is on disability too. Her leg is really bad. We had to sell everything. The PT cruiser convertible my dads motorcycle even our kitchen table! I don’t know what we are going to do... The bank is after me for a couple hundred dollars. Life’s been hell I pray to god something good happens to our family, Before we lose the house and everything. All I  know is right now I could use a couple hundred to work out my debt... but enough about me, let me know how u are doing, and how your life is going. I would really love to hear from you

                                     Love, Nicole

Hi Nicole,
Sorry to hear of all your problems.  We are struggling ourselves financially and also have the banksters at our doorsteps.  Two weeks late on my mortgage payment and it created a financial nightmare.  We are selling everything as well as our house and are hoping to be able to put some funds together in order to build a website that will help the world.   Remember WOW NOW ... still working on it.  World of Worth ... No Opportunity Wasted.

Anyway, Nicole, please realize that money is just an illusion. What is important is that we ban together and help each other. You are a God send to your family.  I really understand now what they mean by money is the root of all evil.  This system will crash, it has to.  It is corrupt from beginning to end.  Many things are happening in the world now and I have a feeling a lot of people will be waking up soon.

Al and I have researched extensively what is going on.  We listen to Alex Jones ... Prison Planet everyday on the internet.  It will give you a good idea of what is going on.  We desperately are trying to wake up people to the truth. 

I would call you but we cancelled our phone and only have a 711 one that we use for emergencies.  In case of emergency you can call 647-298-0637.  We are always on the internet though.  So please stay in contact.  We will win this battle in the end. 

Take care of yourself.
Lesa, Al and T2

Date: Friday, September 26, 2008, 10:25 AM
Hi Soomy
Hope you are over your cold.  We are still waiting for our refund and really need these funds!  Is there any way of finding out what is happening with our claim? 
Bye for now
Lesa, Al and T2
p.s. we are planning the sale sometime next month

Hi Lesa,
I called CRA today and the officer confirmed that your returns are being processed but is unable to say how much longer till completion.
She suggested that we give it another 4 weeks because of the number of years we filed.
I know this doesn't help much but I will follow up in a few weeks with them.
Let's hope for the best. Keep well!!!

Hi Mom and Dad,
Just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and dying to hear all about it!  Heard the party was wonderful.  Too bad we couldn't make it.  Have been crazy busy showing place, selling stuff, etc.  Looks like we may finally be able to visit you the end of October.  Dennis has some time off and offered to drive us!
Here is a poem I wrote in celebration of you two and some pictures Al took.  We will bring originals with us.  Maybe you will want to put them on your wall? 
Can't wait to hear from you.
Lesa, Al and T2

September 29th, 2008
50 Years Ago from today
Dixie and Yvon
made a pledge
and they were wed.

Through the years
and through some tears,
they have stayed by each other side.
No matter what, no matter who
may have come between the two.

They are my heroes.
And I am proud to say
That they have made me who I am today.

They taught me right from wrong.
They let me sing my own song.
Even when they may have disagreed
they always let me live by my own creed.

And through it all,
even when I was small,
I have always believed
That they are a special mix.

The moon and stars did collide
and created parents
That most have not been blessed with.

And we thank God
And  hope and  pray
That they will always be by our side
And that they will know how much we say this with pride,

That we all appreciate
Their way.

You are the best parents we have ever met
There is no doubt,
That you know what it is all about.

Lesa, Al and T2

Hi Lesa,

It’s too bad you weren’t able to make it. We had a beautiful day, it was very nice to see a lot of old faces. I think Mom and Dad were very surprised and really enjoyed themselves.

I will send you some pictures of the day if you like.

Take Care!

Thank you for the poem it is beautiful and it made me cry.
Dad and I had a day at the Casino, you know we have been doing that for the last 10 anniversaries, and of course we didn't win but had a fun day!
We missed you at the party last week but we do understand. It sounds great if you can come in Oct.
I am going to print the poem and frame it!
talk to you soon
love Mom and Dad

I didn’t get a reply to my last mail and now have broken my wrist.  Do you still need help or are you all set?  short, one-handed typing sorry
Redd Butler
Transitioning & Estate Solutions
Professional Organizer

Hi Peggy,
Sorry to hear about your wrist.
Yes we definitely still need you ... let us know when you are up to discussing details.
Lesa, Al and T2

Hi Lesa, Albert and T2,
I hope all is well and thought I would like to inform you of a strange telephone call I received today from the Public Guardians office.  The lady claims that the public guardian is on title which I cannot verify. I will cut and past the registration info from Teranet to this email for you to see.  I highlighted the current information as to registration info in RED.  Anyway I told them as far as I am concerned you are the client and not the public guardian office unless they provide me proof.

Mon Oct 06 16:06:14 EDT 2008

AREA331 m2

AT1570549 09/10/2007825000TTHERIAULT, LESA
AT505902 06/03/20041T6241344 CANADA INC.
AT310552 10/17/20032TCOHEN, RICHARD
C367363 04/01/19870TEVANS, NORMA; EVANS, PETER

Reports Not the Official Record. Reports, other than the Parcel Register, obtained through Geowarehouse are not the official government record and will not necessarily reflect the current status of interests in land.
Currency of Information. Data contained in the Geowarehouse reports are not maintained real-time. Data contained in reports, other than the Parcel Register, may be out of date ten business days or more from data contained in POLARIS.
Coverage. Data, information and other products and services accessed through the Land Registry Information Services are limited to land registry offices in the areas identified on the coverage map.
Completeness of the Sales History Report. Some Sales History Reports may be incomplete due to the amount of data collected during POLARIS title automation. Subject properties may also show nominal consideration or sales price (e.g. $2) in cases such as transfers between spouses or in tax exempt transfers.

The Property Information Services, reports and information are provided "as is" and your use is subject to the applicable Legal Terms and Conditions. Some information obtained from the Land Registry Information Services is not the official government record and will not reflect the current status of interests in land. Use of personal information contained herein shall relate directly to the purpose for which the data appears in land registry records and is subject to all applicable privacy legislation in respect of personal information. Such information shall not be used for marketing to a named individual.

Copyright © 2002-2006 Teranet Enterprises Inc. and its suppliers. All rights reserved.

Hi Marvin,

Well the story is getting more bizarre.  Not sure how much you are in touch with your son about our property but a new turn of events happened today.

Very long story but in a nutshell

Last year I admitted myself to camh in order to safely (or so I thought) go off of medication that was given to me and had become dangerous to my health.
When I tried to leave I was literally locked in the facilities, put on a "Form 1” and was not allowed to leave.

I was only able to gain my freedom once I signed a form saying. that I was incapable of handling of my finances.

Recently I received a letter saying they were the custodians of my financial affairs? It was signed by a Karen McDuffy, Ministry of the Attorney General, tel. # 416-314-5718  How is this possible?

Today I get a visit from a Zoltan Fekete, Investigator, Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee, tel # 416-314-3956.  He asked me for all kinds of personal and legal documentation (which I did not give him) and also took pictures of the property? 

We informed him we would get in touch with Karen McDuffy before providing him with this information.

Robert just called and let us know that the ministry has been in touch with him to let him no he is not longer the sales person of our property?

Bizarre is not the word anymore.  From the handling of the banks, (p.s they have not given up and this another long story) government, etc.  we definitely feel we need someone to defend us.

Let us know if you can help us in our dilemma?

Lesa, Al and T2

LESA  health law is not in our area of practice. I could refer you to someone but whoever that may be is going to ask for an upfront monetary retainer and I would guess $ 5000.00 to $ 10000.00
Marvin Barkin

Hi Lesa
How did your week go?  I guess you’re still busy with the house.
Our week was ok. It is really starting to look like fall. This time of the year reminds me of Bev and the day we went to Morin Heights.
Dad and Roger both have to go for nuclear tests for the heart. Roger will go on Wed. Dad doesn't have his appt. yet and it could take a while so we won't be able to travel until he has had the test. Roger is going because his cholesterol was very high and he didn't pass the stress test so it is better to find out now so he can be more careful with his diet.
Dad is a different story his cholesterol was fine his blood pressure was up a bit but he also didn't pass the stress test!
What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Does Al's family celebrate it?
Dad and I will be alone Roger and Louise will go to Mark and Jose's cottage. It is Rogers birthday on the 14th so we will have them for dinner then.   But NO turkey!
Hope to hear from you soon
We love you and miss you very much
Love to Al and T2
Mom and Dad

Hi Mom,

You don't want to know.  Anyway the book is getting juicier and juicier.  However, please don't worry about anything.  Once you do that they win.  No Stress. Tell this to Daddy and Roger.  We are good people.  Good karma always follows good people.   We will get through this.  But we need to hold on to our health and our sense of well being and a good sense of humour helps too.

We will tell you about everything hopefully the end of this month on our visit.  We may stay longer then you want.  Al is bringing a tent in case.   Anyway we are renting the whole place out and may need a place to crash for a while.

Al said he would do all the cooking and T is looking forward to meeting his long lost family.

Life is certainly exciting right now.

lesa, al and T2

p.s. if you have any paper money left be sure to buy gold and silver coins  ..... not stock ... the market is finished ... but we are not.   Keep your property .... it's the last real thing we can own.  We can do this by banning together.

All I want to know is can Al make Pizza!
Of course you are welcome to stay here and never mind bringing the tent.
Everything seems to be in such a mess in the world, things just have to get better.
Keep in touch. See you soon.
Love Mom

Hi Guys,
As long as you can make the crust in your bread machine.  Actually we have two fantastic pans we are going to bring.  Both are great for pizza and anything you can think of.    Also hoping to get some more seafood.  Our tenant still can get us deals.

The world right now is in a mess but we are seeing some very positive signs.  These systems have to crumble first and then the sky is the limit (literally).    Anyway we are getting lots of ideas for the website.  Just need people to wake up and see that there are many solutions if we all work together. 

So don't worry about anything.  That is what the banks, etc. want us to do.  We don't need their money.

bye for now
lesa, al and T2

Many parts of this coming week have been planned by the one-armed paper hanger lol.  I thought I would lay some things out in table format and perhaps you can answer, when needed, directly on it.  I hope that will work.

Firstly and of utmost importance, you must be prepared mentally to move to Mexico, and physically to lay your heads elsewhere for a few days, by this Thursday.  Once you hand over the key, which we need, that is the mutually agreed upon date where all items are now brokered through Redd Butler and we start turning your home into a marketplace so to speak.  The bed will not be usable, the clothing you need must be out, computer gone, dog food, you understand.  It’s a lot of work and a change of mindset but OLA, you’re almost on your way!!!!!!  Leave the sale to us, that’s why you hired us, and go and Relax!  Think of the sun and your future, wonderful new life.

Redd Butler requires that you confirm your understanding and acceptance of the above.

Hi Lesa
So is this week any better than last week lol
I hope so. You sure have been having nice weather and that always helps.
We had Roger and family for his birthday yesterday. I made turkey lasagne remember that recipe it was called death to dieters. I did my best to cut down on the calories.
Dad has been suffering with tendonitis in his foot and shoulder. So we have been staying close to home. No fun getting older!
Let me know how your doing and if you still think you will be here the end of Oct.
Love Mom  Hi to Al and T2

Hi Mom,
Everything still crazy out here.  Today we are arranging for the big sale Saturday.   I will be so glad when this is over and we can finally get out there.  Everything looks good for end of Oct but who knows what can come up ... lol.

Sorry to hear about Dad's tendonitis.   How are plans for Barbados coming?  I really think tendonitis, high blood pressure mostly caused by stress.  Barbados helps cure that.

Anyway lots of work to do
bye for now
lesa, al and T2

Good Luck with the big sale!
I guess our plans for Barbados will be the same as other years. We still haven't got an appt. for Dad for the nuclear test. So he probably won't have it until the spring. It is more preventive then any thing but I would feel better knowing if there is anything wrong. Then we could fix it.
We called Sugi and she said the apt. is there for us when we are ready to come.
I guess you will be glad when everything is settled there.
Keep in touch
Love Mom  Hi to Al and T2


Hi Lesa,

Thought I would write to you and see how you are doing? When I spoke with Mom the last time she mentioned that you and Al would be going to Montreal for a while and I was wondering if we could meet up and talk before you go. I would love it if we could have lunch together next week or meet up after I finish work and go out for dinner.

It’s been too long that we haven’t spoken and there are a lot of things I would like to talk to you about. I hope that you would like to get together before you go.

Please let me know, either e-mail me back or give me a call, 416-364-6002 ext. 295.

Love Janet

Hi Janet,
We are trying to keep our cool during these very stressful times.  Anyway, yes please come over any day but Monday.  It would be nice if you could come for dinner here (don't like to leave T) Also lots to talk about in private.

Tell me what day would be good for you.

Looking forward to seeing you.
lesa, al and T2

Hi Lesa,

Thanks for getting back to me. How about this Friday night, I could come over after work if that’s OK with you, if this week is not good for you guys just let me know and I could wait until next week. I’m looking forward to seeing you too.

Take Care!!

Hi Janet,
You may want to change our plans for another day.  We are having an estate sale Saturday and Monday and an in house exclusive private session concert with Steve Payne on Monday (in case you are interested in coming?).  He’s supposed to be quite famous in other parts of the world!  Anyway we may be kicked out until 7:p.m. tomorrow and because of Tee we will have to sit outside somewhere.  Could always pick up pizza and come back here after.  Not sure how much time you have?  If  you still want to make we can meet you at High Park Subway .... call us at 647-298-0637 to make arrangement.

Hey Lesa,

I still want to come if that’s OK, we can go for a walk and hang about until we can get back into the house. I was planning to stay until around 9:00 anyways, so if we can get back into the house at around 7:00 and pick up some pizza or something for dinner that would be good for me. Anyways let me know, if you would rather do it another time that’s OK too.

Let me know and I will give you a call.

Good morning
I hope you didn't sell your computer lol
How did the big sell off go?
love mom

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